The Genocide of 15+ Million Germans by the Jews


German children deported from the eastern areas of Germany taken over by Poland arrive in West Germany – August 1948 [1]

German refugees from the “death march” from Lodz, a Polish city which evicted ethnic German residents [2]

Germans Expelled From Poland

German women and children flee west, 1945

The greatest ethnic cleansing in European history, and almost no one talks or knows about it?  How can that be?
As a result of the Second World War, an estimated 15 million ethnic Germans were stripped of their citizenship and land and property, and expelled from their ancestral lands in Eastern Europe, mostly lands formerly part of Germany which were stolen from Germany at the Versailles treaty following World War One.  Seven to eight million Germans were expelled from parts of Poland that were actually German land ceded to Poland following WW1.  Three million were expelled from portions of Czechoslovakia, primarily the Sudetenland.  Some two million ethnic Germans living inside the Soviet Union were expelled, many to Siberian gulags.  Around half a million from Hungary, 300,000 from Romania, and smaller numbers from Yugoslavia and other areas are also expelled.  It is estimated that at least 2 million of those Germans were murdered or otherwise died as a result of these expulsions, with some estimates running as high as 6 million killed.
Real Holocaust Cattle Car Trains: German civilians ordered onto trains for expulsion
Many photographs such as these are co-opted by the Holocaust propagandists and used as “proof” of actions against jews, when in reality it was Germans who were the victims.

A Real Holocaust Deportation Train

In many cases Ethnic Germans being forcibly expelled were ordered on to trains, some packed with 80 people crammed into each cattle car without adequate (or, occasionally, any) food, water or heating, to be shipped to occupied Germany.  This photograph is of Germans being expelled from the Sudetenland region of Czechoslovakia.
Sudeten Germans boarding trains to be expelled from Czechoslovakia
German Refugees from East Prussia, 1945 [3]
Sudeten Germans make their way to the railway station in Liberec, in former Czechoslovakia, to be transferred to Germany – July, 1946 [4]
11-12 million “Volksdeutsche” expellees who make it back to Germany initially live in refugee camps, and make up around 20% of the post-war German population
German children at a refugee camp in western Germany, December 1944 [5]
German expellees in Northwestern Germany, 1948 [6]
A Real “Holocaust”, Genocide, and Ethnic Cleansing: 3 Million Ethnic Germans Brutally Expelled From Czechoslovakia
Ethnic German civilians brutally massacred in Czechoslovakia
After the Soviet Army moves out of Czechoslovakia, the Czech Army and civilians begin the mass murder and expulsion of the 3 million ethnic Germans living mostly in northern and western Czechoslovakia.  This was sanctioned by the Czech President and government, who openly called for the “liquidation” of the German population from Czechoslovakia.   Thousands of Germans attempting to flee to the German border were dragged from trains and convoys and shot by the side of the road, and buried in mass graves.

Germans can be seen in the video being forced to dig graves (either for themselves or their own people), lined up along the side of the road and shot, and even corpses ran over by a truck.

The Allies Endorse This Mass Ethnic Cleansing

At the Potsdam Conference, the Allies “dispense justice” to the defeated Germans and endorse a so-called “orderly and humane” expulsion of millions of ethnic Germans from Poland, Czechoslovakia, and other Eastern European nations.  This is an official endorsement of ethnic cleansing and genocide by governments of nations unprecedented in world history.

Further Reading:

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External Websites:

1. Expelled Germans


1. A Terrible Revenge: The Ethnic Cleansing of the East European Germans, 1944-1950 by Alfred-Maurice de Zayas [6]
2. Orderly and Humane: The Expulsion of the Germans after the Second World War by R. M. Douglas [7]

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42 Responses to “The Genocide of 15+ Million Germans by the Jews”

  1. Walter Cairns says:

    I weep in anger, shame and sadness at what my country and its associates have done to Germany over the past century – this beautiful country of hard-working, astute, humane citizens. When I contemplate how different our lot would have been if we had treated them with the respect and admiration they fully deserve, I weep a little more…

    • Molly says:

      I am so angry by being lied to, through the media and all so called history of the world in education were and still mostly one sided that never for once in say secondary schools this side of the immoral and catastrophic atrocities committed against the Germans were ever discussed and known.

      Now people are waking up to these lies and downright dishonesty in historical presentations.

      • Spectator says:

        History is told by the victor .

        • Aj says:

          Amen Spectator. Wish I could find which of my little books it is in, I think the quote is from Lenin, that they (World Communist Revolution) would destroy Germany because the poor uneducated Jews of Russia would never be able to compete with them

  2. Tom Rosland says:

    Found your website saw that so many
    The Genocide of 15+ Million Germans by the Jews.Have you better proof of this is just an article .We have just heard about the Holocaust and 6 mil Jews Have you seen the movie Hell Storm, The Holocaust – The Greatest Lie Ever Told

    Regards Tom Rosland

  3. TimboT says:

    The Ignorance of the human race has been and always will be astonishing., so what else is new? Dumb asses leading other dumb asses will continue until the end., now what can you say to that?

  4. Adam says:

    most things occured on Slavs land, many of Germans, Russians, Czech, Ukrainians, Croatians, Bosnian, are victims for so many years, because of Zionist and satanist plot, which is american Jew, and KKK

  5. John Clark says:

    All the war movies made about the Jews and their so called plight in the concentration camps were made by Jews.

  6. Martin Bott says:

    Its Germany rewriting history, now most of the people who had lived back then are dead.

  7. tom56071 says:

    my grandmother was tossed in the camp and she was not a jew she fed the jews who were marching past her apartment the ss tossed her in the camp my uncle got her and grandpa out he came home from the navy lucky he did lots of germans were killed in those camps .you people need to bitch about all the north koreans in those prison camps who are being abused and murdered and the un turns the other cheek

  8. Diana says:

    I am astonished to see, that you do so much for the clarification of our history. Thank you for that 🙂

    What is really sad, is that a lot of Germans are totally unwilling to see the german victems. In their eyes we are NAZIS, when we try to tell them, what happend to our ancestors.

    I came across it when I started to do geneology for my family.

    There are still some people alive and trying to explain what happend, but the masochistic ones become more and more.

    I am way too young to know what really happend or why the wars began, but I know that war is alway hurting and we (the people) have to stay together.
    So the Zionists cannot make us kill one another.

    I hope you got, what I wanted to say 🙂

    I send all of you my best wishes for peace, fulfillment and happines.

    With kind regards,


    • Lefflan says:

      Diana look up documentary Adolf Hitler – The Greatest Story Never Told.

      It’s 6 hours long, it explains exactly why ww1 happened and why ww2 happened.
      It’s Hitlers story from aspiring to be a painter into becoming the greatest leader of modern times if not the greatest that has ever lived.

      Seriously do not be discouraged by it being 6 hours long. You will not regret watching it, it’s the best 6 hours spent of your life – everybody needs to see it!

      • Awake Goy Humanity says:

        Lefflan, that is pure disinfo by neo nazi sheep that believed all of Hitlers dishonest political speeches, to lure the non jew native germans into war.

        Many Neo-Nazis cannot accept that Hitler was false opposition, set up by the Jewish bankers.

        If you want to know the real truth about Hitler, click this:

        The NAZIS

        • Lasse Anckarman says:

          No sir. You have fallen for conspiracy theories. The Rótschild bankster gangsters got angry because Hitler throwned them out and confiscated their business, thus starting a war against him.

          There is no evidence whatsoever to support the claim that Hitler was a Jewish puppet. First let’s debunk the claim of Hitler’s Jewish ancestry:


          Here’s MCP on the false claim that Hitler was contorlled opposition. Read it and comment and I’ll come back with more:

          • Awake Goy Humanity says:

            Thats what MI5 MI6 and CIA are good at… NO EVIDENCE.
            Wake up Sheep.



            • alfonso says:

              I met Adolf 33 years ago, when I was 26. I was a keen traveler and was teaching violin to finance my plans. He was a very nice guy, not a good player though. Teaching requires patience and dedication, but with Adolf it was just not happening… He was a failure and I told him so leaving on my next adventure. A year late Chernobyl happened… Just saying…

      • Goldscarab says:

        Germans were being expelled from Poland atleast ten years before WWII.

    • alfonso says:

      Diana, admirable concern from a young person. our next generation, which makes me so proud of:) btw, can you share with us some of those magic mushrooms? good day!

  9. Awake Goy Humanity says:

    FBI: Hitler Didn’t Die, World Jews saved him.. Fled To Argentina – Stunning Admission..

  10. Awake Goy Humanity says:

    Enjoy the FACTS!



  11. Awake Goy Humanity says:

    FBI files of Hitler’s escape to Argentina by the Jews

  12. Fred says:

    It was not the jews who did this, but the zionists. Zionists are fake jews. Their ancestors werd not from Israel but from Khazaria. First they created the situation that made the holocaust inevitable, which meant: Hitler did it, but he hadn’t done it someone else would. And then when Hitler lost the war, the zionists continued their work: first the Germans, then the Palestinians, then the muslims worldwide, the next victims will be christians and atheists… and finally the real jews will be wiped out.

    • Fred says:

      Werd = were
      “But Hitler hadn’t done it…” = “but if Hitler hadn’t done it”

      • PatrickSpeer says:

        The Khazarian Jews are not even naturally human. They are supermen that have been GENETICALLY ENGINEERED by advance gene editing techniques to splice in sequences from what has been hypothesized as the extraterrestrial know as the Grays.

        This is exactly why they have been so successful in enslaving the worlds population. With their superhuman intelligence, strength, agility and immortal lifespan they view us (especially palestinian and muslims) as being the equivalent of clever dogs or chimpanzees.

        We cant fight them, they are too superior.


          So true. The Jews have had way too much of an advantage over the entire world for far too long. They set planet “Earth” up for slavery. Earth was and still is just one big slave colony. The Jews created an artificial environment to sustain life in order to mine Earth’s mineral resources (among other things) and now the GOYIM of all colors (Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and White Europeans) are being phased out with Covid injections that will sterilize a certain percentage of the world’s population. Covid injections are perfect, because the land and water will not be affected. They want AI to replace us, so that the AshkeNAZI and Sephardi can have their Heaven on Earth.

          • Flor says:

            This expose is amazing. I also have documented proof that Jews are a result of radical genetic engineering by the genius Jew himself Dr. Mengele. His techniques we probably 1 hundred years ahead of his time. As the original discoverer of DNA he was able to manipulate the genes of a seed population of Jews and now there is an elite cabal of immortal Jewish supermen who own 100 percent of the worlds wealth, have average IQs of 200 and are capable of feats of superhuman strength and agility. We are being bred as a slave race to service these diabolical gods. The game is over and we don’t know it yet.


            • Euddav322AD says:

              You are illiterate and there is no shame in that, however, you are also a liar.
              You will now provide evidences for all the things you just wrote.
              If you fail to do this you will be visited.

  13. History says:

    Your all a bunch of winny ass idiots who never Paid attention TOO history.. Did ya.. this was During the WAR with GERMANY.. yes all the people where kicked out of other countries who were Illegals .. all Germans did have to leave… but that’s No excuse to what they did too Jewish people.. and of course.. they add libed to a lot of this.. some of those pics where from GERMAN segregation at the time too.. the week went one way.. while the strong moved foraward.. like Hitler has stated

  14. Kim says:

    My grandmother died at the age of 98.
    She was there. And whenever I asked her about the war she would tell me there are things that we should not speak about.
    My grandmother was German, my grandfather was a German Jew.
    Persecuted twice. My father use to tell me to not always believe what was written about world war two…he is now 76.

  15. anarchyst says:

    If a country were hell-bent on genocide, WHY WOULD THEY KEEP RECORDS?? WHY would they build “camps” hundreds (if not thousands) of miles away with sanitary facilities, housing, recreational, medical and other ancillary facilities. Would it not have been easier to just “eliminate” them without going through all of this trouble? The jewish communist Bolsheviks did just that with the non-communist civilian populations of the conquered countries in the communist orbit.

    Something BIG “stinks” in this whole jewish “holocaust ™” deal. It is no secret that jewish Zionists made “deals” with the Nazis in order to make life “uncomfortable” for jewish Germans.

    The establishment of a “homeland” was a Zionist “dream” since the 1800s. What better way to encourage “emigration” to a barren land than to make things difficult for the “cream of German society” (jews)?? The TRUTH about the so-called jewish “holocaust ™” is out . . .

    The so-called jewish “holocaust ™” has been turned into a de-facto “religion” in which no deviation from orthodoxy is permitted. In fact, in most European countries, independent investigation into jewish “holocaust ™” truths is strictly forbidden under pain of fines and imprisonment. In the USA, things are not quite as bad, only job loss and personal and professional destruction at the hands of those of the “tribe” that FEAR the real truth of the jewish “holocaust ™” being exposed is evident.

    The truth about this minor event in human history will change much of the world’s perception about those that are using this event as a “cash cow” that “keeps on giving”. . . “there’s NO business like “SHOAH business”.

    Jewish complicity in this event is carefully “covered up”.

    It is curious to note that jewish interests will hunt down and imprison a 90 plus year-old German “camp guard” while looking the other way when their “own kind” was involved in truly brutal actions. Camp “capos” and “sonderkommandos” (who were primarily jewish) come to mind. Not one of these jewish “collaborators” has been brought to (jewish) justice. I guess blood is thicker than water.

    A good example of present-day censorship is the fate that awaits those that dare question “official” jewish “holocaust” orthodoxy. Most European countries have criminalized ANY line of thought that deviates from the “official” jewish “holocaust” story. WHY?? In fact, TRUTH is no defense when it comes to “all things holocaust”.

    Ask noted WW2 researcher David Irving, who was forced to recant TRUTH in order to avoid punishment. . .

    If people only knew of the planning that took place (among those of the “chosen”) to engineer the jewish “holocaust”, there would be a pogrom of massive size. You see, the jewish “holocaust” was necessary in order to force the establishment of a jewish state. In this case, the ENDS justified the MEANS. There have been many “holocausts” of much greater misery throughout human history, yet the jewish “holocaust” is the only one that counts . . .

    Most jews will never be satisfied with knowing that those that commit evil deeds on earth in this lifetime will pay for it in the next life . . . they have taken vengeance from the Creator and appointed themselves the exacter of vengeance (in contradiction to mosaic law but not their anti-gentile talmud).

    Most jews are vengeful people that will never pass up a chance to “make a buck” by screwing a gentile (goyim) out of money or property. jews were hated in Germany for taking advantage of the non-jew Germans between the two world wars. The average German did not have a pot to piss in while his wealthy jewish neighbor was trading food for land . . . taking advantage of the jewish bankster situation in Germany.

    Look at the “commercialization” of the so-called jewish “holocaust ™” while the much larger communist (true) holocaust is conveniently forgotten. To assure a continuing supply of jewish “holocaust ™” “survivors”, jews are tattooing their ATM (oops, I mean “camp” numbers) on their children and grandchildren.

    Since the jews declared war on Germany in 1933 (yes, 1933), the Germans had no choice but to complete the Zionist plan of marginalizing German jews (to say the least).. This fulfilled the Zionist plan of forcing German jews to emigrate to Palestine while making the world grant jews a “homeland” – Israel.

    Zionists have been predicting a jewish “homeland” for the last two-hundred years while predicting a “holocaust ™” of 6 million for the same amount of time. The ACTUAL number of non-combatant deaths in the European theater of operations is approximately 731,000, NOT 6 million (official International Red Cross figures).

    Regarding that “holocaust ™” “showplace” Auschwitz, there are engineering inconsistencies in the design of the so-called “gas chambers”. The doors are not of a gas-tight design; it would have been impossible to retrieve the bodies, and there is no means to ventilate the rooms after the so-called “gassing” took place”. From an engineering standpoint, these are very serious errors that would have caused the deaths of the “operators” of these supposed “gas chambers”.

    American execution expert, Fred Leuchter travelled to Auschwitz, surreptitiously obtained samples from the purported “gas chambers”, had them tested and published his results. The absence of methylene blue in ALL of the samples, save one, was PROOF that the “gas chambers” did not exist. The one positive sample was taken from a room used to disinfect clothing.

    Mr. Leuchter was rewarded for his search for TRUTH by his professional and personal character assassination by those of the “tribe”. He lost all of his federal and state contracts, and was prosecuted under an obscure Massachusetts “law” for “practicing engineering without a license” – a law which had never been used before or since. . .

    It is no secret that after WW2, the Soviets attempted to “create” the “death camps” for propaganda purposes.

    The engineering inconsistencies proves that these “death camps” were recreated for communist propaganda purposes. Germans were excellent engineers, and as such, would not have made the engineering “mistakes” that are evident.

    Yes, there was extreme deprivation and suffering–many people perished. However, the prime cause of death was typhus. As allied bombings destroyed most of the infrastructure, typhus was at epidemic levels. THIS is what caused the massive amounts of human deaths . . .NOT gassing.

    After the end of WW2, these same “camps” were used to intern German civilians. These German civilians were subject to much greater deprivation and suffering than the previous “occupants” of these “camps”. In fact, jews were controlling these camps, at the behest of the Allied forces, and were vicious in their treatment of those interned. In fact, the German civilians interned were defined as “disarmed enemy combatants” despite being civilians, so that Geneva Convention rules would not apply to them.

    In fact, it was JEWS that ran the internment camps after WW2. I guess vengeance was theirs, as the Germans made the jews WORK (manual labor in the camps) for the first time in their lives…

    • alfonso says:

      dear anarchyst, I do not know which planet you live on, but what you are saying is a wide known truth and nobody is denying it. This all is in the history books taught to kids, it is in the media, news, wikipedia and so on. Why you represent it as a “hidden” truth baffles me. Are you one of those loners living in the wild and still believing the war is on? Relax, it is all over and we know what the Jews did, no one is denying it.

  16. The Truth will always always prevail; it knows no politics.

  17. PatrickSpeer says:

    This expose is amazing. I also have documented proof that Jews are a result of radical genetic engineering by the genius Jew himself Dr. Mengele. His techniques we probably 1 hundred years ahead of his time. As the original discoverer of DNA he was able to manipulate the genes of a seed population of Jews and now there is an elite cabal of immortal Jewish supermen who own 100 percent of the worlds wealth, have average IQs of 200 and are capable of feats of superhuman strength and agility. We are being bred as a slave race to service these diabolical gods. The game is over and we don’t know it yet. 🙁

  18. Rosie says:

    Sir Arthur Bryant, a respected British historian, explained in his book, ‘Unfinished Victory’ 1940, that although Jews comprised less than 1% of the German population, they controlled 57% of the metal trade, 22% of grain, and 39% of the textile trade. More than 50% of the Berlin Chamber of Commerce was Jewish, as were an amazing 1,200 of the 1,474 members of the German Stock Exchange. German banking and finance were under the total control of Jews.
    It was estimated that during the Weimar Republic, the average income of Jews was three times that of non-Jews and in 1928, it was revealed that just fifteen Jews had occupied 718 board positions between them. Of leading positions in industry there were 2 Jews for every non-Jew.
    The political and economic influence of the Jews in the Weimar Republic was completely out of proportion with their numbers in the population. Of the Social Democratic Party’s 39 Representatives, 38 were Jews, the membership of The Workers Educational Institutes was 81% Jewish, of the 29 legitimate theaters in Berlin, 23 had Jewish directors and in 1931, of 144 film scripts made into movies, 119 were written by Jews, and 77 were produced by Jews. No less than 75% of all plays were written by Jews.
    Of university teachers: in Berlin, in the field of medicine, 45% were Jewish; in Gottingen, 34% of mathematics professors were Jewish, 34% of medical professors were Jewish, 40% in the arts were Jewish, and 47% in law were Jews; in Breslau, in medicine, 45% Jewish; in law, 48% Jewish; in arts, 25% Jewish; In Konigsberg, in arts, 7% Jewish; in law 14% Jewish; in medicine, 25% Jewish.
    Percentage of doctors in private practice who were Jewish in 1928: Wiesbaden 20%, Karlsruhe 26%, Cologne 27%, Mainz 30%, Gotha 31%, Beuthen 36%, Berlin 52%. Percentage of doctors in Berlin hospitals who were Jewish: Moabit Hospital 56%, Friedrichshain Hospital 63%, and Neukolln Hospital 52%.
    Percentages of lawyers who were Jewish in 1928: in Dortmouth 29%, Hamburg 26%, Stuttgart 26%, Dusseldorf 33%, Karlsruhe 36%, Beuthen 60%, Frankfurt 64%, Stettin 36%, Berlin 66%, etc…

    When they realized that most of the Jewish community was getting richer and richer, buying the country and their last prized possessions for pennies on the -dollar- mark, while they were close to starving to death, the German workers grew more and more intolerant and resentful towards the foreign owners of their workplaces.

    What the local population was seeing was immigrants who looked different, refused to integrate and were taking a lot and giving little back, treating them like second class citizens in their own country. Eventually, those legitimate frustrations escalated and the situation soon became intolerable, something had to be done. That’s why Hitler had to put severe restrictions on Jewish accessibility to professional, entertainment and banking carreers, that’s why the Nuremberg laws’ title was the “Protection of German Blood and German Honor” not “The Extermination of an Entire Race” and that’s why the Nazis were deemed incurable anti-Semites and were accused of wanting to exterminate the Jews, the Poles, the Slaves and everyone who didn’t have blond hair, big muscles and no more than two brain cells, which was and still is a horrible lie, of course.

    Hitler did kick the speculating abusers who had done terrible damage to his country out of Europe rather unceremoniously but after the economic atrocities suffered by the citizens during the Weimar Republik period where more than a million starved to death, Hitler probably had all the reasons in the world to do what he did, try to expel and not exterminate the Jews and for those who refused to assimilate, he went so far as a to collaborate with the Zionists to facilitate their transfer to Palestine and take most of their assets with them, this was called the “Transfer Agreement” (google it). Truth is, the Germans did not hate the Jews, they simply wanted their country back, but even that would not be tolerated.

    Therefore, were these monstrous, anti-Semite, mass murderer, world conquerers accusations fully justified? Considering the fact that in March 1933, two months after Hitler was elected and long before any restrictive measures had been implemented international (US) Jewry declared war on Germany (google “Judea declares war on Germany”) and organized a worldwide boycott of all German goods that, without German ingenuity and the return to a form of advanced barter could have caused innumerable deaths from hunger… AGAIN!.

    Also, does the fact that 150,000 Jews fought with the German military during WW2 qualify the Germans as monstrous anti-Semite mass murderers? Again, probably not, most of these Jews saw themselves as German first, Jewish second and were going to be given full German citizenship at the end of the war… if Germany had won.

    We have to learn to be very careful with the stories we were told all our lives about WW2 because for the most part, the blood thirsty genocidal insane Nazi monster was invented after the end of the war by one Sefton Delmer, chief of the British propaganda machine, the most powerful and vicious in the world at that time. And, with a touch of typical British sarcasm, this unbelievably deadly organization was juduciously named: “The British Ministry of Information” and it was so powerful, many of the lies they brilliantly pushed are still believed even today, a sad affair indeed and the most racially based factor preventing the study of German suffering on the same level as any other during that war of which we still know so little.

    The time has come for truth and justice to take their rightful places, back at the center of human affairs.

  19. Barbarossa says:

    Our societies are based on lies. It is Christmas and what we see all around is over-consumption, a red dressed bearded old man as an idol, and drinking and eating like crazy, forgetting that the main reason for this time of year is the birth of Jesus.

    Media lie, governments lie, school are a joke, history is not even taught anymore, and what is taught is fables for feeble minds.

    The modern Germans themselves have been so brainwashed since 1945 that they have assimilated their own demise as being ‘normal’. They have been rendered impotent and weak, their criminal politicians organized an invasion of their country since 2015 (Merkel = Marxist controlled by Jews), then the covid hoax and now the climate hoax.

    And millions of Germans have become so stupid and ignorant that they applause at the fact that their country is still under US army occupation since 1945 and to their own genocide…

    It’s all linked and all the crises have been created by the same people.

    It is high time to make them pay dearly for their crimes.

  20. Anonymous says:

    This is years late but I belive that the bodies killed by the zionist jews are the bones in the paris catacombs.



    The west needs to get rid of its Jewish mafia once and for all, before the parasite kills the host.

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