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A New York Real Estate Agent for Squatters

Canadian comedian, Ryan Long is on tour in Atlanta: April 12/13, San Diego: April 19/20, Houston: May 5, Austin: May 3/4, Auckland NZ: July 24, SYDNEY: July 25, Melbourne July 27, Brisbane: July 31, Perth: Aug 1, Source

LeBron James is “very concerned” about squatters who throw cocaine parties in his ritzy neighborhood

LeBron James is “very concerned” about squatters who throw cocaine parties in his ritzy neighborhood LeBron James is reportedly “very concerned” about squatters in his southern California neighborhood who have taken over a $4.3 million home. The NBA star, 39, bought an extravagant $36.8 million mansion in Beverly Hills in 2022 before tearing it down […]

It Begins… Squatters Take Over NYC

by Cash Jordan Squatters are now taking over apartments in NYC. When the owners call the police, its the owners who get arrested, or worse… is this fair, or do NYC’s laws that allow squatting need to be looked at? Source

Woman Goes on Vacation & 12 Gang Members Move into Her Home. Police Side with Squatters

New opportunities for House Sitters are opening up! ### by Wall Street Apes Her husband was ex military and passed away, now her home is gone. The best option they have is to ask social media what to do… What’s happening in America? “What would you do if you went on vacation and came home […]

The One Night House: Squatters from Welsh Folklore

The story of the one night house, or tŷ unnos, is something heard from a friend or relative. The Welsh custom is a quaint tradition with interesting roots.  Read more Section:  News Myths & Legends Europe Ancient Places Europe History Ancient Traditions Read Later  Source

Adverse possession and Squatters’ Rights (“Hristiktisia”) on Greek Properties

Ownership on real estate property in Greece can be acquired not only through a conveyance Deed (purchase, gift, inheritance, etc), but also through adverse possession (“Hrisiktisia”). According to the Hrisiktisia provisions, any person that is exercising acts of possession on any property (even belonging to a third person), claiming it as his, for an uninterrupted… […]

Squatters’ History

75 years since ‘the luxury squatters’ seize properties in West London. ‘Landlords, Banks, Vulture Funds … can be swept away by the collective action of the people..’ [embedded content] “The lessons of the past are clear. All obstacles created by landlords, Building Societies and others can be swept away by the collective action of the […]

Red Ants: Meet South Africa’s private security firm violently evicting squatters

     The Red Ants are a South African private security company specialising in clearing “illegal invaders” from properties. Two, sometimes three times a week, a convoy of trucks drives out of the gates of a sprawling farm in Gauteng province, carrying hundreds of men and led by “officers” armed with shotguns and handguns. The company […]

Ruptly crew caught in tear gas as French police crack down on environmental squatters (VIDEO)

RT’s Charlotte Dubenskij, reporting from the thick of the action, said at times it felt like the “sky was raining tear gas.” She said that her colleagues from Ruptly video agency were caught in clouds of the gas.  Law enforcement officials were mobilized for evictions in an area known as the ZAD. Up to several […]

Chilean Artist Steals $500 Million in Student Debt Papers and Burns Them

Alex Pietrowski, StaffWaking Times For those just beginning their adult lives, student loan debt has become the most crippling form of debt there is, akin to starting life bound in chains. This type of debt has become a cash cow for private banks and even for the American government, and because […]

Cop Blocker Of The Quarter Award Winner

Before we get into the award, lets get into the why it exists. The crew of Cop Blast Podcast have come to notice that when officers have been caught doing wrong, the first things to come up are the numerous awards they have won.  These awards are handed out for such things as being sworn […]

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