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Louis McFadden – American Martyr Goes Unsung

“Is it not true,” McFadden asked, “that in the United States today  the Gentiles have the slips of paper while the Jews have the gold and the lawful money?” By the Federal Reserve Act (1913) Americans gave their national credit card to  religious fanatics who believe they must destroy civilization so their Messiah will return. […]

Three unsung heroes whose quick action saved dozens of people in the Hawke’s Bay flooding (beware though, rescuing folk could now find you prosecuted)

Rescuing folk these days has now become more risky and in ways that may surprise you, as a Hawke’s Bay orchardist recently discovered. In this most recent flooding event he went straight to the rescue of flood victims with his helicopter, only to find himself threatened by CAA! So was he supposed to ignore cries […]

Sybil Ludington: Unsung Heroine of the American Revolutionary War

Sometimes we fail to notice the greatest  heroes. Courage and daring can hide even in the smallest of characters, springing up unexpectedly and just in the nick of time. Sybil Ludington was just sixteen years old when she risked her life to save others, delivering crucial warnings on the eve of an important battle. An […]

Isi Leibler: Unsung hero of the Jewish people’s finest hour

 “Many prisoners,” wrote in 1650 the Jews of Istanbul to the Jews of Venice, “multitude after multitude,” they said of the victims of the Khmelnytsky massacres whom they saw herded in the Ottoman bazaar’s slave market en route to customers in Algeria, Egypt and Iran. Determined to redeem the captives, the Jews of Istanbul now […]

Thomas Sankara: Africa’s Unsung Inspiration

P.D. Lawton21st Century Wire Thomas Sankara, a man in his early thirties transformed the world’s poorest country at that time, Upper Volta, into a self-sufficient modern thinking nation in just four years. This African miracle nation remains little known about in the West because its story contradicts every negative image that has ever been painted of […]

The Unsung Summit of Putin and Trump

This week marks the 72nd anniversary of the criminal US bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And as is the case each year, there is much discussion and lamenting over this atrocity, as there well should be. For the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was not necessary for victory; Japan had already sued for peace. It […]

Why Friendships Are So Important: The Forgotten Key To Your Health & Longevity?

Have you ever wondered what really makes you healthy? Is it the vitamins you take or the food you eat? Is it the exercise you do and the medical care you get? All of these things are surely important. But I believe there is a hidden dimension to your health that you may have overlooked […]

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