Always a Jew behind anything Evil or disgusting.
Always a Jew behind every flag or symbol.



NAZIS have always been the Jews

Hitler created Israel


Hitler’s creation of Israel in 1948


All of Hitler’s top brass were all Jews.

Hitler's jewish bankers



Jewish British NAZI Royal Queen Elizabeth’s father.





History takes shape. From Germany to Israel


Ghislane Maxwell’s grandfather the ashkeNAZI



1917 #Russian 1000 #ruble note has a swastika #zionism #bolshevics

AshkeNAZI Jews have ruled Germany for centuries.

The Party’s Leader since 1921 was Rothschild’s Adolf Hitler.. he was always the main speaker, and a member of the World Zionist Organization.





GENERAL GEORGE VAN HORN MOSELY, in the New York Tribune, March 29, 1939 “The war now proposed is for the purpose of establishing Jewish influence throughout the world.”

ARTHUR GREENWOOD of British War Cabinet sends message of assurance that the NEW WORLD ORDER is pledged to the Jews. NY TIMES Oct. 6th 1940.

Israel must make sacrifices to Satan so that he will leave Israel unmolested.” (Zohar 2:33a). “The evil impulse is good, and without the evil impulse, Israel cannot prevail in the world.” (Zohar 1:61a).

In 1917 Jewish British Empire already agreed to give Rothschild Palestine, to create Israel, to nationalize the Jew.
So the Elite Rothschild Jews just needed Germany’s army, to gather up all the lower class Jews across Europe and send them to Palestine (israel).. because they were not going to leave Europe on their own free will. Zionist Education Camps were used to educate the Yids how to read and write etc.. before they sent them into Palestine.

Hitlers Top Generals, Field Marshals, Gestapo, the SS etc. were all Jews, its well documented.
The Fed Reserve and the British Bank funded Hitler.. including many USA zionist Corporations.
WW2 opened countries to the Zionists which were previously closed to them.
They raped, looted, stole treasures in every country they invaded. Just like they have done for centuries… its how the elite zionists become financially rich.




Angela Merkel and grandma Klara Hitler






Hitler man of the year by jewish media

CIA: Hitler Was A British Agent Tasked With Creating Israel

Hitler Escaped to Argentina & Died Old Age

Balfour Declaration 1917 – Why they invented Hitler

In 1917 Jewish British Empire already agreed to give Rothschild Palestine, to create Israel, to nationalize the Jew.

So the Elite Rothschild Jews just needed Germany’s army and to create Hitler, to gather up all the lower class Jews across Europe and send them to Palestine (israel).. because they were not going to leave Europe on their own free will.

Neo NAZIS still believe in the Jewish media that Hitler made a deal in 1945, which is bullshit. This was all designed way before Hitler.


Balfour Declaration 1917

Said Joseph Goebbels, “The difference between the Hitler faith and communism, is very slight,” and that “LENIN (leader of the Bolshevik Scum) was the greatest man, second only to Hitler.”




George Bush NAZI jew family



Jews cry 6 million since the 1900’s




Meet the Only Nun Sentenced to Death by Hitler’s Nazi Jewish Court

Meet the Only Nun Sentenced to Death by Hitler’s Nazi Jewish Court

Hitler May Have Married a Jew, DNA Evidence Shows

Hitler May Have Married a Jew, DNA Evidence Shows

DNA Tests Reveal Hitler’s Jewish and African Roots

DNA Tests Reveal Hitler’s Jewish and African Roots

Hitler was a Zionist Jew

Hitler was a Zionist Jew


1934 – Hitler Needed Jews as “Hostages”

1934 – Hitler Needed Jews as “Hostages”

Hitler’s Palestinian Mass Grave in 1945 that founded Israel

Adolf Hitler Was Financed by the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England

Adolf Hitler Was Financed by the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England


FBI: Hitler Didn’t Die. Jews moved Hitler To Argentina

FBI: Hitler Didn’t Die. Jews moved Hitler To Argentina

Adolf Hitler Had Jewish DNA

The Genocide of 15+ Million Germans by the Jews

The Genocide of 15+ Million Germans by the Jews

Jews kill 66+ Million Russian christians – the real holocaust

Jews kill 66+ Million Russian christians – the real holocaust


Holocaust Museum lacks any evidence of Genocide

Hitler’s High Ranking Jewish Soldiers

Many Neo-Nazis cannot accept that Hitler was controlled opposition, set up by the Jewish bankers.

The Jewish Ethnic Cleansing Of Europeans

World War 1 – 50 million non Jews killed… zero jews killed

World War 2 – 500 Million non Jews killed… zero jews killed.

Rothschilds (King of the Jews) owned Germany long before WW1, so why did the World Jews want a war with Germany?

World Jews needed a way to cleanse and genocide non Jews from Europe… including looting all their gold and treasures.

Using Germany to look like the bad guy was the best option. Wars are good for business on both sides for the Jews.

Jews had already slaughtered 66+ million Christians from Russia, and 15+ million Germans from Poland.

Hitler and his Jewish family Rothschilds and the British Royals, needed to spread Zionism across Europe and Nationalize the Jew.

So they created Israel and made a Jewish Nation for the fake Hebrews.

It pays for the Jews to hate Hitler, then the jews can continue getting their compensation.

Norman Finklestein’s mom, “If everyone who claims to be a survivor(of the holocaust) actually is one, who did Hitler kill?”

Let’s address the facts:

1) Hitler was a Jew by blood, and related to the Rothschild family and the Jewish British Royal family.
2) Without the Jews that owned Germany, France, Britain, America, Russia, Hitler would not of had the funds to create WW2 or to rise into power. (Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill, Hitler all Jews)
3) World War 2 was a preset to create Nationalism for the so called Jews (Khazars) .. Hitler and his elite Jewish friends and bloodline (including the Vatican) of the world created israel and moved the Jews there.. Hitler needed to make the Invented Jew look legit by becoming a Nation. Hitler even had coins made for their move to Palestine, picture of a coin below.
4) The Allies winning of WW2 (which hitler allowed) handed complete western hegemony over to the sniveling Khazars (Jews)
5) WW2 opened countries to the Jews which were previously closed to them.
6) Hitlers top Generals, Field Marshals and the SS were all Jews, its well documented.
7) All the worlds treasures that were looted by the NAZI Jews were handed over to the World’s Elite Jews.
8) Hitler lived a rich and happy life in Argentina after the war.
9) Hitler and Britain would tell each other where they would bomb so they would not kill any Jews.
10) Ever wonder why Hitler was friends with the Jewish Bankers, Elite Jews, Vatican Jews and British Royal Family Jews? He took orders from them.
11) Is it a coincidence that the German NAZI Jews killed thousands of Gentiles across the globe, but didn’t kill a single Jew.
12) The unholy alliance between Nazi Germany and some of the biggest corporations in the USA – companies which were indispensable for Hitler to wage war. Henry Ford, the automobile manufacturer; James D Mooney, the General Motors manager; and Thomas Watson, the IBM boss were all awarded the Grand Cross of the German Eagle – the Nazi’s highest distinction for foreigners for their services to the Third Reich.
13) the biggest secret and most protected secret, along with endless other researchers and scholars, Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were created and funded by the Rothschilds. It was they who arranged for Hitler to come to power through the Illuminati secret societies in Germany like the Thule Society and the Vril Society which they created through their German networks; it was the Rothschilds who funded Hitler through the Bank of England and other British and American sources like the Rothschild‘s Kuhn, Loeb, bank which also funded the Russian Revolution.

The very heart of Hitler‘s war machine was the chemical giant, I.G. Farben who have been allowed to transform into what we now know today as MONSANTO, which had an American arm that was controlled by the Rothschilds through their lackeys, the Warburgs. Paul Warburg, who manipulated into existence the privately-owned „central bank“ of America, the Federal Reserve, in 1913, was on the board of American I.G. Indeed Hitler‘s I.G. Farben, which ran the slave labour camp at Auchwitz, was, in reality, a division of Standard Oil, officially owned by the Rockefellers, but in truth the Rockefeller empire was funded into existence by the Rothschilds.

The Rothschilds also owned the German news agencies during both World Wars and thus controlled the flow of „information“ to Germans and the outside world. Incidentally, when Allied troops entered Germany they found that the I.G. Farben factories, the very core of Hitler‘s war operation, had not been hit by the mass bombing and neither had Ford factories – another Illuminati supporter of Hitler. Other factories nearby had been demolished by bombing raids.

Rothschilds, the bloodline formerly known, among other names, as the Bauers, one of the most notorious black occult bloodlines of Middle Ages Germany. It became known as Rothschild (red-shield or rotes-schild in German) in the 18th century when a financial dynasty was founded in Frankfurt by Mayer Amschel Rothschild working in league with the Illuminati House of Hesse and others. They took their name from the red shield or hexagram/Star of David on the front of their house in Frankfurt. The Star of David or Seal of Solomon is an ancient esoteric symbol and only became associated with Jewish people after the Rothschilds adopted it for themselves. It has absolutely no connection to „David“ or „Solomon“, as Jewish historical sources confirm. The Rothschilds are one of the top Illuminati bloodlines on the planet.

Guy de Rothschild, of the French House, heads this bloodline dynasty today. He is one of the most grotesque exponents of trauma-based mind control, indeed the top man according to many of those who have suffered mercilessly under his torture. I am always loath to use the world evil, but if evil is the reverse of live, Guy de Rothschild is thoroughly evil. He stands for the opposite of life. He has been personally responsible for the torture and death of millions of children and adults, either directly or through those he controls. He conducts satanic rituals, as all these bloodlines have always done, and goodness knows how many human sacrifices he has been involved in.

holocaust hoax

Hitler was a British Agent

Please watch

Hitler was a British Agent exposes for the first time Operation WINNIE THE POOH – Ian Fleming’s removal of Adolf Hitler out of Berlin 2 May 1945.

The search for Hitler became an excuse for worldwide surveillance and the precursor to the Cold War.

Hitler’s missing year in Britain is uncovered, as is his psychological deconstruction to perform as an agent for the British war machine.

It confirms his sex with men and his bizarre sexual habits with women, including hands-on murders made to look like suicides.

This book covers Hess and his body doubles’ simultaneous flight to Britain, the Duke of Kent’s faked death, Anthony Blunt’s conception by a royal, Wallis Simpson’s sexual practices with King Edward VIII, and how Wallis leaked the King’s British military secrets to Hitler.

Hitler was a British Agent exposes the training of top level double agents, the repeated faking of their deaths and their very real escapes … making this something of an illusion-buster.

Everything that happens now, happens because of 1945.

Former MI-6 Chief: “This book was written by a genius”.

James Bond III: “A brilliant analysis of the deception of war”.

Two Intelligence agencies have regularly stolen this book and “It has been read at the highest levels” during the final phases of writing.

As quickly as it was written, it was stolen, and in August 2005 word got back that they would let it out.

This came with further inside information, Hitler’s British passport marked ‘Jew’, and at least one historical act.

  • Holocaust Truth!
    The truth is, the Holocaust story is a lie – at least most of it. If it were true then there would be no need for America’s allies to imprison people who question it. What do the Holocaust pushers have to fear? Why not just let the evidence speak for itself? There is no other historical subject on Earth that we cannot discuss or debate, so why should this story be any different? The answer is simple, they have something to hide… like the truth.

    If there really was a plan to exterminate the Jews, then why wasn’t it carried out? Why were there so many Jews found alive in the camps after the war? Everyone in those concentration camps could have been shot dead if that’s what the Germans had wanted. Certain parts of the Holocaust story just don’t hold water.

    Concentration camps – yes, slave labor – yes, identity tattoos – yes. But gas chambers and six million Jews dead – no. So why the lies? The Zionist Jews needed horror stories to give them an excuse to steal Palestinian land so they could establish Israel. It also gave them a propaganda weapon to beat the Gentile world into submission. Now the Holocaust story is treated like a religion where the more time that passes from this alleged massacre, the more we have to hear about it, and the less we can question it. But you can still question the existence of God without fear of persecution, but you can’t question the Holocaust story.

    Accusations made by Jews that later turned out to be lies and slanders against the German people.

    1. False Claim: Germans made lampshades out of Jewish skin.
    2. False Claim: Germans made soap from the fat of dead Jewish bodies.
    3. False Claim: Four million people (mostly Jews) died at Auschwitz. See a photo of the plaque that remained on the Auschwitz wall from 1945-1990 before it was taken down due to it being untrue.

    4. False Claim: A photo of the new plaque put up after 1990. Now it says only one and a half million people died at Auschwitz. Yet, the six million figure remains the same! Where did the four million go?

    5. False Claim: Germans used an electric crematorium that not only killed Jews with electricity, but reduced them to ashes afterward.

    6. False Claim: Germans murdered six million Jews between 1942 – 1945. But here are photo copies of the Jewish World Almanacs from the years 1933 and 1948 – before and after the “Holocaust”.

    World Jewish population 1933 – 15,315,000.
    World Jewish population 1948 – 15,753,000.
    Where’s the six million drop in the 1948 statistics?

    read more!
  • “Mr. Benjamin Freedman, a Jewish industrialist born in New York, wrote in the Economic Council Letter published there of October 15 1947: “These Eastern European Jews have neither a racial nor a historic connection with Palestine. Their ancestors were not inhabitants of the Promised Land. They are the direct descendants of the people of the Khazar Kingdom. The Khazars were a non-Semitic, Turko-Mongolian tribe.” Mr. Freedman was challenged, unwisely, by a Zionist objector; he invited his challenger to go with him to the Jewish room of the New York Public Library. There they could together examine the Jewish Encyclopedia volume I pp. 1-12, and the published works of Graetz, Dubnow, Friedlander, Raisin and many other noted Jewish historians, which, as well as other non-Jewish authorities, “establish the fact beyond all possible doubt”.’
    ~ Somewhere South of Suez (1950) pp349-350.”

Jewish holocaust a hoax

Jewish holocaust a hoax

Jewish holocaust hoax.. The Best videos about the hoax. Please watch these 2 videos all the way to the end.


Hitlers British Royal Family

Hitlers British Royal Family

Hitlers Jews

Hitlers Jews


nazi jews and israel

Jews in camps buying bread from the bakery store in Auschwitz

Jews in camps buying bread from the bakery store in Auschwitz

Hitlers mass slaughter of semite palestinians in 1948 for israel uncovered.

All Jews

Hitlers Jewish friends
All Jews
Hitlers Royal British bloodline
Vatican Jews Salute NAZI Jews
Vatican Jews Salute Hitler
Hitlers Jewish friends

Hitler was a Rothschild

Hitler even made coins for the Jews journey to Palestine. A coin with the inscription in German “A Nazi Journey to Palestina”, 1934-1935

German Jews were the NAZIS

NAZI Jews own Germany

nazi jewish coin

nazi jewish coin

nazi jewish coin

A coin with the inscription in German “A Nazi Journey to Palestina”, 1934-1935


How the “Holocaust” was faked[237661903095629]&action_type_map=[%22og.comments%22]&action_ref_map

Scroll down to see video clips made by those honest Jews with a conscience:
Some videos have already been banned from YouTube (JewTube) therefore I was forced to upload them onto the server for you to download. Holocaust Unveiled REAL FOOTAGE (full).mp4 Survivors who Tell the Truth.mp4!.mp4 Why The Chambers Are A Myth.mp4 Completely Exposed by David Cole.mp4 Bravest Jew on Earth.mp4 NAZI ZIONIST PARTY AND THE HOLOCAUST.flv Jews-kill-66-million-christians-in-russia/ million Germans tortured raped executed by the Jews/

Hitler and Bush Family ties

Hitler and Bush Family ties

Real Footage of so called Jewish Holocaust camp where 6 million died. This camp had theater, music group, swimming pool, sports group, retail stores, clothes and food stores, Jews were given money by Hitler etc. Please watch video clip to the very end.

In 1913, the Jews used the same Holocaust trick to con the world into giving them money for 6 millions Russian Jews homeless. Little did the world know that the Jews slaughtered 66 Million Russian christians. Please watch the video clip all the way to the end, to see what the british newspapers were saying at that time.

Jews who actually tell the truth about the camps

Russian Jews – Natural Born Killers

The Holocaust ’6 Million’ LIE ! Population of Jews: 1938 – 15.748 Million, 1948 – 15.753 Million!













Jews started WW1 and WW2

Jews started WW1 and WW2

Reputable journalist, author, and historical revisionist Victor Thorn has done the world an invaluable service with the publication of his book, The Holocaust Hoax Exposed: Debunking the 20th Century’s Biggest Lie. Tackling a tremendously complex subject, Thorn offers his readers a short, concise – yet thorough – description of what really happened to European Jewry during WWII, completely destroying the false propaganda endlessly disseminated by organized Jewry and their minions. To put it bluntly, Thorn’s book debunks virtually every single aspect of the official “Holocaust” narrative, and sets the historical record straight.
Jewish holocaust hoax

Jewish holocaust hoax

The alleged “Holocaust” of 6 million Jews at the hands of Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany during WWII is one of the most egregious and outrageous falsehoods ever perpetrated against mankind. Deceitful Jewish propagandists and their lackeys in the educational establishment, media, and Hollywood have foisted upon the world a completely baseless, manufactured narrative, chock full of a wide variety of ridiculous claims and impossible events, all to advance the Jewish agenda of world domination and subjugation. The official “Holocaust” story has been used to justify the very existence of the criminal, terrorist Jewish state occupying Palestine, garner public sympathy for Jews and elevate “Jewish suffering” above all others, and to reinforce the false narrative of historical Jewish persecution at the hands of “evil, irrational anti-Semites” who hate Jews. Organized Jewry has used the false “Holocaust” story to seize and distort our collective history for their corrupt ends, to demonize Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany specifically, and nationalism and European civilization generally. It is, without a doubt, the Big Lie of the 20th century.

Thorn’s book is divided into two parts: Deconstructing Holocaust Mythology and How Elite Zionists Engineered the Holocaust: An Analysis of Their Means, Motives and Agenda. The first twenty-one chapters focus on refuting the official “Holocaust” narrative in virtually every respect, while the final four chapters focus on how the “Holocaust” narrative was manufactured by elite Jewish interests to advance their global agenda. He offers readers an extensive array of important facts, quotes, and explanations dealing with the alleged Jewish “Holocaust” in WWII, demystifying and clarifying all the falsehoods and distortions. These basic facts, quotes, and explanations help the reader decipher truth from fiction, allowing one to recognize the reality of what actually happened during WWII as opposed to the fairy tales promulgated by alleged “Holocaust survivors” and depicted in deceitful Hollywood movies.

Take, for example, Thorn’s quotation of Aryeh Leon Kubovy of the Israeli Center for Jewish Documentation, who said, “There exists no document signed by Hitler, Himmler, or Heydrich speaking of exterminating Jews… and, the word ‘extermination’ does not appear in the letter from Herman Goering to Heydrich concerning the Final Solution of the Jewish question.”

Or consider the statements Thorn excerpts from the Leuchter report, which investigated the alleged “death camps” in Germany and Eastern Europe controlled by the National Socialists and their allies in WWII. Leuchter wrote in part:

The author finds no evidence that any of the facilities normally alleged to be execution gas chambers were ever used as such and find, further, that because of the design and fabrication of these facilities, they could not have been utilized for execution gas chambers. […]

We have produced definitive proof that there were no execution gas chambers utilized for genocidal purposes by the Germans at these wartime camps. The simple fact is that the holocaust story is not true.

Thorn explains that the camps and industrial centers established by the Germans in Germany and Eastern Europe during WWII were never set up for genocidal purposes. The alleged “death camps” the world has been propagandized to believe were in fact work camps, where individuals arrested or detained by the Germans, which included European Jews, were sent to live and work in. A number of chapters in Part One of Thorn’s book detail what life was really like in these work camps, and refute the typical nonsense we hear from alleged “Holocaust survivors” that millions of Jews were worked or gassed to death. Thorn also debunks the Zyklon B myth, which Jews and other deceitful “Holocaust” promoters contend was used to exterminate the enemies of the Third Reich. Thorn establishes that Zyklon B was in reality used to save Jewish lives, not murder them, as it was used to combat typhus and other diseases that were present in the work camps.

Thorn also discusses the 1946 Red Cross report, which found that only 270,000-300,000 registered inmates of all nationalities died in German work camps over the entire course of the war. The magical “6 million” myth is thoroughly destroyed, and Thorn clarifies the situation by explaining that people did in fact die at the German-run labor camps – but virtually all died as a result of disease, starvation, and exhaustion due to Allied bombing of German supply routes, not as a result of German policy. It was the Allies that were responsible for many of the actual Jewish deaths during WWII, not the Germans.

Amazingly, the German government ended up settling claims with 400,000 “survivors” shortly after WWII, and then on June 30, 1965 over 3 million more Jews claimed to be “survivors”, key facts Thorn brings to light in the book. Jewish “Holocaust survivors” continue their swindle of the German, Hungarian, and other Eastern European governments and people to this very day, and have essentially turned the “Holocaust” myth into a religion.

Many other aspects of the fraudulent and deceitful official “Holocaust” narrative are debunked by Thorn throughout the book, and are well beyond the scope of this brief review. In closing, I’d like highlight a statement made by French revisionist Robert Faurisson in his essay, “Against Hollywoodism, Revisionism”. Faurisson wrote:

The alleged Hitlerite gas chambers and the alleged genocide of the Jews form one and the same historical lie, which has permitted a gigantic political and financial swindle whose main beneficiaries are the State of Israel and international Zionism and whose main victims are the German people – but not their leaders – and the Palestinian people in their entirety.

The Big Lie of the 20th Century must be defeated. Victor Thorn’s book The Holocaust Hoax Exposed: Debunking the 20th Century’s Biggest Lie is a major step in that direction, and will arm its readers with the knowledge to defeat the colossal untruths surrounding WWII and the alleged Jewish “Holocaust” of 6 million “innocent, persecuted” Jews endlessly disseminated by organized Jewish interests.



In 1998, Steven Spielberg Released a documentary titled “The Last Days”. This film won the Academy Award in 1999.

In 2011, Holocaust Revisionist Eric Hunt released a documentary debunking the film, titled The Last Days of the Big Lie, available to view in its entirety on Youtube.

The Last Days Of The Big Lie – (Part 1 of 9)

The Last Days of the Big Lie

FULL DOWNLOAD (right click and save)(979 MB) Full Download


The Last Days

The Last Days centers on five Hungarian Jewish Holocaust Survivors speaking about their experiences during “The Holocaust.”

The Film’s tagline is “Everything You’re About to See Is True.”


The film features Irene Weisberg Zisblatt, who claims in The Last Days to have repeatedly swallowed and defecated diamonds for over a year while in Auschwitz and on death marches. She also claims she

  • was selected to have her skin turned into a lampshade,
  • had her tattoo removed by Dr. Mengele,
  • escaped from inside a gas chamber, and was then thrown over the electrified barbed wire fence onto an open train.

Also in The Last Days, Paul Parks, an African-American soldier claims to liberate Dachau, witnessing the emaciated survivors of the Holocaust. In reality, the Boston Globe reported he was hundreds of miles away at the time of liberation and never set foot in the camp.

Another woman who claims to have escaped from inside a gas chamber, Alice Lok Cahana, stars in Spielberg’s documentary.
TWO survivors (out of five) featured in The Last Days claim to have escaped from INSIDE a gas chamber (neither of their miraculous escapes are mentioned in the film, but apparently were filmed, and are included in the hardcover companion book).
This site will comprehensively document the now definitively proven to be fictional survivor testimony featured in this fraudulent film.

This page features supplemental information to the documentary The Last Days of the Big Lie.

The Eyewitnesses

Zisblatt pointing to imaginary removed tattoo

Irene Zisblatt arrogantly lying in front of hundreds of schoolchildren as she points to where she says Dr. Mengele removed her tattoo. Auschwitz documents, revealed by a Jewish Holocaust Scholar reveal she was never even given a tattoo in the first place.

Irene Weisberg Zisblatt

Liemonds are Forever

Irene Zisblatt kept her incredible “story of survival” secret for fifty years!

In the early 1990’s, Irene Zisblatt then became famous for telling an incredible story of repeatedly swallowing, defecating and retrieving four diamonds from her feces for a year while in Auschwitz and on “Death Marches.”

Oscar winning Diamond Defecating Holocaust Lie

Zisblatt’s eyes constantly dart around (consistent with the body language of a liar) as she pretends to wipe away non-existent tears while showing her phony tear-drop shaped defecated diamond pendant prop to Spielberg’s 35 mm film cameras.
Steven Spielberg’s USC Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation
We are then told that examining Steven Spielberg’s archive of over 50,000 “testimonies” of Holocaust survivors (The USC Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation) can help us debunk Zisblatt’s outrageous claims.
We are introduced to the fact that in her original 1995 Shoah Foundation video “testimony”, Zisblatt only mentioned swallowing diamonds, once, on intake at Auschwitz.
In her autobiography, The Fifth Diamond, ZIsblatt claims when asked to appear in The Last Days, Spielberg’s workers asked what happened to the diamonds she swalllowed. Zisblatt claims she didn’t mention repeatedly defecating and swallowing diamonds in her three and a half hour Shoah Foundation testimony because “Nobody ever asked me what happened to the diamonds.”
The viewer is introduced to the fact that the Spielberg’s Shoah testimonies can be used to disprove Zisblatt’s other outrageous lies,
We are shown how Zisblatt is encouraged to lie and exagerarate for Spielberg’s multi million dollar documentary film.
In her orginal “testimony”,
Irene Weisberg Zisblatt proven to exaggerate 20 times from her original Shoah Foundation Testimony
However, this brief example pales in comparison to Zisblatt’s outrageous fantasy stories, for instance, her lie about being

Selected to Have her Skin turned into a Lampshade

Zisblatt tells a nonsensical story about being “selected” to have her skin turned into a lampshade due to her “smooth skin”.

Lampshade / Tattoo Removal / Lethal Injection Lies UNCUT

Zisblatt claims to be marched to Majdanek, where Ilsa Koch was to select her material for lampshades. However, Zisblatt claims Ilsa Koch doesn’t show up and Zisblatt returns to Auschwitz with her skin intact.
The Last Days of the Big Lie – (Part 2 of 9)

The Last Days of the Big Lie – (Part 2 of 9)

We are shown that the atrocity lie that Nazis made lampshades out of human skin was part of American Allied psychological warfare. Indeed, portions of the film shot documenting the Buchenwald camp hoax were filmed by Jewish Hollywood film director Billy Wilder (Some Like It Hot).

Tattoo removed by Dr. Mengele

Irene Zisblatt claims Nazis removed her Auschwitz tattoo. In her autobiography years later, she claims Dr. Mengele personally removed it.
In reality, Zisblatt was never given a tattoo. 3
Irene Weisberg Zisblatt claims in the film The Last Days to have heard Jews tell about Nazis ripping babies in half with their bare hands and throwing them in a river in the Ukraine. Is this physically possible?

Escape from INSIDE A Gas Chamber

While promoting the Holocaust, Zisblatt tells an insane, moronic story about escaping from inside a gas chamber, then being thrown over a barbed wire fence by a Jewish boy into an open train.

Spielberg’s Holohoax Princess – Uncut Gas Chamber Escape Lie

Although this is entirely physically impossible due to the actual layout of the camp, and non-use of open topped train cars, all that truly needs to be seen to know this is a lie is watching Zisblatt’s demented mind telling this story as “testimony” for Steven Spielberg’s USC Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation.

The Last Days of the Big Lie – ‎‎‎(Part 3 of 9)‎‎‎

If not available, click here to view this segment
Below, her story is told in her autobiography The Fifth Diamond (required reading for thousands of American public school children).

And here is Irene Zisblatt (more than likely the Jewish Historians, actually) changing her ridiculous tale in the book companion to The Last Days. Here, she describes her “gas chamber escape” as an actual hallucination she experienced in 1994, while revisiting the camps, rather than her true experience. Note that after she describes this fiction, she proceeds to speak her diamond defecating lie. This entire page is fiction!

Zisblatt appears to have been filmed for The Last Days telling her gas chamber escape lie. Apparently even the Jews behind The Last Days thought we goyim weren’t dumb enough to swallow her nonsense, and in The Last Days companion book, this gas chamber escape becomes a kind of “hallucination” Zisblatt experiences while visiting Auschwitz in 1994.
In reality, the “escape from inside a gas chamber” is just another incredibly dumb story Zisblatt, inspired by Spielberg’s Schindler’s List, made up to promote the Holocaust.

The Fifth Diamond

The NAZISThe Fifth Diamond : The Story of Irene Weisberg Zisblatt was published in 2008.The “autobiography” was immediately met with flat-out denial by Holocaust deniers.In 2009, a scanned PDF copy of the book was posted online by Eric Hunt, who later came forward with ship manifests, prisoner lists, and Red Cross documents which debunk Zisblatt’s story.Revisionists debunked the book page by page, and on this website there will be a thorough page devoted specifically to the fraudulent, fictional autobiography “The Fifth Diamond.”

Diamond Girl : Fact Or Fiction

After the book was posted online, and ancestral research by Hunt proved practically the entire book was outright lies, two “Holocaust Scholars” (PHDs) created the following article –

Holocaust revisionists point out that the article acts as damage control for Steven Spielberg and Irene Zisblatt, and the notion of “The Holocaust” in general.

Dr. Kenneth Walzer was previously involved in exposing Herman Rosenblatt’s memoir as a fake.

Fifth Diamond Theories

Dr. Neander

Irene Zisblatt claims to have been liberated by General Patton in Pilzen, Czechoslovakia. Holocaust denier Eric Hunt came forward with documents proving that she was actually liberated in Volary, Czechoslovakia.
Incredibly, the insignia of the Fifth Infantry Division that liberated Volary is a diamond with the number five in the middle.
Dr. Neander discovered this fact, and believes this is where she stole her story about being the “fifth diamond.”
Recently, PHD Joachim Neander and Jewish Harvard Graduate PHD Kenneth Walzer have consulted documentation and conducted individual research, and begrudgingly admitted that Holocaust Revisionists are right, that Zisblatt’s outrageous stories are indeed fictional.

Again, please visit the Irene Zisblatt / Fifth Diamond Hoax page for a much more detailed expose.

Upon being confronted with the fact that Irene Zisblatt is a liar, Jewish PHD Kenneth Walzer claimed to have evidence that Zisblatt was experimented on by Mengele.
Waltzer took responsibility for debunking the story of Herman Rosenblatt –

Herman Rosenblatt

I asked to see the documents Waltzer had that he claimed proved Irene Zisblatt was “experimented on, the results of which were sent back to Berlin.”
He called me names, but after many months, I was able to gain a hold of the documents.
It turned out that the so called “proof” Irene Zisblatt was experimented on, is actually the results of a stool sample! – A diamond free stool sample.
Irene Zegelstein – Zisblatt’s maiden name
Stuhlproben – The German Word for Stool Sample

The SS Hygeine Institute performed routine tests to ensure inmates were free of disease and were able to be transferred to other work camps.


Steven Spielberg provides the quote for the back cover of Irene Zisblatt’s fictional autobiography.

Spielberg’s Quote on Back cover of Irene Zisblatt’s Book


Alice Lok Cahana

(gas chamber escapee #2)

Incredibly, like Irene Zisblatt, another star of Spielberg’s The Last Days, Alice Lok Cahana, also claims to have been inside a gas chamber, seconds away from being gassed!

Like Zisblatt, her miraculous escape isn’t documented in “The Last Days.”

(Cahana’s story is, however, featured in a book currently on most major bookstore sheleves titled “Auschwitz : A New History.)
Also like Zisblatt, Cahana telling her gas chamber escape story for Spielberg’s cameras was apparently filmed, and wound up on the cutting room floor. Her gas chamber escape story (lie) is included in The Last Days companion book.
What follows is detail of her alleged escape :

“Alice Lok Cahana, whose story was recounted by Laurence Rees in his book entitled “Auschwitz, a New History” was 15 years old when she was registered in the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp; months later she was sent to the gas chamber in Krema V and told that she would be given new clothes after taking a shower. Alice was inside the gas chamber in Krema V when the revolt by the Sonderkommando unit in Krema IV began on October 7, 1944. This was the occasion when the Sonderkommando blew up the Krema IV gas chamber building with dynamite that had been sneaked into Birkenau by some of the women prisoners who worked in factories outside the camp. Because of all the commotion, the women in the Krema V gas chamber were released unharmed.”

The Jews feel the need to have liars claim to have been INSIDE gas chambers because there is no current, existing physical evidence of true, working genocidal gas chambers in Nazi concentration camps.

In fact, all the evidence points to the gas chambers shown tourists to be Soviet modifications or not gas chambers at all.

Gas Chamber Escape Fairy Tale # 2


“This was the only time that the gas in the crematoria did not work.”

Renee Firestone

“The Experiment” LIE

During the course of the filming of The Last Days, Renee Firestone claims to have discovered Nazi records that prove that her deceased sister was “experimented” on.

Hans Munch, a Nazi doctor acquitted of war crimes, reads the medical records and tells her in coded language that this document signifies something normal, he says “all is good.” He’s portrayed as a monster, denying his true barbaric crimes while sitting next to a grieving “Holocaust Survivor.” The audience and reviewers wish he was found guilty and executed. After all, he’s “the one that got away.” A living Mengele…

Spielberg’s “List”


This list proves that Spielberg’s racist hoaxsters lied, that Renee Firestone’s sister did not endure “experiments”, but gave a bodily fluid sample which turned out negative for disease.

The document which they claim is evidence of “experimentation” is featured only in extreme closeup.
After many months, I was able to obtain the list of names featured, as well as supporting documents which describe what it actually is.What does this list describe? A sinister experiment? Klara Weinfeld tortured as a human guinea pig?No.This list describes the results of a fluid sample.The current head of the Auschwitz archives says it looks like a blood sample. Immediately after this in The Last Days, Firestone says “I found out that my sister was experimented on…that they were doing some blood tests on her.”

It should also be noted that at the time, Dr. Munch was suffering from the early stages of ALZHEIMER’S disease.

Dr. Munch was demonized in this film, even after having been acquitted of war crimes.

He tells us in coded terms that this isn’t anything sinister, and he’s right. He’s labeled a denier, and I believe there were even calls for him to be tried in court by Renee Firestone herself.

Ignorant film critics and viewers are manipulated into believing that Renee Firestone’s sister may have been locked in a dungeon, and endured horrific experiments, for instance to change the color of her eyes!

This is because before the above scene, Irene Zisblatt lies and claims she endured such an “experiment” right before the film cuts away to Dr. Munch. Always take note of Zisblatt’s body language – that of someone telling a lie.

Upon being confronted with the fact that Irene Zisblatt is a liar, Jewish PHD Kenneth Walzer claimed to have evidence that Zisblatt was experimented on by Mengele. It turned out to be from a similar list, a stool sample. – A diamond free stool sample.


Dr. Munch was completely set up by the Zionists behind The Last Days with two female “survivors” telling lies. First Zisblatt, who lies and claims she survived such satanic experiments, and then Renee Firestone, who falsely claims she discovered evidence that her sister was experimented on and died because of it. Both are lies.

In reality, German doctors such as Dr. Munch were trying to diagnose, and if necessary quarantine and save Renee Firestone’s sister’s life, and in turn the lives of other inmates.

Look on the internet at reviews of The Last Days, and read how critics destroyed Dr. Munch, even for his appearance, not only his portrayal as the film’s villain.

Look at what Spielberg’s minions did with a closeup of a document, a phony interpretation of it, and Zisblatt’s lies.

They turned an innocent doctor into a monster we should hate.

Supporting Documents Concerning the List Klara Weinfeld is Featured On From the Auschwitz Archives –


The Last Days of the Big Lie – Part 4

YouTube Video

Paul Parks

The propaganda artists behind The Last Days include a segment which puts forth the concept that a white American, a black American and even a Japanese American played an equal part in the liberation of Dachau.
In reality, the Japanese American didn’t liberate the main camp, but a satellite camp, and the African American, Paul Parks was hundreds of miles from the camp at the time Dachau was liberated.
Paul Parks tells a tale in Spielberg’s film about liberating emaciated Jews and killing a German officer for spitting on him.
Shoah Testimony
We are shown Paul Parks’ USC Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation video.

D-Day Lie

Paul Parks tells a detailed lie about storming Normandy Beach on D-Day.
However, shortly after the release of The Last Days, The Boston Globe ran a series of exposes which exposed Parks’ lies. His unit was actually still in England three weeks after D-Day.

Dachau Lie

Paul Parks lies about liberating Dachau.
Paul Parks claimed to have liberated Dachau. He described in detail having a conversation with a rabbi who apparently spoke English.

Magical Menorah

Parks tells us a man who didn’t give his name arrived at his door one day, and gave him a menorah A Jewish concentration camp survivor made out of nails while in a camp. He says the man who didn’t tell him his name didn’t tell him the name of the man who made it.
The Jewish interviewer goes over to the menorah and clearly reads the inscription, which points out that the artist signed the menorah, his name was Thieberger.
This menorah, claimed to have been made out of nails by a Jew Parks liberated at Dacha is another major prop in The Last Days. Parks claims a man showed up at his house, not giving his name and on the behalf of the Jew who made the menorah (who Parks also didn’t know the name of), gave it to Parks as a gift. The menorah isn’t an original, as portrayed in the film. It was apparently created by an Edwin Theiberger, and numerous copies exist, including at The White House.
He also claimed to have been on Normandy beach on D-Day.The Boston Globe published exposes after the release of The Last Days outing Parks as a liar.

Parks’s refusal to back off his assertions, in the face of evidence that his accounts of his World War II Army service have been embellished, infuriated veterans of the liberation forces.

They called Parks’s claim that he was working mine detection duty on the day that US Army forces liberated the death camp “ludicrous.”

“He is a consummate liar, is all I can say,” said retired Brigadier General Felix L. Sparks, who was a 27-year-old lieutenant colonel when he led the liberation of the main camp at Dachau.

Russel R. Weiskircher, who was with Sparks the day Dachau fell, said Parks wasn’t in sight that day. “He has lived a lie which was accepted years ago and woven into the unofficial fabric called history,” Weiskircher said.

Historians queried agree that if Parks was where he said he was in the spring of 1945, there is no documentation for it. “We’re not aware of any African-American soldiers who were there on the day the proverbial gates fell,” said a spokesman for the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington.

The Last Days of the Big Lie – Part 5 of 9

YouTube Video

The NAZISLiberators Hoax

The Last Days wasn’t even the first fradulent Academy Award nominated Holocaust Documentary Parks was involved with.
Parks also appeared in the Academy Award nominated hoax documentary “Liberators: Fighting on Two Fronts in World War II.”
The Last Days wasn’t even the first fradulent Academy Award nominated Holocaust Documentary Parks was involved with.
The documentary Liberators proves there was a conspiracy to create and present a fictional version of history.
The documentary’s central thesis is that black soldiers broke down the gates of Dachau and Buchenwald, liberating the camps.
However, no black soldiers liberated any major concentration camps. The black American soldiers interviewed in the film were coaxed to lie.
Paul Parks appears in Liberators, identified as being part of a unit to which he never belonged.

Elie Wiesel Joins the Fake History Conspiracy

Lies in Elie Wiesel’s Memoirs

Perpetual liar and Nobel Peace Prize winning Holocaust promoter Elie Wiesel got in on the “Black Liberators” fake history conspiracy, claiming in his memoirs – released after seeing Liberators:
“I will never forget the American soldiers and the horror that could be read in their faces. I will especially remember one black sergeant, a muscled giant, who wept tears of impotent rage and shame, shame for the human species, when he saw us. He spewed curses that on his lips became holy words. We tried to lift him onto our shoulders to show our gratitude, but we didn’t have the strength. We were too weak even to applaud him.
All Rivers Run to the Sea – p. 97

Further down the page Wiesel mentions someone who claimed something similar on screen in the Liberators documentary –

“a boy of six or eight, the future chief rabbi of Israel, Israel Meir Lau.”
Of course, the arrogant weasel Wiesel didn’t remember the film right – in the film Liberators, (then Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv, future Chief Rabbi of Israel) Israel Meir Lau claims a black soldier put him on his shoulders and the “black giant” gave a speech during the forced tour where the Americans showed German civilians planted, phony lampshades falsely claimed to have been made out of the flesh of Jewish inmates.
The genocidal liar Wiesel, aided by an enabling media who refuse to expose his lies, incredibly claims the emaciated Jews tried to put the (nonexistent) “black giant” liberator on THEIR shoulders!

The Last Days of the Big Lie – Part 6 of 9

YouTube Video

Tom Lantos

Former Congressman Tom Lantos, “the only Holocaust Survivor to serve in Congress” was involved with creating and perpetuating a series of atrocity lies which led the US into the first Iraq War.
In 1990, Congressman Tom Lantos organized hearings of the House Human Rights Caucus, which he is co-chair of, and brought a “nurse” to testify that she had seen Iraqi soldiers pull “incubator tubes out of babies in a Kuwaiti hospital.” This allegedly “nurse” that Lantos had brought to his hearings happened to be a Kuwaiti ambassador’s daughter, and had never been in the hospital at the time of the invasion. This “hearing” also took place just before the vote to invade Iraq and was used to get the votes for the war.
The chain of deadly consequences which followed including the current Middle East wars and 9/11 (Congressman Ronald Machtley states during Lantos’ hoax hearing that what they do here today may set the stage for the next ten years) can be traced to Lantos “selling” the first Iraq war by evoking The “Holocaust” and Hitler.
Lantos’s Congressional Human Rights Caucus held a hearing presenting “testimony” from Kuwaitis who escaped to tell what they witnessed during the Iraqi invasion and occupation of Kuwait.
The most memorable and heart-wrenching story came from a young girl who wished to remain anonymous. She was identified as “Nayirah.”
She claims she was working at a Kuwaiti hospital when Iraqi soldiers burst in and threw newborn babies out of incubators.
Her emotional testimony shocked previously indifferent United States citizens, unwilling to support “Another Vietnam” into supporting a war against Iraq.
The incubator story was mentioned six times on the floor of the US Senate as justification for going to war.
The first Iraq war was launched, and only after the war was it revealed that Nayirah was the daughter of the first speaker at Lantos’ Congressional Human Rights Caucus – The Ambassador of Kuwait. Her story was a complete hoax.
Tom Lantos mentions “The Holocaust” or “Hitler” several times while presiding over the Congressional Human Rights Caucus session.

YouTube Video

Dario Gabbai

Dario Gabbai claims to have been a sonderkomando at Auschwitz. He claims he removed bodies from the gas chamber and put them in cremation ovens.

The filmmakers of The Last Days show us a tour of a gas chamber which they subtitle “Restored Post-War”, this is because this building was made to look like a gas chamber after the war by the Communist Soviet Union, who occupied Poland.

YouTube Video

We are introduced to the fact that two of Dario’s cousins, Shlomo and Morris Venezia, also claim to have been sonderkomandos who worked inside the gas chambers.
Incredibly, Dario’s brother, Yakob, also claimed to have been a sonderkomando who worked inside the gas chambers, yet all four relatives miraculously survived!!

Historians credited on The Last Days


Rabbi Dr. Michael Berenbaum

There were two major “historians” credit for working on The Last Days.

One, Randolph Braham, claims to be a Jewish “Holocaust Survivor” himself.

The other, Michael Berenbaum, is an ordained orthodox rabbi.

To call Michael Berenbaum, an ordained orthodox rabbi, a pseudohistorian would be an insult to pseudohistorians. Dr. Michael Berenbaum is rabbi with a Jewish supremacist agenda posing as a historian.

Rabbi Berenbaum’s list of accomplishments
  • Deputy Director of the President’s Commission on the Holocaust (1979–1980),
  • Project Director of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) (1988–1993),
  • Director of the USHMM’s Holocaust Research Institute (1993–1997);
  • From 1997 – 1999, Berenbaum served as President and CEO of the Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation,

Berenbaum played a major role in the creation of the United States Holocaust Museum and the content of its permanent exhibition.

Berenbaum’s wife, Melissa Patack Berenbaum, is the Vice President and General Manager of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), California Group, and president of the California chapter of the MPAA.

Rabbi Berenbaum slyly reveals his part in creating the new Holocaust religion in an interview in which he says “It imposed upon me a responsibility to the Jewish Past –And the Jewish future – and to become a producer of Torah and not just a consumer.”

This is exactly what Holocaust deniers accuse Jews of doing – creating a modern religious chapter in the long history of Jewish religious myths, with no basis in science or history, much like the Old Testament. A Holy Hoax.

As Orwell wrote —- Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present, controls the past.



Former Concentration Camp Inmates Tell the Truth About Life in the Camps

Camp Orchestras

Auschwitz Inmate Orchestra


Plays at Auschwitz

Tells about a stage created in Auschwitz, a grand piano brought in as well for plays.

“for heaven’s sake, isn’t there anybody here who can help me sew on these curtain rings for the stage?”

She claims she transcribed music to different musical instruments for plays.

She also claims she picked leaves to make tea for Auschwitz.

( This holocaust promoter claims she was experimented on by Mengele and had one of her ovaries removed. No physical evidence is shown to prove this, however. )

Buchenwald Movie Theater

At the beginning of Buchenwald, there was a Library, newspapers, a violin quartet that used to play in barracks.
Later on, they built a movie theater in Buchenwald.

Inmates paid to see movies in the theaters with currency they were issued.


Inmates were allowed to write home. They could buy stamps.
They got money from outside sent into the camp.

Camp Cantina

Inmates could use money to buy things at the camp cantina.
Beer and cigarettes were available.
“When you went to the movies, did you have to pay?”

Camp Currency

Inmates were paid in “coupons”, a special camp currency.
They were redeemable in the cantina.
According to a survivor, everybody got this money.


British POW Soccer Team at Auschwitz


Genuine smiles and laughs from the British POW soccer team at Auschwitz. Did any of these dishonorable cowards “testify” to their kind treatment by the Germans?

A survivor tells about playing on a soccer team while an Auschwitz-Monowitz inmate.
Another survivor tells about playing soccer in Gross-Rosen concentration camp.
Footage of a soccer game in the Theresenstadt concentration camp is shown.

The Last Days of the Big Lie – (Part 9 of 9)

YouTube Video

It’s pointed out that the Auschwitz soccer field is right next to the alleged genocidal gas chambers.

Auschwitz Day Care

A woman tells about painting a mural on the children’s barracks in Auschwitz.
She was given the materials – tempera paints. “Anything you want.”
She painted sheep, cows, and the children requested she paint Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
Footage is shown of an almost identical scene at Theresienstadt Concentration camp, of a “day care” type building with a mural painted on the walls.
Holocaust promoters claim Theresienstadt was created to give a false front to the true horror of the “Death Camps.”
However, this testimony shows that Auschwitz and Theresienstadt were very similar.
The children then decided to hold a play, which was a satire of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
They created costumes, including a crown made out of paper and decorated.

The Selection Process

What was the process for casting?

The incredible amount of “survivors” of “death camps”

Spielberg the Mythmaker

Odd for a documentary, The Last Days was shot on 35 mm film rather than television equipment. – Imagine calling “action” on a documentary.



The Big Lie

The documentary ends with an explanation of Hitler’s Big Lie quote and how it applies to the Big Lie of the Holocaust.
Today, most people think that the Big Lie technique is a propaganda tool Hitler used to trick the masses of Germany.
In actuality, Hitler pointed out that the Jews were the creators and master of telling The Big Lie.
In Mein Kampf, Hitler wrote:
But it remained for the Jews, with their unqualified capacity for falsehood, and their fighting comrades, the Marxists…
All this was inspired by the principle — which is quite true in itself — that in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily, and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying. These people know only too well how to use falsehood for the basest purposes.
From time immemorial, however, the Jews have known better than any others how falsehood can be exploited. Is not their very existence founded on one great lie, namely, that they are a religious community, whereas in reality they are a race? And what a race! One of the greatest thinkers that mankind has produced has branded the Jews for all time with a statement which is profoundly and exactly true. He called the Jew “The Great Master of Lies.”
Those who do not realize the truth of that statement, or do not wish to believe it, will never be able to lend a hand in helping Truth to prevail.
Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Chapter X, Causes of the Collapse
What does “The Big Lie” mean in the context of Spielberg and his production, The Last Days?The best example is how the filmmakers use
Today, the Holocaust lie is used to justify every war in the Middle East on Israel’s behalf. After all, we’re told Muslims are all Islamo-Fascists hell-bent on unleashing a Nuclear Holocaust.

Holocaust promoters like to claim that Spielberg’s collection of 50,000 testimonies is somehow proof that six million Jews were gassed in the Holocaust. But when Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation videos are actually examined, they reveal vicious lies, and shocking truths.

I’ve focused on Spielberg’s film and his Shoah Foundation in this video as an example on how any aspect of the Holocaust narrative can be completely debunked. These facts can be understood by any intelligent person open to freeing their minds from Jewish holocaust dogma. There are dozens of informative videos, books, and websites which can teach you everything there is to know about the Holocaust lie.


The Holocaust lie IS The Big Lie we were warned about.

But their Big Lie is unraveling.

Their lies can be debunked.

Thanks to decades of sacrifice by Holocaust deniers, these are truly The Last Days of the Big Lie.


The entire film THE LAST DAYS OF THE BIG LIE is available on Youtube –

The Last Days of the Big Lie is a documentary which debunks the disgusting liars glorified as victims and heroes in the Steven Spielberg produced, Academy Award winning Holocaust “documentary” hoax The Last Days.

The Last Days of the Big Lie uses Spielberg’s hoax documentary as a jumping off point to expose his “USC Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation” and the greater Holocaust myth.

Part 1 –
Part 2 –
Part 3 –
Part 4 –
Part 5 –
Part 6 –
Part 7 –
Part 8 –
Part 9 –

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Jews Fake Holocaust Cremation Deaths Using 35 Year-Old Train Wreck Images

It is said by the Zionists that Jews were burned in large numbers in concentration camps, including Auschwitz, after they were gassed and/or killed. Sure they were, right. Moreover, there is plenty of evidence for it: sure. confirms it, rather, extols it, continuously. Yes, it is, sure, it all happened, with those horrible Germans roasting into oblivion poor, pitiful European Jews, in fact, say the HoloHoax Websites, “Thousands” of them, “Jewish men, women, and children,” all who had been previously “murdered…with poison gas, their bodies (then) burned.”


Hey, wait a minute. There isn’t any evidence at all, the “SS blew (it all) up,” that is that proof of a crematorium and also “pits of fire,” right at the war’s end, Jan. 1945.

So, it is that there is not only no evidence for it, but in fact, there is evidence fully against it, proving it to be a lie. Here is the proof of the fake, the star imagery of the dog and pony show, the supposed open-pit cremation of naked, dead Jews. There were no Jews there. This is a fake. The corpses were put in artificially. The image has nothing to do with the war or post-war period. It’s not even from Germany but rather from the United States:


The image if from 1912, and they are dressed as would be expected of RR workers from that era, one of which is apparently even holding what appears to be a RR lantern:


How did they do it? How did they find this image and then place all the fake corpses around the conductors’ feet?

It’s not as seen. These are, in fact, post-Victoria-era workers. It was all the result of a catastrophic train accident in Dresden, Ohio, that resulted in some 11 deaths, mostly as a result of being burnt alive by steam. The steam arose from a ruptured pipe:


It was obviously a horrific event, with real gross trauma, with people dying a kind of agonizing death that is unspeakable.

Yet, what do these Zionist agents do? On the basis of this tragedy the forge photographs. Perhaps the Zionists took original bodies from that imagery and duplicated them to make it look like a massacre of Jews by gas and then their being roasted in fiery pits. Even so, is it not incredible that the Zionists capitalized on this tragedy to create a fraud, a total fake, based on completely unrelated imagery?

Notice something important, the background of trees and the fence, which gives the impression of the modern Auschwitz environment.


Through photographic trickery the fence was put into the image, as were the trees. It’s astounding. It would take an expert eye to see the forgery elements (other than the fact that some of the ‘corpses’ appear headless).

Here is the original photo of the derailment. Notice the background. Notice the workers. They are the same workers, no doubt. Yet, the background is entirely different. There is no fence to be seen, no lush forest. Even so, the pole is still seen in the imagery.


NOTE: We could not find the original image that was used by the HoloHoaxers to forge the fake fire pit photo.

Through the steam arising from the busted pipe the pole can also be seen in the HoloHoax corruption image, here:


It is behind the conductor standing with the lantern. Regardless, it is an obvious hoax, demonstrated by the following image synthesis:


‘Boo, hoo,’ poor, pitiful European Zionist. In fact, could the Zionists prove the degree of their wretchedness any more greatly than this? They used the steam in the background from the locomotive derailment as the basis for a most extremist filthy lie, that of the Nazi-era roasting of Jewish bodies by fire or steam: totally fake.

Here is what really happened, how cruel are the great Zionist power-brokers and their collaborators:


In contrast, by no means were any European Jews or any others maliciously roasted alive with scalding steam or fire, just because of who they were.


Lying, thieving Zionists make it their mission to spread great acts of corruption, all for illicit gains. So it is that the perpetrated and spread the lie of the use of “steam” to roast Jews just because they were Jews:


Yet, while the world is consumed in a lie the real tragedy, the true agony and pain, is rarely if ever realized:


The horror of death by steam really happened to these individuals, yet the world knows it not and instead thinks that Jews suffered this fate. “Feel bad forever. See what happened to poor European Jewry? Feel sorry for them. Donate to their cause. Support the HoloHoax museum (ad nauseam).


It all indicates how crafty are the Zionist criminal minds. It also demonstrates the methodology used by these arch-perpetrators to develop and implement their terminally corrupt schemes.


According to the official story – 

‘In January 1942, the Wannsee conference took place in a mansion on the shore of the Wannsee, a lake on the outskirts of Berlin.

‘The 15 men who met at Wannsee – most of them were qualified lawyers, and eight of them held academic doctorates.

Reinhard Heydrich, ‘the mastermind of the Holocaust’, is believed to have been Jewish. Walter Schellenberg in his Memoirs (p. 207) writes: “Canaris told me after Heydrich’s death that he possessed proof of Heydrich’s Jewish ancestry.”

According to the official story – 

‘The 15 men met at the invitation of Reinhard Heydrich

‘They discussed the extermination of the Jews.

According to the official story – 
‘We only know about what was discussed at Wannsee because of one set of the minutes taken by Adolf Eichmann.

‘The minutes were found in March 1947 by a Jew called Robert Kempner.’After Nuremberg, Kempner split his time between the United States and Germany where he represented Jewish clients in restitution cases against Germany.

‘He also appeared as an expert witness at the trial of ‘Adolf Eichmann‘ in Jerusalem in 1961.[4]

On the left, we see Himmler, and on the right we see his body double. Reportedly, Himmler had Jewish roots. Himmler’s grandparents were Johan Himmler and Agathe Kien. Himmler’s SS cooperated with the Haganah, the Zionist underground military organization in British-run Palestine.Himmler neice, Catharine Himmler, married an Israeli

Site of the Nazis’ Wannsee Conference, 1942. 

The official story is most likely wrong.

‘The Wannsee Conference, in Berlin, in 1942, was a meeting of certain top Nazis.

The “Final Solution of the Jewish Question”

‘They discussed how to get certain Jews to emigrate.

The 15 participants included Dr. Alfred Meyer, Erich Neumann and a number of other Nazis who may have had Jewish heritage.

“Nowhere in the minutes of the Wannsee Conference is there any explicit reference to a policy to exterminate the Jews.”


“Russia, America and Britain, collaborated together at Nuremberg to fabricate the horror-illusion, which would enable the US/UK to gain the post-war moral high ground, even after incinerating the German cities with two million tons of bombs.

“People were loath to believe that such a thing could have happened – until maybe after Iraq, when we saw how British-American intelligence had fabricated the Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) lie without a tremor of conscience.

“Only then, I suggest, does it start to dawn upon the world that the notion of big human gas chambers was the original WMD hoax.”

– Dr. Nicholas Kollerstrom Breaking the Spell — The Holocaust, Myth & Reality

Eichman, who was apparently Jewish, was allowed to retire to Paraguay.

Brabantian 29 June 2019 at 15:14 writes:

7 Jewish Holocaust revisionists / doubters / denialists.

Some of them assaulted and threatened with murder by other Jews.

(1) Jewish Ron Unz (born 1961) with his popular California-based Unz Review, quite shocked people with his article saying:

“I think it far more likely than not that the standard Holocaust narrative is at least substantially false, and quite possibly, almost entirely so”.

Unz added more generally regarding wars, deaths under communism etc, that, in his view, “The inescapable conclusion is that in per capita terms Jews were the greatest mass-murderers of the twentieth century”

Holocaust Denial, by Ron Unz – The Unz Review

(2) Jewish Joseph Ginzburg (1908-90) aka Joseph G. Burg, entered Poland and Germany with the Russian army, interviewing Auschwitz and other camp surivors.

Ginzburg (aka Burg) said the Holocaust story, was a Zionist deception scheme.

West Germany conducted book-burnings of this Jew’s books

Testimony of Joseph G. Burg

Josef Burg – Jewish Holocaust Denier Visited Death Camps 

(3) Jewish Roger Guy Dommergue (1924-2013), full name Roger Guy Dommergue Polacco de Menasce, was a French holocaust sceptic.

Jewish Prof. Roger Dommergue Demolished the Holocaust and …

(4) Jewish Bobby Fischer (1943-2008), anti-Zionist chess master, said, “They made up the Holocaust. I exposed the Holocaust as never having happened. The Jews are liars.”

Vindication of Bobby Fischer

…(5) Jewish Jacob Cohen (born 1944), his earliest childhood in Morocco, denies the Holocaust and argues it only became a big affair some many years after WW2 was over

(6) Jewish Nathanael Kapner (born 1950), a convert to Orthodox Christianity making anti-Zionist ‘Real Jew News’ postings & videos, says, “The Holocaust tale is a huge HOAX”

Jewish Scholar Refutes The Holocaust | Real Jew News

(7) Jewish David Christopher Cole (born 1968), aka ‘David Stein’, made a 1992 video saying the Auschwitz story was significantly fake.

He was physically attacked, and money was offered for anyone who would kill him … leading him to live for a while under an alternate name until he was ‘doxxed’ for the holocaust revisionism.

Now, Cole seems to have shifted views, writing polemics against Ron Unz above … Here is the 1992 video:

Some of the Holocaust material is fake, as you see below.


The Nazis were bad. But they were put into power by the same cabal that did 9 11.

Nazi concentration camp

The International Red Cross reported in 1946 that of registered Jewish camp inmates no more than 300,000 could have died. 

Ernst Hanfstaengl (left)

“The man who discovered Hitler and advanced his career in Germany was Ernst Hanfstaengl.”

“For much of the 1920s, Hanfstaengl introduced Hitler to Munich high-society and helped polish his image.

“He also helped to finance the publication of Hitler’s Mein Kampf, and the NSDAP’s official newspaper.

“Hitler was the godfather of Hanfstaengl’s son Egon.

“Hanfstaengl composed both Brownshirt and Hitler Youth marches patterned after his Harvard football songs and, he later claimed, devised the chant “Sieg Heil”.”

Hanfstaengl fell out of Hitler’s favour after 1933, and he eventually moved to the USA.

Adolph Hitler: Agent of the Round Table – David Livingstone

Hanfstaengl (left)

Ernst Hanfstaengl’s mother was Katharine Wilhelmina Heine, who had American ‘Jewish’ ancestry.

Ernst Hanfstaengl “had key links to the Round Table conspirators … a front for the Zionist aims of the Rothschild banking family.”

Adolph Hitler: Agent of the Round Table – David Livingstone

“The Round Table were responsible for orchestrating World War I.”

Adolph Hitler: Agent of the Round Table – David Livingstone

“The Zionist Round Table conspirators … created the Nazis … in order to create the worldwide condemnation against anti-Semitism necessary to justify the creation and on-going support for the establishment of state of Israel after WWII.”

Adolph Hitler: Agent of the Round Table – David Livingstone

Ernst Hanfstaengl attended Harvard University.


Ernst Hanfstaengl  became acquainted with the Round Table and Franklin and Theodore Roosevelt.

The Round Table was created by Lord Nathaniel Rothschild.

Adolph Hitler: Agent of the Round Table – David Livingstone

(There is said to be a cousinhood which includes the Rothschild, Rockefeller, Oppenheimer, Goldsmid, Sassoon, Warburg, Samuel, Franklin, Stern, Cohen, Schiff, Morgan, Montefiore/Carvajal, and Lazard families. MONTEFIORE FAMILY)

The Bankers financed Hitler.According to British Prime Minister David Lloyd George, “The Treaty of Versailles was hijacked by Jewish international financiers to create the necessary economic, social, and political and conditions necessary for Hitler to exploit.”[10]

Allen Dulles was a key agent of the British and American plot to finance Hitler.

“After Hitler lost a popular election to von Hindenburg in 1932, thirty-nine business leaders sent a petition to von Hindenburg urging that Hitler be appointed chancellor of Germany.


Allen Dulles had long-standing business ties to German industrial giants such as I G Farben and Krupp steel. After World War II, Dulles worked hard to save and recruit many Nazi war criminals.

“This deal to bring Hitler into the government was formulated at the home of banker Baron Kurt von Schroeder on January 4, 1933, where Schacht and John Foster Dulles and his brother Allen agreed to coordinate all trade between Germany and America in a syndicate of 150 firms set up by the Harrimans.[12

“As partners in the firm of Sullivan and Cromwell, Allen and John Foster represented the giant German chemical firm IG Farben, led by Rockefeller partners the Warburgs, which was indispensable to the German war effort.

“Beginning in 1933, Max Warburg served directly under Hjalmar Schacht on the board of the Reichsbank during the Nazi regime, before emigrating to the US in 1938.”

Adolph Hitler: Agent of the Round Table – David Livingstone


Left – Hitler’s Jewish controller, Eric Hanussen, born Hermann Steinschneider

Erik Hanussen, born Hermann Steinschneider, was a Jewish occultist.

‘He instructed Adolf Hitler in performance and the achievement of dramatic effect.’

He enjoyed the company of Germany’s  elite, becoming close with members of Ernst Rohm’s Brownshirts (SA).

‘He was a supporter of the Nazis despite his Jewish ancestry, which was an open secret.’

Hanussen was close to certain important Nazi officials, to whom he had lent money.

According to Dr. Walter C. Langer, a psychoanalyst, who prepared a psychological profile of Hitler for the Office of Strategic Services in 1943:“During the early 1920s Hitler took regular lessons in mass psychology from Hanussen][5] who was  a practicing astrologer”

In 1931 Hanussen began publishing an occult journal, Hanussen Magazin. [6]

Hanussen owned a mansion which became known as “The Palace of the Occult”.

Hanussen predicted the Reichstag fire.

It is claimed that Hanussen hypnotized Marinus van der Lubbe, who was blamed for causing the fire.[12]

Hanussen disappeared in mysterious circumstances in 1933.


The controllers of Hitler are the same Robber Barons who control today’s top politicians.

Fred C. Koch built a large oil refinery in Hamburg for the Nazi regime. Hitler paid tribute to Henry Ford in his biography and kept a portrait of him in his office.

The Nazis loved the Zionists.

Himmler’s neice, Catharine Himmler, married an Israeli .

The boy-loving Hitler was easy to control.

Himmler founded the SS Witches Division.

Hitler’s obsession with the occult

“Central to the Nazis’ mystical beliefs was the idea that white ‘Aryan’ man was not descended from the apes, as were other inferior races…

“Jesus Christ was a White ‘Aryan’ … as were the Knights Templar and the Cathars, who held the mysteries of ancient Thule in the Holy Grail.

“The white Supermen were locked in a struggle for mastery with the ape-like ‘Tschandala’ or ‘monstrous humanoids’ — Jews, Slavs, blacks and ‘mongrel breeds’.

Hitler’s obsession with the occult

Hitler liked boys.

The Vril Society counted many of Hitler’s henchmen as members, including Himmler, Bormann, and Hess…

The Vril Society was noted for it’s use of orgies to summon up occult energies…


“The darkest side of the Vril was their propensity for sacrificing young children,” says Michael Fitzgerald, author of Stormtroopers of Satan. “They would stab them in the chest and cut their throats.”

“Bormann was an avowed Satanist, says Michael Fitzgerald. “Bormann, together with Rosenberg and Himmler, wanted to destroy Christianity and replace it with a truly occult religion of their own making. And along with the Thule Society, they created a political party that would try and do just that.”

Lynching of an innocent black kid in the USA.

Lawrence Birken, Assistant Professor of History at Ball State University (Indiana), has written about Hitler as an ‘Enlightenment Intellectual.’

The Journal of Historical Review: Volume 16 (1996-7) / Hitler as Philosophe: Remnants of the Enlightenment in National Socialism, by Lawrence Birken. Westport, Conn.: Praeger, 1995.

1. “It should be obvious,” writes Birken, “that Hitler possessed a ‘classical’ theory of race.”

Hitler liked the American idea of segregation.

Hitler admired the USA’s pro-White racial policies, its restrictions on non-White immigration, and its adoption of eugenics measures.

2. According to Birken, “Hitler’s economic ideas were… closer to Marx than to … Keynes.”

3. Hitler opposed birth control.

4. Hitler opposed Christianity.



Engineers of War (Knights of Malta)


The Sovereign Military Order of the Malta (SMOM) is the oldest knighthood in the world and its headquarters is located in Rome at the Palazzo Malta and Magistral Villa of Malta. The SMOM is considered a sovereign entity under International Law and under the United Nations. The SMOM also has extraterritoriality within Italy similar to an embassy. The Knights of Malta and Orders of Saint John are a mass murdering cult that engineer wars. Many members of the royalty and heads of constitutional monarchies are members of the SMOM. What makes the SMOM different from all the other knighthoods is that it is a sovereign entity. Members include Juan Carlos the former King of Spain, Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg, Karl von Habsburg of Austria, King Philippe of Belgium, Queen Paola of Belgium, Prince Laurent of Belgium, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Prince Vittorio Emanuele IV of Savoy, Duke Franz of Bavaria, Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia, Prince Nicholas of Montenegro, Prince Louis Alphonse of Bourbon, Prince Carlo of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Prince Carlos of Bourbon-Parma, Princess Elizabeth von Thurn and Taxis, Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna of Russia, Grand Duke George Mikhailovich of Russia, Prince Alois of Liechtenstein, Prince Mariano Hugo of Windisch-Graetz and Prince Jaime the Count of Bardi. Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Liechtenstein, and Luxembourg are monarchies. The President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker is a Knight of Malta. Queen Elizabeth II has been the Queen of the island of Malta and is the head of the related Protestant branch called the Order of Saint John. The Bailiwick of Brandenburg Order of Saint John is run by Prince Oscar of Hohenzollern-Prussia. The Hohenzollerns are heavily involved with military and war. Peter Freiherr of Furstenberg is the Vice President of the German Association of the Order of Malta. Another Order of Malta connected with Spain and Malta is headed up by Prince Thorbjorn Paterno-Castello-D’Aragona. Juan Jose Calvo and of Dios is President of the Cuban Knights of Malta. The Vatican and Knights of Malta established the Mount of Piety for profit loan-pawn company claiming to be a charity which has become an international institution that has created various banks with it’s headquarters in Valletta, Malta. Mount of Piety is owned by the Maltese government. The Pallavicinis are international bankers and their family has managed the SMOM. The Pallavicinis have banking operations in Malta. Banking in Malta is semi private and especially private for small domestic banks and Maltese citizens. Marchese Daniel de Petri Testaferrata is the head of the Maltese Association of the Knights of Malta and he works with the British Crown, Spanish Crown, and Black Nobility.

Prince Carlo Massimo has been the President of the Italian Association of the Order of Malta and is covertly overseeing the SMOM from Rome. Prince Carlo Massimo is extremely militant and murderous. The Massimo family are part owners of the Holy See and Order of Malta. The Massimo, Lucchesi-Palli, Ruspoli, Chigi-Albani della Rovere, and Pallavicini, families control the Order of Malta and grant a form of “sovereignty” in society to high level members like the monarchs. The most noticeable proof the Black Nobility run the Vatican and Knights of Malta is that they are never knighted by these organizations because they don’t serve them but instead run them. Austrian nobility are in league with the Italian Nobility and help to manage the Knights of Malta. The Sovereign Council of the Order of Malta is a top military council in the world which engineers wars. Prince Ludovico Chigi-Albani-della Rovere was the Grand Master of the SMOM during WWII and his mother in law was a Rochefoucauld. Current administrative members of the SMOM include the Grand Master Giacomo Dalla Torre del Tempio di Sanguinetto, Grand Chancellor Albrecht Freiherr von Boeselager, Grand Hospitaller Prince Dominique de La Rochefoucauld-Montbel, and the Receiver of Common Treasury Count Janos Esterhazy de Galantha. The Boeselager family were Nazis involved in the fake “failed plot to assassinate Hitler” known as Operation Valkyrie. They made a movie about it with the Knight of Malta Tom Cruise who was knighted when he got married at the Odescalchi Castle. The Rochefoucaulds are French nobles. The Esterhazys are a Roman Catholic Austrian nobility. Richard Fitzalan Howard is President of the British Association of the Order of Malta and Ian Scott is Grand Prior of the Grand Priory of England an ancient British branch of the Knights of Malta. Richard’s ancestor Richard FitzAlan the 10th Earl of Arundel from the 14th century was a military commander. Prince Erich von Lobkowicz is the President of the Association of German Knights and his relative Charles-Henri de Lobkowicz is also a Knight of Malta. The Austrian nobles have always been connected with the SMOM and most of them are Roman Catholic. The Austrian Prince Galeas von Thun und Hohenstein was a former Grandmaster of the Order of Malta.
William F. Buckley Jr. was a Knight of Malta and Conservative political commentator in the US. Pat Buchanan is another Conservative political commentator and Knight of Malta. J. Peter Grace was an American businessman, politician, member of the Council for National Policy and a Knight of Malta. The Nazi Vice Chancellor Franz von Papen was a Knight of Malta. The Nazi General Reinhard Gehlen was a Knight of Malta and he also ran German intelligence for the US after WWII. Eisenhower was the only officially known Knight of Malta that has been President of the US. The Knight of Malta Joseph Schmitz was Inspector General for the Department of Defense under Bush Jr. and also an executive for the private military company Blackwater which was bought up by Constellis along with Clayton Consultants which was headed up by Jesuit Georgetown educated Armand Gadoury who I believe is a Knight of Malta and adviser working for the DOD through the company Control Risks. Joseph Schmitz was a professor at Jesuit Georgetown and worked as a political adviser for Donald Trump during his election campaign. The founder of Blackwater Erik Prince is a covert Parmese Knight of the Order of Saint George. Blackwater mercenaries are Christian Crusaders. Erik Prince has advised Trump. The Jesuits were kicked out of Iraq in 1960’s. Other Knights of Malta include former CIA Directors John A. McCone, William J. Casey, and William Colby who was nicknamed the “warrior priest.” The SMOM has a hidden operation at Georgetown and its School of Foreign Service and work through the Jesuits in overseeing the US Pentagon. Joel Hellman is Dean of Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service. The US Marine General and recent White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly went to Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service and is a covert Knight of Malta. The President of Georgetown John DeGioia is a Knight of Malta. Joseph Kennedy was a Knight of Malta and married Vatican Countess Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald Kennedy of the Irish Fitzgerald nobility. Adrian FitzGerald is a Knight of Malta and ran the Irish Association of the Order of Malta. The Knights of Malta run Maritime Law. The Knight of Malta Arvid Pardo developed the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. The Greek royal House of Glucksburg are part owners of the SMOM’s naval division because they run the Greek Merchant Marine.
The Knight of Malta Alexander Haig was a US Army General, US Secretary of State under Ronald Regan, and White House Chief of Staff under Nixon and Gerald Ford. Haig was also Jesuit educated from Georgetown. He was the one covertly running the Pentagon and White House during the 70’s and 80’s and he was a relative of the British noble family of Haig. George Haig the 2nd Earl Haig who died in 2009 was a British Peer, Royal Scot Grey, and Knight of the Order of Saint John which is the Protestant Knights of Malta. His son is Alexander Haig the 3rd Earl Haig. The Vietnam War was nicknamed “Spelly’s War” for Cardinal Spellman because of his support for the war. The CIA was founded by William Donovan who was nicknamed the “father of central intelligence” and he was knighted by two Vatican orders. One of the first directors of the Central Intelligence was Allen Dulles and he worked with his friend Prince Carlo Caracciolo di Castagneto at the law firm Sullivan & Cromwell. Prince Carlo Caracciolo di Castagneto was the one covertly managing the head of the CIA Allen Dulles. Allen Dulles’ nephew was Avery Dulles a Jesuit priest. Jesuit educated CIA Directors include Robert Gates, George Tenet, Leon Panetta, Michael Morell, David Petraeus and John Brennan and they are overseen by the Order of Malta. Former CIA Director James Clapper was a professor at Georgetown. The Jesuit Order was established by the Farnese family under Pope Paul III or Alessandro Farnese through the papal bull called Regimini Militantis Ecclesiae (Military Regiment of the Church). The House of Farnese lived in a pentagonal fortress called the Farnese Caprarola just as the US Department of Defense is headquartered at the Pentagon. The Farnese bloodline evolved into the Bourbon-Two Sicilies and Bourbon-Parma families which have the Farnese’s former titles of Duke of Parma and Duke of Castro. The Vatican and Knights of Malta are deeply involved with the US military and intelligence. The Knights of Malta oversee the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St. George headed up by the Knights of Malta Prince Carlo of Bourbon-Two Sicilies and Prince Carlos of Bourbon-Parma and they oversee the Jesuits which operate as military intelligence. There is an American Association of the Order of Malta which is covertly run by the Eastern-Russian-Greek Order of Malta called the Order of Knights of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem Knights of Malta headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida with Lieutenant Grand Master Prince Anton Esterhazy, William G. Boykin the former Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence under Bush who is the Grand Chancellor and Grand Master Nicholas Papanicolaou.

Prince Carlo Massimo has been the President of the Italian Association of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. The Massimos are part owners of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and have been commanding it through the Italian Order of Malta. The SMOM has internationally infiltrated governments and militaries through Jesuit and Roman Catholic universities which have secret societies of Knights of Malta within them. Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service is the real headquarters for the Sovereign Military Order of Malta within the United States. Prince Carlo Massimo is a military general and tactician and he commands the SMOM through his agent Count Fernando Giulio Crociani-Baglioni.

Among the members of the delegation of the Order were the Grand Commander, Frey Ludwig Hoffmann von Rumerstein; the Ambassador of the Order to the Italian Republic, Giulio di Lorenzo Badia; and the President of the Association of Italian Knights, Prince Carlo Massimo.


Prince Carlo Massimo with the Knight of Malta Count Ferdinando Crociani-Baglioni.

Grand Master and Prince Giacomo Dalla Torre del Tempio di Sanguinetto of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta was the current official head of the SMOM until his death in April of 2020. This will be kept up as another reminder. If you have not noticed there have been dozens of deaths of these high level criminals in 2020.

The funeral of H.M.E.H. the Prince and Grand Master of the Sovereign Order of Malta Fra’ Giacomo Dalla Torre del Tempio di Sanguinetto, who died on April 29, will take place on Tuesday May 5 at 11.00 in the Church of Santa Maria in Aventino, in the Magistral Villa in Rome.

Count Ferdinando Crociani-Baglioni with SMOM Grand Master Giacomo Dalla Torre del Tempio di Sanguinetto.

Prince Dominique de la Rochefoucauld-Montbel is the Grand Hospitaller of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta in Rome. Prince Dominique is a French noble also with a Bavarian title of prince under the Roman Catholic Bavarian royal family the House of Wittelsbach. Prince Dominique works internationally with the other Orders of Malta and organizes their charity fronts and rackets which are used for money laundering and financing foreign military operations and private military companies like Constellis Holdings which purchased the former mercenary army Blackwater or Academi. Constellis Holdings is owned by Apollo Global Management which is partly owned by the Jesuit Georgetown educated Jewish billionaire Tony Ressler who also owns Ares Capital named after Ares the Greek deity of war.

Grand Hospitaller, H.E. Dominique Prince de La Rochefoucauld-Montbel, Bailiff Grand Cross of Honour and Devotion in Obedience

Born on 6 July 1950 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, he is married with three children. He was educated at Worth School (Crawley, Great Britain) and later at College Champittet in Lausanne and Lycee Florimont in Geneva (Switzerland). He finished his studies at the Institut Superieur du Commerce of Paris.


Count Janos Esterhazy de Galantha is the Receiver of the Common Treasure for the Sovereign Military Order of Malta which is the same as the Minister of Finance. The Esterhazy family are an Austrian-Hungarian Roman Catholic imperial nobility established under the House of Habsburg which are often knights of the SMOM. The Habsburgs have been the most dominant royal family through the centuries because they have large amounts of gold in their castle vaults and they finance banking families to function as their proxies.

Receiver of the Common Treasure, H.E. Janos Count Esterhazy de Galantha, Bailiff Grand Cross of Honour and Devotion in Obedience

Born on May 21st 1951 in Ering am Inn, Germany, Janos Esterhazy de Galantha is married and has two children. He is a graduate of the Golden Gate University School of International Management, San Francisco, (M.BA), the University of Virginia, School of Law, (LLM.) and the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich, Faculty of Law, where he was admitted to the German Bar. He was educated at the Jesuit College St. Blasien.


Baron Albrecht Freiherr von Boeselager is a German noble and the Grand Chancellor of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. The Boeselager family were members of the Nazi military.

Grand Chancellor, H.E. Albrecht Freiherr von Boeselager, Bailiff Grand Cross of Honour and Devotion in Obedience

He was educated in Bonn at the Jesuit college Aloisiuskolleg and graduated in Law in 1974 after studies in Bonn, Geneva and Freiburg. From 1968 to 1970 he served in the military force as reserve lieutenant. From 1976 to 1990 he worked as a professional lawyer.


Prince Thorbjorn Paterno-Castello-D’Aragona is the Grand Master of a faction of the Order of Malta OSJ based in Sicily and Spain and headed up by the Paterno family through it ancestry with the House of Aragon. This Order of Malta like the official order has a constitution and claims to be a sovereign entity not subject to any nations or monarchs. This Spanish-Sicilian Order of Malta is a back up and defense for the official Sovereign Military Order of Malta based in Rome. The Paternos are a Sicilian nobility and the Aragons were a Spanish royalty that merged with Sicilian and Roman nobles like the Paternos and Gaetanis. The Paternos are also married with the Roman House of Borghese which are their superior. Prince Thorbjorn was born in Sweden. Prince Carl Philip of Sweden is related to the Spanish House of Toledo through his mother.

The Grand Master of the Sovereign Order OSJ is the Chief of the Name and Arms of the Royal House of Paternò Castello of Valencia and Sardegna, he being H.R.H. the Prince Don Thorbjorn Paternò Castello Guttadauro of Valencia, Ayerbe, Aragon, Carcaci and of Emmanuel. Born in 1976 in Monldal, Sweden, at the age of 31 he became the Grand Master of the Sovereign Order OSJ


Prince Betrand of Orleans-Braganza is a Knight of Malta and member of the Brazilian royal family.éans-Braganza

Prince Bertrand of Orléans-Braganza (born 2 February 1941, Mandelieu-la-Napoule, Vichy France) is a member of the Imperial House of Brazil. According to the disputed claims of the Vassouras branch of the family, he is first in the line of succession to the defunct Brazilian throne, and as such is the current claimant of the title of Prince Imperial of Brazil.

Castroan Royal Family of Two Sicilies: Bailiff Grand Cross of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George[19]

Sovereign Military Order of Malta: Bailiff Grand Cross of Honour and Devotion of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta[19]

Vatican: Knight of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre[21]


Prince Luiz of Orleans-Braganza is a Knight of Malta and member of the Brazilian royal family which originated in Portugal. The Brazilian royals are married with the Ligne family of Belgium.éans-Braganza

Prince Luiz of Orleans-Braganza (born 6 June 1938) is the head of the Vassouras branch of the House of Orléans-Braganza and a claimant to the defunct Brazilian throne.

Bailiff Grand Cross of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George

Grand Cross of the Order of the Immaculate Conception of Vila Viçosa
Bailiff Grand Cross of Honour and Devotion of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta

Knight of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre[11]



Prince Oscar of Hohenzollern-Prussia on the left is the Grand Master of the Protestant Bailiwick of Brandenburg Order of Saint John and he is with Prince Erich von Lobkowicz on the far right and he is the President of the German Association of the Order of Malta and behind him is the German noble Baron Albrecht Freiherr von Boeselager the Grand Chancellor of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta based in Rome. The Protestant Knights of Malta or Order of Saint John and Catholic Knights of Malta work together.

Georg von Boeselager (25 August 1915 – 27 August 1944) was a German nobleman and an officer in the Wehrmacht of Nazi Germany, who led rear security operations in the Army Group Centre Rear Area on the Eastern Front, calling for harsh measures, including shooting of all males in “gang-infested areas”.
Along with his younger brother Philipp von Boeselager, he participated in the 1944 20 July Plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler.
he won the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross. By July, he had been promoted to Captain.[1]


King Juan Carlos of Spain with Andrew Bertie the former Grand Master of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. Andrew Bertie was from the House of Stuart.

Prince Sigieri Diaz della Vittoria-Pallavicini and his brother Prince Moroello Diaz della Vittoria-Pallavicini. Prince Sigieri is Chairman of SDP Capital in Malta. The Pallavicinis founded GWM a global wealth management company with operations in Malta. Their relative Prince Giancarlo Pallavicini was Lieutenant of the SMOM. The Pallavicinis finance military operations for the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and co-manage the House of Habsburg for Rome.
Mr. Moroello Diaz Della Vittoria Pallavicini serves as a Director at Sodali Ltd., and Immobiliare Toscana Agricola. Mr. Pallavicini serves as a Board Member of GWM and GWM Renewable with interests in the asset management and renewable energy field. He served as a Director of Prelios S.p.A. since October 16, 2015. He is also Chairman of the Italian Historic Property Association (ADSI), institution that preserve private historic properties in Italy.
GWM Group is an independent financial asset management group.

The Group was founded in 2000 as a wealth manager / multi-family office. Currently focused only on institutional alternative investments, fund and asset management and distressed loan servicing. Operates through its main offices in Luxembourg, London, Malta, Milan and Rome with a team of 50+ highly experienced professionals advising and/or managing clients investments.

DEPUTY CHAIRMAN Sigieri Diaz della Vittoria Pallavicini

Member and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors since April 2018Other executive functions/directorships:
Armonia SGR S.p.A (Chairman)
Armonia Holding S.r.l (Chairman)
Atlantica Real Estate S.r.l (Vice chairman)
SDP Holding di Partecipazioni S.r.l (Director)
SDP Fiduciaria S.r.l (Chairman and CEO)
SDP Advisory S.A (Chairman)
Terre dei Pallavicini S.r.l (Chairman and CEO)
Holding Pallavicini S.p.A (Director)
Fidim S.r.l (Director)
SDP Capital Management (Malta) Ltd (Chairman)
With 18 years experience in the financial markets with Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan, Prudential Financial and Lehman Brothers. Mr. Diaz della Vittoria Pallavicini has worked in a variety of investment fields, including wealth management, brokerage, venture capital and investment management.
Sigieri Diaz della Vittoria Pallavicini is considered as a non-independent board member as he represents the major shareholders of Athena Investments A/S.

Jean Charles or Giancarlo Pallavicini (Desio, 14 April 1911 – Desio, 22 September 1999) was a member of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, serving as its Lieutenant during 1988 in the interim between the Grand Masterships of Angelo de Mojana di Cologna and Andrew Bertie. 

Archduke George von Habsburg and his brother Archduke Karl von Habsburg are both Knights of Malta and they manage Austrian and Eastern European military agents as well as some Zionist military agents which operate in Israel. Many Zionists are from Eastern Europe and from the former Austrian Empire and the House of Habsburg employed many Jewish bankers.

Prince Peter Freiherr of Furstenberg is the Vice President of the German Association of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. The Furstenbergs are a Roman Catholic imperial nobility that have had titles all over the former Holy Roman Empire and served imperial royal bloodlines like the Hohenzollerns, Wittelsbachs, and Hesses.


Prince Flavio Chigi-Albani della Rovere is a covert commander of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta through his ancestor Prince Ludovico Chigi-Albani della Rovere who was the Grand Master of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta during WWII. The Chigis are the Princes of Farnese and they have authority over the modern Farneses which are the Bourbon-Two Sicilies and Bourbon-Parma families. The Chigis specifically manage the House of Bourbon-Two Sicilies and Bourbon-Parma with their heads being Knights of Malta.

Fra’ Ludovico Chigi della Rovere-Albani (10 July 1866 – 14 November 1951) was the 76th Prince and Grand Master of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta from 1931 to 1951.
Chigi was born in Ariccia, the son of Imperial Prince Mario Chigi Della Rovere Albani (1832-1914) and his wife, Princess Antoinette zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn (1839-1918).[1]
On 5 June 1893, in Rome, Chigi married Donna Anna Aldobrandini, daughter of Pietro, Prince Aldobrandini, Prince di Sarsina, and of his wife, Françoise de La Rochefoucauld.[1]
Under his leadership, the order engaged in large-scale hospitaller and charitable activities during World War II.


Prince Carlo of Bourbon-Two Sicilies is a Knight of Malta and the Sovereign of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George which is the second highest level military order which operates under the authority of the Order of Malta. The House of Bourbon-Two Sicilies were established through the marriage between the Spanish House of Bourbon and the Roman House of Farnese and the Farneses officially established the Jesuits as a military order and they lived in a pentagon.

Prince Pedro of Bourbon-Two Sicilies is a Knight of Malta and the Spanish Sovereign of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George. Prince Pedro is also the President of the Council of the 5 Spanish military orders and has been a member of the Spanish royal guard. The House of Bourbon-Two Sicilies and the House of Bourbon-Parma serve the Order of Malta and manage the SMCOSG which then manages the Jesuits which are basically Roman military intelligence agents.

Prince Mariano Hugo of Windisch-Graetz is a Knight of Malta and former Ambassador for the SMOM.

Prince Anton Esterhazy de Galantha is an Austrian imperial noble and the Lieutenant Grand Master of the Knights Hospitallers of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem Knights of Malta a branch of the official Sovereign Military Order of Malta. This Order of Saint John is based in Florida and he oversees its Hungarian faction.

Among those present were Prince Chev. Anton Esterhazy de Galantha, the Grand Prior of the Order in Hungary and Chev. Wil Goodheer, the Prior of the Order in Austria.


Nicholas Papanicolaou is Prince and Grand Master of the Florida based Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem Knights of Malta. Papanicolaou was nominated by Rex Tillerson in 2017 to be the Ambassador at large for the International Freedom of Religion. Papanicolaou was originally from Athens, Greece. The Greek royal family the House of Glucksburg oversee factions of the SMOM’s Maritime division and they work with various Merchant-Marine families which work with the Greek Mafia and they are involved with human trafficking and human sacrifice.

Nicholas Papanicolaou was born in 1949 in Athens, Greece. He was vice president of the Onassis Organization in New York in 1973-1975, and then joined his family business interests in shipping and other investments. In 1983 he became controlling shareholder and co-Chairman of Aston Martin Lagonda and is president of Lion Finance SA, a family investment vehicle. Nicholas is also a co-Founder and Co-Chairman of the World Public Forum; and is heavily involved in other institutions such as the Knights of Malta and The Oak Initiative.

William Boykin is a retired US general and current Grand Chancellor of the Florida based Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem Knights of Malta. William Boykin was Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence under George Walker Bush. The Bush-Walker family are the most powerful political dynasty in the United States and are basically equal to European royalty. The Bush-Walkers are the primary managers and owners of the Military Industrial Complex with Vannevar Bush as the founder of Raytheon, Wes Bush as the current Chairman for Northrup Grumman, Steven Walker as the director of DARPA, and Gina Haspel (Walker) as the director of the CIA which is headquartered at the George Bush Center for Intelligence. Many Bush-Walkers are members of the Skull and Bones which is a covert military council and that is why they made war on Iraq and Afghanistan. They are working closely with the Roman Sovereign Military Order of Malta and the British Order of Saint John.


Armand Gadoury was Jesuit educated from Georgetown and he is a covert Knight of Malta and adviser working for the DOD through the company Control Risks. Armand Gadoury is involved in staging false flags and he is a ruthless murderer.

Based in Washington, DC, Armand Gadoury leads Control Risks’ Security Incident Response (SIR) program in the Americas region. In this capacity, Armand is responsible for program growth as well as overseeing Control Risks’ insured response to a wide range of security and integrity risks, requiring the short-notice, global deployment of multi-disciplinary solution teams comprised of Control Risks. Armand also supports Control Risks’ confidential Response division as a referent, providing expertise and guidance to help clients manage incidents of kidnap-for-ransom (KFR) and extortion.

Armand has over 11 years of experience with the US military and during that time commanded Special Forces teams and a special mission unit within the Joint Special Operations Command. He holds a Bachelor of Science from the United States Military Academy and an MBA from Georgetown University. Armand earned a Governance and Risk Compliance Professional (GRCP) certification in 2015, a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification in 2006, and a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) designation from ASIS in 2007.


Prince Sforza Ruspoli was the High Commissioner of the Italian Association of the Knights of Malta and is a on the delegation for the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George. Prince Sforza was also the SMOM’s Ambassador to the nation of Malta. The Ruspolis are a high level Roman nobility heavily involved in military, banking, and mafia and are connected with numerous billionaires.

Sforza Ruspoli
Son of Francesco Ruspoli and Claudia Matarazzo, he is one of the reference names of the Italian tradition. Farmer, Ambassador, Banker.
He is currently delegate of the Constantinian Order for Rome and Lazio, whose Grand Master is Prince Charles of Bourbon.
From childhood onwards his life has always been very lively. Orphaned by his mother at the age of eight, Sforza returned to Brazil where he remained for a few years alongside his maternal grandfather Francesco Matarazzo, symbol of Italian emigration to South America.
In 1989 Sforza Ruspoli presented himself as an independent leader of the MSI-DN and was elected to the Municipal Council of Rome with 37,240 preference votes. His political action is mainly devoted to protecting the dignity of the most humble citizens.
Prince Alessandro Ruspoli was Grand Master at the Sacred Palaces, the highest hereditary position of the Papal Court, until the abolition of the Papal Court commissioned by Paul VI in 1968.
After leading the Italian Knights of Malta as High Commissioner of ACISMOM, Sforza was ambassador of the SMOM in Malta until October 2001.
The Ruspoli family, a banker family in Siena since the 1300s
Sforza Ruspoli was proposed by Minister Tremonti as Vice President of the Banca del Sud.


Marchese Daniel de Petri Testaferrata is the head of the Maltese Association of the Order of Malta.

Tony Ressler is a Jewish billionaire that was educated from the Jesuit Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service which is the real United States headquarters for the Order of Malta. Ressler is also a board director for Georgetown and the co-founder of Apollo Global Management which owns Constellis Holdings which purchased the criminal mercenary group Blackwater.

Prince Carl Philip of Sweden is a Swedish Knight of the Order of the Polar Cross which uses the Maltese cross because it is a branch of the SMOM. The Maltese cross on his jacket appears to the from the Royal Order of the Seraphim another Swedish knighthood which uses the Jesuit motto of IHS. All knighthoods that use the Maltese cross are subordinate to the SMOM or the British or Prussian Orders of Saint John which are still partly managed by the SMOM. Prince Carl Philip has the rank of Major in the Swedish Navy and he oversees Marine agents in various militaries around the world. Prince Carl Philip is a violent psychopath.
Prince Harry wearing the Maltese cross of the Victorian Order and he is Captain of the Royal Marines and a high level military commander with authority within the United States Pentagon.
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24 Responses to “The NAZIS”

  1. GodKnowsGodProtects says:

    The founding of the State of Israel is a good thing! Now send all the money changers to Israel and lock them inside, and boycott the hell out of them. Send every last money changer worldwide to their homeland, then change-out the international system of money, leaving them BROKE, like they do to everyone they deal with.

    • zebee says:

      im with you here on this pagan power trip screw the judeo christian world bring on the astre theological chaos! no but really i do prefer that type of fantasy rather than the other…its a shame there is sides inevitably you must choose or find yourself having done so by merely just being involved im very impressed with the world wide boycott of israel and their products though it seems a little too convenient ? maybe just because i oppose the main road…but then again theyve just recently stopped fluoridating their water supply and produce most of the new scientific papers etc butttttt like colorado legalise something good and next week force vaccination programs onto people with tax and education penalties maybe its all a MIND you MIND i MIND we change our MINDS….MIND your step…psychological warfare? business is…business….everybody stays busi and never gets the opportunity to take TIME to MIND whats here whens here whos here hows here wheres here?! drugs alcohol money sex and material rule this plain!(cos fuck a 2d mario land) not enough respect for the cosmic punani

    • Awake Goy Wake Up Fools says:

      They can print their own money, but they cannot make their own Gold Silver etc.

      This is why the Jews keep stealing every ones gold for centuries and lock it up in fortes… since the crusades.

      Why do you think the ashkeNAZI army in ww2 stole all that gold and valuable paintings across europe after the war… for the jews.

      GENERAL GEORGE VAN HORN MOSELY, in the New York Tribune, March 29, 1939 “The war now proposed is for the purpose of establishing Jewish influence throughout the world.”

    • trouduku says:

      Not nice to the real owners of Palestine to send all the cockroaches there.
      Send them instead to Afghanistan where they will be dealt with accordingly.

  2. Kasper says:

    The national socialist did never call themselves nazi as it written on these coins

  3. John says:

    By equating Hitler as having jewish blood and being given loans by jewish bankers to obtain his power is the height of absurdity! To disseminate such erroneous information makes me suspect that there are other perfidious elements in your articles. You have crossed the line of truth and you are no longer believable.

    • Awake Goy Humanity says:

      Thank you John for your bias kosher opinion. But Hitlers jewish actions speak louder than his bullshit speeches to the german goyim… luring them to kill each other in war, while the world jews laugh their asses off.

  4. Jeff says:

    Hitler being a Jew, a Rothschild, a British agent is just more Jewish propganda.
    Anyone that spends the time researching Adolf Hitler will find out that he was a patriot. a war hero, a true son of Germany. He loved his people and Germany. He fought the Jewish bankers and the communism they financed.
    He lost, they won. That’s why we read their Jewish lies 24/7 in the media.
    Don’t be a sucker and fall for the Jew-bullshit. Do the research and find the truth.
    2 good places to start are a website called, another is a documentary called Adolf Hitler the Greatest Story Every Told. Also William Finck’s website Mein Kampf Project.

  5. Helene says:

    From a German point of view Nazi consists of “National” and “Sozialist”. The common, then and now, abbreviation for “Sozialist” ist “Sozi”, thus National-Sozialist makes National-Sozi, which in turn makes Nazi.

    • Stevie luciano says:

      Nope. The evil khazarians (the fake jews) became the ashkenazis and then became the zionists. Nazi came from ashkeNAZI. Don’t believe everything they tell you. Do your own research. And don’t use google because they are part of the agenda. Use duckduckgo.

  6. Adolf says:

    I want my money!!

    If the zionist-jews paid me – they owe me big time!!

    A. Hitler

    In fact I am an alien and live next door to you..

  7. Max says:

    Adolf Hitler fought Jews and banksters, he was truly German and knew about the roots of Germany, he arrested a Rothschild and it was in the newspaper of the epoch. The propaganda against Jews with Hitler was tremendously, in a way that they showed Zionists and Jews in diabolical draws/sketch. Hitler a Rothschild? I did a deep research about this and there’s no real proof, just “words”, just go watch what Adolf Hitler did, who he have fight, how he hate the Bolcheviques (the movement that have been controlled 90% by jews, that killed 122 millions).

    I have many things to say.. I just wanted to mark that this is pure jewish propaganda, you CANNOT use a swastika today (the human’s origen symbol), if he attacked Poland (the cave of Jews) it WASN’T to kill Jews just because they’re parasite, it was just to DEFEND the Germans being attacked in Poland, because they were being murdered by Jews.

    Hitler DIDN’T start the WWII, it was started by the Jews, Churchill was a Jew, aswell Roosevelt.

    The next movement by the jews will be unify the world with an unique money, half of the population in the world already believe there’s no frontiers in the world, 50 years more and everything will be mixed and no white country will be left, and they’re going to be officially the rulers of the world, by officially I mean all the people left will know about it but they will not be able to do anything.

    TLDR, Hitler/Germany was the savior of the Humanity

  8. Awake Goy Awake Goyim says:

    Not everyone has a high IQ to comprehend the deep PsyOps known as NAZISM created by Rothschild Jews.

    Rothschild owned Germany was before ww1 and ww2.
    Germany is Rothschild’s domain. Where do you think the British Royal Jews came from.

    Rothschild owns the german media the press and Hitler.

    German goyim are too proud to admit that they were fooled and used.

  9. tumadre says:

    Pray tell how do you choose which lies to believe from the CIA and the “ZOG”s of the world?

  10. skizod says:

    Question, why do you use sources from FBI, CIA, and the people you claim are zionists?

    In other documents you say you cannot trust the CIA, but here you get most of your evidence from them.

    If Hitler was truly a Jewish puppet then why did he openly name the jew? How would that benefit jews in the first place?

  11. Ken says:

    Is this the beliefs of this website?

  12. TROUDUKU says:

    It makes sense with what is happening now in Ukraine where nazis allied with the mock puppet president ( yet another jew) to destroy the country, plunder it, exterminate the Ukrainians and Russians and give away the land to the globalists behind this phony war.

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