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Sage Steele Exposes ESPN’s Ban on Forbidden COVID Vaccine Questions

Former ESPN broadcaster Sage Steele dropped a stunning revelation on the Tucker Carlson Network Thursday. Steele, who had worked for ESPN for 17 years, revealed that asking uncomfortable questions about the COVID-19 injections was “absolutely not allowed” on the sports network, “and they were never asked on the network.” In 2021, Steele made headlines for […]

Donald Trump Sues Former MI6 Agent Christopher Steele Over His Infamous ‘Dirty Dossier’

Donald Trump is suing the ex-MI6 officer Christopher Steels officer and the intelligence consultancy he founded, High Court records in England show Trump is bringing a data protection claim against Orbis Business Intelligence and its […] The post Donald Trump Sues Former MI6 Agent Christopher Steele Over His Infamous ‘Dirty Dossier’ appeared first on The […]

ACH (2152) Edgar Steele – In His Own Words…

Unfortunately due to illness there will be no Limeys show today. However, in today’s show originally broadcast on May 15 2023, Andy presents a fascinating prison interview with Edgar Steele which took place in 2011, and is believed to be his last recorded interview. You can either listen to the audio of the interview via […]

Steele: ‘Classless’ Marjorie Taylor Greene Needs to Shut Up and Step Back

Former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele said Friday on MSNBC’s “Deadline” that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) needs to shut up and “step back.” Source

Mark Steele Joins The Dots on 5G, Weather Weapons, Electric Cars & More

Originally posted on NORTHLAND NEW ZEALAND CHEMTRAILS WATCH: NOTE: The interview with Mark Steele begins at 5:30 minutes. An interesting interview, in which researcher and activist, Mark Steele joined the SGT Report to talk about some of the weapons’ systems being used to undermine civilian populations currently. Mark’s website: Source

5G is a weapons system designed to KILL people, says weapons expert Mark Steele

Weapons expert Mark Steele has warned the public that 5G is a weapons system designed to kill people masquerading as a benign advanced technology for enhanced communications and faster downloads. In an expert report, Steele said 5G represents a heinous crime if a person understands the motive behind its deployment. Steele previously acted as a witness and provided […]

FBI Offered Christopher Steele $1 Million To Prove Dossier Allegations Against Trump: FBI Analyst

The FBI offered former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele $1 million as an “incentive” if he could prove the allegations made in his infamous dossier against former President Donald Trump, a senior FBI analyst revealed on Oct. 11. FBI supervisory counterintelligence analyst Brian Auten made the claim while providing testimony at the criminal trial of Igor Danchenko, a key source who supplied information for […]

New Danchenko Court Filing Shows That FBI Knew in January 2017 that Steele Dossier Was Fabricated

News Analysis Lawyers for Igor Danchenko, who was the primary source for British ex-spy Christopher Steele’s infamous dossier on Donald Trump in 2016, have filed a motion to dismiss charges brought against Danchenko by special counsel John Durham. Durham alleges that Danchenko lied to the FBI about his sources used in the dossier. Danchenko is […]

Steele Dossier Source Asks Court to Throw Out Charges

A key source for the anti-Trump dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton’s campaign has asked a federal judge to throw out charges filed against him after he allegedly lied to federal agents about where he got the information he fed the dossier’s author. Igor Danchenko, a Russian national, says that the five false statement charges […]

Jordan on Steele Dossier: ‘We Know for Sure It Was All Made Up’

Friday on Fox News Channel’s “The Faulkner Focus,” Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) weighed in on the upcoming trial for Hillary Clinton’s former campaign lawyer, Michael Sussmann.

New York Times Reporter Says Steele Pee Tape ‘Doesn’t Exist’

New York Times reporter Matthew Rosenberg said the infamous “pee tape” from Christopher Steele’s anti-Trump dossier “doesn’t exist,” according to the latest video released by Project Veritas. Rosenberg mentioned something that “involved CIA and NSA” before saying he believes the pee tape does not exist. “It involved the CIA and NSA. It involved Trump and involved that ridiculous, […]


‘Google generates hundreds of billions of dollars of revenue a year by selling ads that appear along with its search results, in addition to ads that appear on sites across the internet. ‘And as the primary gateway for users surfing the web, a suit alleges, Google has comprehensively – and purposely – limited the ability […]

YCP – Death of Robert Steele, Plus Margaret MacDonald’s Vision

YAHWEH’S COVENANT PEOPLE YCP – Death of Robert Steele, Plus Margaret MacDonald’s Vision Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share Share this: Source

How Disgraced British Spy Christopher Steele Is Now Secretly Running Strict COVID-19 Restrictions Project

On July 17, The Daily Telegraph brought to public attention that Independent SAGE, the highly controversial scientist collective advocating for excessively harsh coronavirus restrictions, was the creation of The Citizens, a shadowy campaign organization led by Guardian journalist Carole Cadwalladr.  In response, Cadwalladr took to Twitter to rubbish the “scoop,” noting that the connection between the two groups […]

President Trump VINDICATED: NY Times Finally Admits Steele Dossier Was ‘Completely Faked’

After years of pushing the fake Steele dossier, the New York Times has finally admitted the peepee tape and more “have never materialized or have been proved false.” No sh*t, Sherlock. reports :Some journalists are happy to knock on the doors of strangers. I was never one of them, but Christopher Steele, the ex-British […]

ACH (1431) Paul English And Brizer – Stop The Steele And Other Odious Disinformation Agents

EURO FOLK RADIO ACH (1431) Paul English And Brizer – Stop The Steele And Other Odious Disinformation Agents Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share

Robert David Steele: Canadian Prime Minister Justin (Castro) Trudeau Faces Rape & Murder Charges of Children

January 13, 2021 Nicholas Veniamin interviews former CIA agent Robert David Steele to get his take on what’s coming down on the Deep State.

FBI Knew Sub-Source for Steele Dossier was Russian Operative, But Lied to FISA Court Anyways

by Admin · September 27, 2020 Bombshell: FBI knew sub-source for Steele dossier was a Russian operative, but they lied to FISA court anywayBy JD Heyes | Read the full story Tags: Political Corruption/Manipulation You may also like… Visa Free Travel Ends For Americans by EU Vote March 4, 2017 Evil Zionist Madeleine Albright, War Criminal, […]

The Main Author of Wikipedia’s Steele Dossier Page Is a Russiagate Truther

Wikipedia’s page on the infamous dossier crafted by former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele is heavily slanted in favor of treating the dossier as a credible document, despite it being debunked by multiple federal investigations. One reason for this bias is the page’s primary author, “Valjean” a.k.a. Paul Lee, who is also an active member of […]

Shelby Steele: The Unpopular Truth About Race Relations in America

This interview offers a deeper look into the origins of racial conflict and relations in America. Following the death of George Floyd, the American city streets have exploded in anger and violence, as well as increased demands for ‘social justice.’ Have both black and white Americans become trapped into seeing color before character? Have the […]

Britain, Christopher Steele, Were the Real Foreign Influence in 2016 Election

Peter Van Buren The American Conservative Leaving aside the validity of what has become known as the “Steele dossier,” it’s important to look at how Christopher Steele was able to guarantee that the information in it would play a significant and ongoing role in American politics.  Steele, who is British, did far more than simply […]

SICKENING CASE OF ROTHSCHILDS MOB’s SPY Christopher David Steele (1964-Present) an ex-British MI6 spy (1987-2009)

SICKENING CASE OF ROTHSCHILDS MOB’s SPY Christopher David Steele (1964-Present) an ex-British MI6 spy (1987-2009) Who was Hired by Rothschilds Crime MOB agents in DNC & Hillary to DIG UP DIRT on Trump & Russia STEELE MADE A SMALL FORTUNE FOR HIS WORK ON THE DEBUNKED BRITISH (ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MOB) DOSSIER – THIS DIRT DIGGING FRAUDULENT […]

Judge Rejects Burlington Law Enforcement’s Argument in Autumn Steele Case

Officer Jesse Hill and Autumn Steele A judge deciding the fate of records central to the death of Burlington resident Autumn Steele ruled against law enforcement in her latest decision, clearing the way for an evidentiary hearing to determine if police body camera and dashboard videos are open to public review. Doland’s eight-page decision, obtained […]

Edgar Steele: Holy Holocaust

This broadcast from the late Edgar J. Steele recorded in 2005, as a response to getting added to the ADL’s hit list. David died in prison. Source Article from

Robert David Steele Tells Rense He’s Using McKinney to Deliver the Black Vote to Trump

Renegade Editor’s Note: this is from an understandably upset black man who doesn’t like his people being exploited as a voting block. I sure wish White people would be more resentful of being used by fake “truth tellers” to support puppet politicians. What is Cynthia McKinney doing with Robert David Steele in this #UNRIG thing? […]

Dr. Duke with former CIA Officer Robert Steele on the Zionist-Israeli Hijacking of USA Politics & the Trump Whitehouse

Download Today Dr. Duke talked about the “Russiagate” hoax with former CIA officer Robert David Steele. Not only was it not Russia that “hacked” the DNC servers, but all indications point to a leak (not a hack) by former DNC staffer Seth Rich, who was found murdered in Washington shortly after the reported leak. They […]

Profits Over People; Traffic Enforcement is Not About Safety

In his article, “How Waze Makes Roads Safer than the Police” Jeffrey Tucker explains how the Waze mobile app helps create a safer driving experience for everyone by alerting drivers to pot holes, accidents, and traffic jams, and also fostering a sense of community amongst motorists: Waze has subtly changed my outlook on driving. Other […]

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