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Adolf Hitler and the Jewish Holocaust Hoax Exposed

NAtional socialists and ZIonists. The result is a NAZI Party. Many Neo-Nazis cannot accept that Hitler was false opposition, set up by the Jewish bankers The Jewish Ethnic Cleansing Of Europeans World War 1 – 50 million non Jews killed… zero jews killed World War 2 – 72 Million non Jews killed… zero jews killed. […]

German Jews were the NAZIS

Sheeple still believe Hitler got Germany out of the Depression.. the truth is, the NAZI Jews allowed Germany to prosper, and make Hitler the false hero.

Germans Refuse to Return Picasso Painting Sold by Jewish Man Fleeing the Nazis

Stand your ground or the Jews will have your guts for garters..enough of this abuse of Germany! This painting was SOLD.. as were most paintings by wealthy Jews pre 1939, they took the money and RAN, now they want couldn’t make it up! The Jews started WW1 and WW2 so don’t blame Germany for […]

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