Hamas Was Founded by Mossad israel

Hamas Was Founded by Mossad israel

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  1. speculatorpoeta says:

    It may have necessitated a keen & canny vigilance THEN,but NOW? Israel’s propensity for unmitigated barbarism and undisguised, unapologetic genocide should make EVERYONE question why Hamas could possibly have imagined that this action (October 7th) could possibly have resulted in anything BUT the horrors we now see being committed against the Palestinians, OR glean the least possible hypothetical benefit in ANY direction for the Palestinians? “Hamas” are the creation OF Israel instituted under the auspices of Menachem Begim in 1978 and legally registered IN Israel at that time in the documentation of the ICT. It was ALWAYS an artificial construct of controlled opposition created to effect false flag psychological operations via “terrorist atrocities” that in EVERY case ALWAYS benefits the goals of Israel. Whatever the propagandized, radicalized, “canon-fodder” ground level combatants of Hamas might believe, their leadership are zionist assets, beyond ANY shadow of a doubt. The recent exposure of the “Jericho’s Wall” document shows that the Israeli intelligence apparatus were aware of the coming events of October 7th at least a YEAR BEFORE its occurrence, clearly demonstrating the complicity OF Israel in what was SOOoo clearly a false flag attack/ psychological operation to allow Israel to award itself the pretext for doing what they were always GONNA- move into the “END-ZONE” of comprehensive ethnic cleansing and wholesale territory theft.

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