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Adolf Hitler and the Jewish Holocaust Hoax Exposed

NAtional socialists and ZIonists. The result is a NAZI Party. Many Neo-Nazis cannot accept that Hitler was false opposition, set up by the Jewish bankers The Jewish Ethnic Cleansing Of Europeans World War 1 – 50 million non Jews killed… zero jews killed World War 2 – 72 Million non Jews killed… zero jews killed. […]

‘Age of Erdogan’ – The supremacist and violent rise of Turkish fascism

     Seventy years after the defeat of Nazi Germany, fascism has reemerged with a vengeance. This resurgence can be seen all over Europe and the former Soviet bloc, perhaps most notably in Ukraine where Nazism masquerading as nationalist patriotism has effectively embedded itself in the political and military institutions of the country, all with the […]

Huckabee Goes To Israel For Campaign Dough

What a huge Jew ass-kissing clown! With giant suck-ups like this freely running for prez, little wonder America is so screwed in the head and has a foreign country jerking our chains left and right. Just imagine what people would say if any US candidate flew off to Nazi Germany for money to finance his election campaign back in the […]

Maybe next time it’s Arab Americans who will be interned by U.S. gov’t — Rand Paul launches filibuster

I just watched an hour Rand Paul’s filibuster of the Patriot Act, and there have been some inspiring moments. The senator said that democracies are no inherent safeguard against depredations on people’s rights. He alluded to Nazi Germany as a case where people had elevated fascists. He cited the case of the late Richard Jewell […]

Russian MPs seek 3 yr jail terms for those comparing USSR to Nazi Germany

The Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. Banner of Victory over Berlin, 1945 (RIA Novosti / Haldei) Lawmakers for the nationalist Liberal Democratic Party of Russia have proposed a bill that would punish anyone making public statements equating the USSR with Nazi Germany a criminal offence by up to three years in prison. The bill’s sponsor, […]

US Blinks in Face-Off with Russia

Last week started with US Secretary of State John Kerry coming to Russia to lay a wreath for the millions of Soviet soldiers who gave their lives in the historic defeat of Nazi Germany. Then the week ended with Kerry’s deputy at the State Department, Victoria Nuland, flying to Moscow to meet Russian officials to […]

Julian Assange’s Ties to Nazi Jew illuminati Cult

Julian Assange’s Ties to Nazi Cult   ASSANGE – THE ashkeNAZI ✡ FAMILY – MIND CONTROL . It is believed that Julian Assange was mind controlled while he was a member of the cult known as ‘The Family’. The Family was also known as the Santiniketan Park Association and the Great White Brotherhood. ‘The Family’ beat, […]


The NAZIS Always a Jew behind anything Evil or disgusting. Always a Jew behind every flag or symbol. Jewish British NAZI Royal Queen Elizabeth’s father.   Ghislane Maxwell’s grandfather the ashkeNAZI 1917 #Russian 1000 #ruble note has a swastika #zionism #bolshevics AshkeNAZI Jews have ruled Germany for centuries. The Party’s Leader since 1921 was Rothschild’s […]

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