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The Decreasing Importance Of Cult Religions in America

Coming on “Easter Sunday” a poll shows less and less Americans even bother to appear to be church folks. I grew up the son of a Southern Baptist minister.Old school. I personally got to see how “holy” lots of people were in church, but living in a rural area with a couple of small towns […]

100-Year-Old Kissinger: Grave Mistake To Let In So Many People Of Different Cultures, Religions & Concepts’

During an interview with Politico this week, former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger finally admitted it was a bad idea for Western nations to bring in so many migrants from across the globe. “It was a grave mistake to let in so many people of totally different culture and religion and concepts because it […]

All Religions Are Cults Which Separate The Soul From The Creator God

Humans called every being a bit smarter than them and a bit lighter colored than them “gods”Don’t get the gods confused with the Creator God.The Creator God is not some human like creature with ESP and a magic wand.In fact God is a human word and not the name of the Creator being. Humans have […]

Majority of Americans of all religions or none want legal abortion, except for Evangelicals and 47% of Catholics

Even if you add all abortion critics in all the religions together, they are a minority of the country.

FM meets leaders of monotheistic religions, minority MPs

TEHRAN — Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian met on Saturday with the leaders of monotheistic religions and sects, as well as the representatives of religious minorities in the parliament. While congratulating the new Christian year, the foreign minister described the coexistence of monotheistic religions throughout history in the geography of Iran as a unique […]

India’s Vedic Sanskrit Upanishads: Foundation of Religions and Karma!

The Upanishads are a genre of texts that form the final and last section of the Vedas. The Upanishads were composed orally in Sanskrit, and the earliest surviving ones dating to the 1st millennium BC. The number of Upanishads varies, though according to tradition, there were over 200 in total. The Muktika canon, on the […]

Raisi: Common things between Abrahamic religions bring unity

TEHRAN – President Ebrahim Raisi of Iran said on Tuesday that common things between Abrahamic religions bring unity between followers of divine faiths. “Based on Quranic teachings, our shared commons which are Abrahamic religions, bring unity and integrity between us,” Raisi said while receiving the credentials of the new Vatican ambassador to Iran, Andrzej Yuzovich. […]

The Genesis Of Modern Religions In Ancient Egypt

It is an irony of history that the three great religions of Europe and the Middle East, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, did not originate there but rather had their genesis, like the human species itself, under more southern skies. Indeed, the oldest of these, Judaism, which gave rise to Christianity, and the later Islam were […]

Iceland adds Judaism to list of state-recognized religions

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Religions, Female Virginity and Fidelity

              Violence against women has been a universal phenomenon in the East and the West. In the West measures have been taken against it. They have met a certain degree of success.In the East and Africa, identification of the problem has just begun in the last two decades and little by way of effective measures against […]

For Mahatma Gandhi Equal Respect for All Religions Was One of the Most Essential and Non-Negotiable Aspects of the India He Wanted to Create

If the rulers of our troubled country today make a sincere search for solutions in the ideas of Mahatma Gandhi, instead of merely garlanding his statue or photo, one of the most important lessons that they will learn is that of according truly equal respect to all religions. In fact this is a very basic […]

Beyond Religion: Will Human Beings Ever Transcend the Need for Religions?

January 18th, 2021 By Steve Taylor, Ph.D. Guest writer for Wake Up World A few years ago, two young smartly-dressed Mormon gentlemen approached me outside my local library. ‘Excuse me sir,’ they said to me. ‘I was wondering if you ever read the Bible?’ I was with my baby son and he needed to get home for his lunch, […]

Matthew Hoh: Militarism Is One of the True Religions of the United States

Matthew Hoh: Militarism Is One of the True Religions of the United States Mohsen Abdelmoumen: You are a member of the Center for International Policy. Can you tell us about the missions of this organization and what is its impact on American politics? Matthew Hoh: The Center for International Policy (CIP) is a think tank […]

A Mythical Worldview vs Jewish Religions

Physical forms are the most important aspect of a culture. The faces, the gestures, the body types we see in our everyday life are the biggest sources of information that shape our consciousness. The fact that we see White people or Mexicans around us has more impact on our vision of the world than anything […]

A Brief Look At The History Of Fasting Through Various Religions

Fasting has become increasingly popular over the last few years, but why the sudden interest? While people have been fasting for thousands of years for religious reasons, it seems now people are starting to understand that there is a lot more to fasting than just religious devotion. Why do so many religions incorporate fasting as […]

Murder Mystery Solved

By Professor Revilo P. Oliver (January 1991) In 1888-1889 a number of women were atrociously murdered in the poorer quarters of London by a sexual maniac who boastfully styled himself Jack the Ripper. The murders are still officially unsolved, but they are still remembered, partly because they were so gruesome, the murderer having so obscenely […]

Rouhani: Newly emerging Iranian economy of enough internal energy

Rome, Jan 26, IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani said here on Tuesday Iranian economy is among newly emerging economies with sufficient internal energy, good road connections joint Iran with neighbors, enough educated manpower, and thus ready to host foreign investors. ‘Italy is of special importance for us because it has a good background in Iran, […]

9/11: Brought To You By “Revealed” Religions

by Bob Johnson   9/11 has its roots in “revealed” religions. Whether you believe the standard 9/11 explanation of what happened, or whether you believe any of the alternative ideas regarding what happened that day, the fact remains “revealed” religions are at the root of the tragedy. On the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks […]

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