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LeBron James is “very concerned” about squatters who throw cocaine parties in his ritzy neighborhood

LeBron James is “very concerned” about squatters who throw cocaine parties in his ritzy neighborhood LeBron James is reportedly “very concerned” about squatters in his southern California neighborhood who have taken over a $4.3 million home. The NBA star, 39, bought an extravagant $36.8 million mansion in Beverly Hills in 2022 before tearing it down […]

LeBron James Breaks NBA All-Time Flopping Record

U.S. — The NBA has confirmed that in addition to setting a new scoring record, LeBron James has broken the record for the largest number of flops in basketball history. “This is the stuff of legends,” said NBA Commissioner Adam Silver. “Mr. James has sailed past previous records set by Reggie Miller, Vlade Divac, and […]

Touching: LeBron Spends Time In The Backyard With His Son Teaching Him How To Flop

BEVERLY HILLS, CA — Lebron James was spotted teaching his son Bronny basic basketball fundamentals on Tuesday, according to TMZ and assorted stalkers. In a touching father-son moment caught on camera, the NBA star taught his boy how to flop. Source

Three Arrested in Ohio Teen’s Beating Death in Parking Lot of LeBron James’ ‘I Promise’ School

Three have been arrested in the beating death of an Ohio teen whose body was discovered outside the I Promise School founded by Lebron James.

VIDEO: LeBron James Greeted with Boos, Calls of ‘Michael Jordan is Better’ at Liverpool-Real Madrid Game

LeBron James jetted off to Paris for the recent Real Madrid vs. Liverpool game, but met with a hail of boos and chants of “Jordan was better”

LeBron James’ Son Targeted with Racist Comments After Taking White Girl to Prom

LeBron James’ teenage son, Bronny, has been blasted online for daring to take a white girl to prom this year.

China-Backed LeBron James Tops Athlete Salary List with $127 Million in 2021

LeBron James has come in at the top of Sportico’s highest-paid players for 2022. It was also his highest annual earnings ever.

Rittenhouse Sends LeBron James Some Lemon Drops To Help Him Get Over Covid

U.S.—Basketball superstar and real man LeBron James has contracted COVID, forcing him to miss several games.  “Waaaaaaaaaa!” cried LeBron, according to sources. “I got COVID even though I’ve been vaccinated twelve times! How could this happen?” He then collapsed on the ground in a fit of sobs as snot ran out of his nose. Upon hearing […]

VIDEO: LeBron Fined for ‘Obscene Gesture’ During Pacers Game

Just when you thought LeBron James couldn’t get any worse, he does. During the same game on Wednesday night where he got two fans ejected from the game, LeBron James engaged in a disgusting act (forgive my inner Joe Buck) that will serve to remind everyone why he will never be revered the same way […]

To Improve Box Office Performance, LeBron To Be Digitally Replaced By Michael Jordan In ‘Space Jam 2’

To Improve Box Office Performance, LeBron To Be Digitally Replaced By Michael Jordan In ‘Space Jam 2’ U.S.—Space Jam 2 hasn’t been performing as well at the box office as Warner Bros. had hoped, prompting the movie studio to make drastic changes. The film has been frantically re-edited and re-released with Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball […]

New LeBron James Action Figure Comes With Real Flopping Action

U.S.—McFarlane Toys has released a brand new, special edition action figure of the universally adored sports hero LeBron James. Unlike previous figures of LeBron, this one will feature realistic “flopping” action to immerse children in the NBA play experience. “We wanted to make a toy that really captured what kind of player LeBron James is,” said […]

LeBron James Voted ‘Most Hated’ Player in the NBA

‘Woke’ NBA star LeBron James is officially the most hated player in the NBA, according to a new study. According to the social media use survey by Sports Insider using trends software, the study tracked negative mentions of NBA players on Twitter. The study tracked negative tweets such as “I hate LeBron” or “LeBron sucks” and other […]

Pouting LeBron James Unplugs Sega Genesis While Losing Game Of NBA Jam

LOS ANGELES, CA—A pouting, teary-eyed LeBron James reportedly unplugged the team’s Sega Genesis after falling behind in a game of NBA Jam last week. The incident occurred after Kyle Kuzma dunked on him yet another time, his player flying through the air while holding a flaming basketball. “HE’S ON FIRE!” shouted the announcer, prompting James’s whiny outburst. […]

What Democrats Learned From LeBron James

“The athlete activism we’ve seen over the past year and, more importantly, its impact on the national discourse about athlete rights and their role in affecting change broadly is deeply encouraging and something we should promote,” said one Democratic congressional aide. “It’s powerful when athletes who were able to play professionally can turn around and […]

Cop Suspended Without Pay For Mocking LeBron James

New footage of the moments before she was shot dead by a police officer during a knife attack shows Ma’Khia Bryant yelling, “I’m going to stab the f**k out of you bitch!” – yet again vindicating the officer’s response. Leftists have continually lied about the incident in Columbus, Ohio, at first claiming Bryant was unarmed […]

WATCH: Cops Mock LeBron over ‘YOU’RE NEXT’ Tweet

LeBron James took to Twitter last week to target a cop who was present at the Ma’Khia Bryant shooting. So, this week, a few of the nation’s police officers have taken to social media to make fun of LeBron James. LeBron James came under intense fire on Wednesday after he posted a pic of a […]

Trump: LeBron Should Keep His ‘Racist Rants’ To Himself

The ‘George Floyd Autonomous Zone’ in Minneapolis has issued a list of ‘rules for white people’ that they have to abide by in order to enter the area. The zone has popped up around the area that Floyd died and has come to resemble something akin to a religious cult encampment. Apparently, baptisms, miracles and […]

President Trump: LeBron James’ ‘Racist Rants are Divisive, Nasty, Insulting, Demeaning’

Former President Donald Trump issued a statement on Thursday slamming NBA star LeBron James for his “racist rants” that are “doing nothing to bring our country together.” “LeBron James should focus on basketball rather than presiding over the destruction of the NBA, which has just recorded the lowest television RATINGS, by far, in the long […]

“You’re Next”: LeBron James Threatens Cop Filmed Saving Girl’s Life From Teen With Knife

NBA player LeBron James on Wednesday evening threatened the cop filmed saving a black girl’s life by shooting armed 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant while she was in the middle of an attempted stabbing attack. “YOU’RE NEXT,” LeBron tweeted ominously with an hourglass emoji to his 50 million followers. “#ACCOUNTABILITY.” Bryant’s death went viral yesterday after it […]

LeBron James, Liberal Elites Celebrate After MLB Takes All-Star Game from Georgia

On Friday, Major League Baseball decided to take its All-Star Game away from Atlanta’s Truist Park in response to the state’s new voter integrity law. Liberal supporters exploded with delight after the MLB announcement. MLB released its statement after one p.m. on Friday: JUST IN: @MLB announces it’ll move the All-Star Game and Draft out […]

Top Footballer Tells LeBron James: ‘Stay Out of Politics’

Top footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic has refused to back down after LeBron James responded to his call for athletes to stick to sports and stay out of politics. The controversy began when Ibrahimovic said last week, “[LeBron] is phenomenal at what he’s doing, but I don’t like when people have some kind of status, they go […]

LeBron James Signs $85 Million Contract Extension with Lakers

LOS ANGELES (AP) — LeBron James has agreed to a contract extension with the Los Angeles Lakers. James’ agency, Klutch Sports, confirmed the deal Wednesday during the first week of training camp for the NBA champions. The Lakers are still finalizing their new contract with Anthony Davis, who is also represented by Klutch CEO Rich […]

Lakers Star LeBron James Excited to Visit Joe Biden’s White House

NBA star LeBron James has loudly refused to visit the White House for the last four years, but with Joe Biden possibly poised to become the next president, James is now happy to make the trip. With the Lakers taking the prize during the NBA Championships this season, the prospect that the team would visit […]

Lebron James Ridiculed After Calling Trump Supporters “UNEDUCATED”

LeBron James has been ridiculed after people pointed out that his rant targeting “uneducated” Trump voters was itself full of linguistic errors that suggest James isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. “And am I saying that the people of Ohio wasn’t educated?” the NBA star pondered. “Am I saying that some of the other […]

LeBron James Blasts “Bum” Donald Trump Over Steph Curry Comment

LeBron James Blasts “Bum” Donald Trump Over Steph Curry Comment Hollywood Reporter Sept 24, 2017 LeBron James on Saturday morning blasted President Donald Trump for comments the president made about Steph Curry. The Golden State Warriors star said he would skip the team’s White House visit after winning the national championship. Trump responded by saying […]

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