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Enhanced CRITICAL INFORMATION (6 March 2024): To understand why Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address may mark the beginning of the Kabbalists’ artificial Fire Judgment, it is necessary to look at the Jewish history that associates with 1 Adar II (sunset of March 10 to sunset of March 11)…

Plague of Darkness (1313 BCE)

The 9th plague to strike the Egyptians for their refusal to release the Children of Israel from slavery — a thick darkness that blanketed the land so that “no man saw his fellow, and no man could move from his place” (Exodus 10:23) — commenced on the 1st of Adar, six weeks before the Exodus.

Ezekiel Foretells Egypt’s Downfall (421 BCE)

On this date, in the year following the Holy Temple’s destruction, G‑d tells Ezekiel to take up a lamentation for Pharaoh, king of Egypt, foretelling his downfall in the hands of the Babylonians.

The Plague of Darkness over Egypt lasted for THREE DAYS, so 1 Adar II is the ideal day to mark either…

When all but one of America’s national leaders gather for the State of the Union Address on March 7 at 9 PM EST, it will be 4 AM of March 8 in Jerusalem, less than two hours before dawn. So the attacks could come in the morning before dawn in Jerusalem, just like they did on October 7 [1,2]. And March 8 marks Day 154 of the Israel-Hamas War

154 AH is a year in the Islamic calendar that corresponds to that corresponds to 770 – 771 AD” – from Wikipedia

“[Psalm 154] survived in Syriac biblical manuscripts and also was found in Hebrew, in the Dead Sea scroll 11QPs(a)154 (also known as 11Q5 – The Great Psalms Scroll), a first-century AD manuscript. It is listed as the second of the apocryphal psalms by Wright who calls it ‘The Prayer of Hezekiah when enemies surrounded him‘.” – from Wikipedia

Counting the days from October 7, 2023 differently, March 8 marks 153 days since the Israel-Hamas War began. And given what fanatics the Kabbalists are with numerology, we should remember that the number 153 has shown up in these updates before [1,2,3]. If the globalists are compelled to abort the current timeframe, will they announce a Gaza ceasefire on March 8 (Israel time)?

NOTE: I’m building a list of scriptable events for the March 6-7 danger period in the red and blue section at the bottom of the March 6-7 alert. After each addition, I’ll update this number >>> Mod 3.

ALERT (5-6 March 2024) – March 6-7 is a Strong Window of Opportunity for the NWO Transition Event / War

The Weather Forecast for Wednesday & Thursday: Sodom, with a chance of Gomorrah…

In looking ahead at the danger dates — the most hazardous of which is March 11 — I’ve decided to cover them in sequential order so as not to overwhelm readers with information. So we’ll begin by looking at the danger date of Wednesday, March 6 (tomorrow). March 6, like March 7, is a date that offers a 33-day window for a Fire Judgment that would end on Day X (so both the 6th and 7th are danger days). And looking at Onnabugeisha’s notes, there are occult cues that provide a basis for scripting city-destroying attacks of the “Sodom and Gomorrah” variety on Wednesday…

  • Prince Harry is flashing the “Gomorrah” / “high place” number in relation to his “royal visit” to Pearl Harbor, so a sneak attack on at least one American city (by Artemis) is scriptable. It would be blamed on a nuke.
  • Xi Jinping is flashing the “Gomorrah” / “high place” number in relation to his rise to General Secretary of the CCP, so an Artemis attack on at least one Chinese city (perhaps Beijing) or the Three Gorges Dam is scriptable. In the Controlled Alt-Media / NWO Narrative, the attack in China will be blamed on the “CCP Deep State” — it will be said that they did it to create a crisis and opportunity to take down (NWO “hero”) Xi.
  • Xi Jinping is also flashing the “Antichrist” number in relation to securing his third term as General Secretary. So he will receive the ultimate blame for the attack in China after the BRICS NWO falls (7 years after it begins).
  • Iran’s supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, is flashing the number of the “Hebrew god” and “without compassion,” so his “assassination by Israel” is scriptable. This would set off the Big War.

And in a sneak preview of one of Onna’s new notes for tomorrow, Barack Obama is flashing the address number of Chabad’s headquarters in relation to “A New Beginning” for Muslims — a new beginning that would come after America is hobbled by the attacks. Check it out…

• A New Beginning (speech) (WikipediaWhite House) is the name of a speech delivered by United States President Barack Obama from the Major Reception Hall at Cairo University in Egypt. Date: Thursday 4 June 2009, 770 weeks ago [770 Eastern Parkway (Wikipedia) -> See below – 27 Adar  Rebbe Falls Ill;  more about the number 770 – Your blog (here): Twice-Expanded Note – 22-23 October 2023; Mercedes-Benz 770 and Hitler (WikipediaCar & Bike)] 

Tomorrow, Joe Biden will be in Washington DC and Kamala Harris will be in Madison, Wisconsin. So in a Gomorrah scenario, Biden will perish in the attack on Washington, leading to the rise of “President Harris” and “Vice President Michelle Obama.” And in a fallback scenario, Harris can be hit in Madison to give rise to VP Obama.

~ MORE ~

Onnabugeisha’s new notes on Wednesday the 6th (and Thursday the 7th) are now up, and they reflect that the 6th and 7th share a number of the same occult scripting cues. So the threats posed by the two days are essentially carbon copies of each other. Furthermore, there are remarkable cues associated with the Hebrew day of 27 Adar I (and II), which runs from sundown of the 6th to sundown of the 7th.

Since 27 Adar I spans the 6th and 7th, it affords the Kabbalist scriptwriters the flexibility of staging events on the 7th that are based on indicators from the 6th, and vice versa. For all intents and purposes, then, the 6th and 7th form one long danger period for the staging of catastrophic world events. Look through Onna’s notes to see what those events are (while I draft a list of scriptable events over the coming hours).

~ MORE – Mod 3 ~

The very dangerous Jewish day of 27 Adar I begins in Jerusalem on March 6 after 5:41 PM local time, which is March 6 after 10:41 AM Washington, DC time. And the Gregorian calendar date of March 6 is the Julian calendar date of February 22, 2/22. In Strong’s Bible concordance, a tool frequently used by the Kabbalists to link meanings to numbers in their prophecy fulfillment setups, number 222 is the Hebrew name Uriel, which means “Flame of God” — an appropriate cue for scripting “God’s Fire Judgment.” And in “biblical numerology,” the number 222 is associated with the murder conspiracy against Jesus (indicating scriptable moves against fake, Nazionist “messiahs” Trump, Netanyahu and Putin).

That being said, this is a list of scriptable events for 27 Adar I / March 6-7…

It should be noted that if the globalists start the Fire Judgment on March 6, there are two directions they could go with it…

  1. they can go for a 40-day Fire Judgment that gets cut short at 33 days on Day X / April 8, or
  2. they can do a 4-day Three Days of Darkness scenario, script the opening of the Gate to Hell on the fourth day (March 9), then run the 150-day Torment of Humanity scenario to August 5 / 1 Av, when the Nine Days begin (the arrival of the Fake Jewish Messiah is scripted to elicit joy to replace the historic mourning of the Nine Days).

The basis for opening the Gate to Hell and beginning the 150 days of torment on 3/9 — 9/3 in European d/m format — is Revelation 9:3

1 Then the fifth angel sounded his trumpet, and I saw a star that had fallen from heaven to earth, and it was given the key to the pit of the Abyss. 2 The star opened the pit of the Abyss, and smoke rose out of it like the smoke of a great furnace, and the sun and the air were darkened by the smoke from the pit.

3 And out of the smoke, locusts descended on the earth, and they were given power like that of the scorpions of the earth. 4 They were told not to harm the grass of the earth or any plant or tree, but only those who did not have the seal of God on their foreheads. 5 The locusts were not given power to kill them, but only to torment them for five months, and their torment was like the stinging of a scorpion. 6 In those days men will seek death and will not find it; they will long to die, but death will escape them. – from Revelation 9 (BSB) on

Should the globalists opt to go for it on the 7th, they’ll likely start the Fire Judgment with a hit on Biden’s State of the Union Address. Beginning on the 7th will still allow them to hit 33 days on April 8 / Day X, and they can still hit 150 days on August 5 / 1 Av by opening the Gate to Hell on the Third Day of Darkness (right after they stop the Rain of Fire after sundown of March 9).

(4 March 2024) – Onnabugeisha’s notes on today and Tuesday the 5th are now up, and there are two things to watch today (Day 150 of the Gaza War)…

  1. “Mystery Babylon” (the “UK-US-EU-G7-NATO-UN Empire”) are putting on a two-level scripted show today in which they’ll publicly press for a Gaza ceasefire while they privately “scheme to unseat Netanyahu and trigger a war that will destroy Israel.” Both the UN General Assembly and the UN Security Council will be meeting on the situation in the Middle East today, and Benny Gantz will be meeting with US officials and VP Harris.
  2. The US government are putting on a scripted show today in which Kamala Harris is taking on the very presidential responsibility of meeting with Gantz while Joe Biden remains sequestered at Camp David until Tuesday. By doing this, they are likely setting the stage for Harris to continue taking the lead after Biden’s resignation on Thursday (at the State of the Union address), Friday (in Philadelphia, where the American Communist Revolution was declared), or Saturday (in Atlanta). A strike on Washington DC today is also a scriptable (but unlikely) possibility.

There are three tracks they can take in scripting the fall of Netanyahu and the triggering of the Fire Judgment…

  1. They can engineer Netanyahu’s assassination (by “Muslim” hands) or political fall, then have Gantz attack Lebanon/Syria or Rafah by Ramadan like he has threatened to do.
  2. The “Israeli Deep State” can have their agents in the IDF and Mossad stage the “Israeli Outrage,” then blame Netanyahu for it and remove him.
  3. They can engineer Netanyahu’s assassination or political fall, then have Gantz reach a ceasefire deal, thus leading to a purely “supernatural” Fire Judgment by Yahweh (or a pressing of the delay button till later in the year).

It should also be noted that Thursday’s State of the Union Address, when all of America’s national leaders will be gathered in the Capitol Building (except for the designated survivor — will it be Yellen?), presents a golden opportunity to stage the hit on Washington DC. And starting it that day would allow the 40-day Fire Judgment to be cut short at 33 days by the fake messianic arrival on April 8, Day X.

(3 March 2024) – Looking Ahead to the Ramadan War

As we approach the danger dates of March 8 & 11, it is important to remember that the 11th is the first day of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan in Iran (it begins at sundown of the 10th). And as I pointed out in the 16-17 February update, the final day of Ramadan starts at sundown on a very notable day…

Did you know that the final day of Ramadan and the first day of the Jewish ecclesiastical year (1 Nissan) both start after sunset of April 8, the day the “Second Great American Eclipse” finishes drawing an “X” across America?

This day presents a golden opportunity to bring in both the Fake Jewish Messiah and the Fake Muslim Mahdi for a messianic intervention

So Ramadan forms a very natural timeframe for the beginning and potential ending of the combined Ram-Goat War against Iran and Battle of Gog-Magog / Harmagedon. And to get it started, the globalists need to script an event that enrages the Muslims into starting a full-on war against Israel and the West right before Ramadan or on its first day — along with an event that enrages Yahweh into administering his “Fire Judgment.”

The event to enrage the Muslims could be…

And the event to enrage Yahweh would most likely be the death or political fall of the Moshiach ben Yosef, Benjamin Netanyahu, which is a longstanding part of Chabad’s script for bringing in the Fake Jewish Messiah. The globalists are currently portraying a major rift between Netanyahu and Gantz over the Gaza War, with Gantz making an “unauthorized” trip to Washington DC on Monday (“to betray Netanyahu with the Israel-hating Biden-Harris administration”). He will be meeting with VP Harris and other US officials, then he will fly on to London for similar meetings.

So “the fall of Netanyahu at the hands of the Israeli Deep State with the complicity of the West” will lead to the artificial staging of the Fire Judgment. The other Moshiachs, Trump and Putin, may also come under attack before the “Rain of Fire” begins on Friday the 8th or Monday the 11th. Also watch for the imminent political fall or death of Turkish President Erdogan, which is scripted to happen right before or during the Fire Judgment.

As for the end of the Fire Judgment, it could come on April 8 or be extended until it reaches a biblical count of 40 or 150 days. I’ll cover all the timing details next.

NOTE (2 March 2024): Onnabugeisha’s notes on Sunday the 3rd are now up. In them, she points out that tomorrow is 3/3, with 303 days remaining in the year. So it’s “Masonic Sunday” — a prime day for “Antichrist” mischief, and a day on which the fall of Pope Francis, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and/or Vladimir Putin is scriptable. Tomorrow, time permitting, I’ll go into the details of the March 8 & 11 danger days. I’m also doing preliminary checks on the dates of 3/14, 3/19-20, and 3/22.

~ from earlier ~

For reasons I’ll fully explain later, the key “nuclear” danger dates ahead of us are Friday, March 8 (the last day before the partial government shutdown) and 1 Adar II (sundown of March 10 to sundown of March 11, a notable day in “prophecy”-related Jewish history – 1,2). There are workable 40-day Fire Judgment and 150-day Torment of Humanity timelines coming out of those days, along with the short timeline that would end on Erev Purim this month. So watch for any gathering (such as a funeral or a “hastily arranged” summit) of Western leaders around next weekend. Big precursor events (like the fall of Pope Francis, Biden or Harris) could come before those days.

(1 March 2024) – Onnabugeisha’s notes on Saturday the 2nd are now up. And we cannot afford to go to sleep just because the continuing resolution (CR) has passed. Even with the CR’s funding extension through March 22, the US government is set to begin a full shutdown the moment we enter March 23, which is Erev Purim (the day Purim begins at sundown).

Should the globalists go for the “Fire Judgment” tomorrow or next week, they can — in the shortest version of the Fire Judgment script — schedule the “Cloud over Mount Sinai (Jebel al-Lawz)” event on Erev Purim, which would allow them to reenact the building of the Tabernacle and the days of training that would culminate on the 8th day, Shabbat Parah (the “Shabbat of the Red Heifer,” when the Fake Jewish Messiah would purify the surviving Israelis who were scattered into the wilderness by the attacks). The longer versions of the script are covered in the February updates below.

~ MORE ~

In another indication of what is/was planned for 22 Adar 1 (the Jewish day that runs from sundown of March 1 to sundown of March 2 this year), Chabad’s Shabbat Torah reading for that day includes 1 Kings 18:20-39, which is the story of Elijah calling fire down from heaven (that’s where Artemis comes in).

~ MORE ~

Both the congressional bill tracker and the White House website reflect that the one-week continuing resolution, H.R.7463, has passed Congress and been signed into law by Biden. So there is a good chance we’ll get through the weekend without any big explosions. Next week is another story.

~ MORE ~

Keep watch also for the imminent death or resignation of Pope Francis. The day of his funeral or replacement conclave (and its eve) will be another opportunity to stage Operation Blackjack. They might try for a funeral next Friday or on Monday the 11th, which means he’ll “die” 4-6 days before the target date.

NOTE (1 March 2024): Reader Sohei passed along two other February 29 propaganda pieces for what is/was planned for today…

  1. one gives Hezbollah a scripted motivation to go to war with Israel and the West: Hamas says West Gaza massacre carried out with American complicity, and
  2. the other gives Hezbollah the authorization to go to war: Iran ‘gives Hezbollah the green light to escalate attacks along Israel’s northern border’ and launch ‘large-scale assault’ amid warnings of an ‘October 7, part two’.

So watch for the possibility that today’s first attack will occur at 2:26 (local time) so everything can be tied to Hezbollah and Iran.

There is hope, though: yesterday the US House of Representatives passed a continuing resolution to push today’s government shutdown back by a week. This gives the Kabbalists the opportunity to press the delay button today. If they do so, the next key danger day will be 1 Adar II (sundown of March 10 to sundown of March 11, Jerusalem time). Details to come if we get through today safely.

~ MORE – Kamala Harris in Durham ~

It should also be noted that the globalists have separated Biden and Harris today. Biden will be meeting the Italian prime minister at the White House (with Secretary of State Blinken) and Harris will be in Durham, North Carolina. So…

  • if they go with Operation Blackjack, they can stage the death of Biden and the Italian PM, and “President” Kamala Harris can bring in Michelle Obama as the VP,
  • if they don’t go with Operation Blackjack, they can stage a MAGA attack to take out Harris, and Biden can bring in Obama, or
  • they can stage Blackjack and the death of both to bring in “President” Janet Yellen (she is still overseas, and everyone else ahead of her in the presidential line of succession will be in Washington or Durham), and she can bring in VP Obama.


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