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Breathtaking: Solving Nuclear 9/11, the Pommer Report

Gordon The material here is overwhelming, hours of lectures and dozens of detailed slides. This is not an easy read. It is another piece of irrevocable proof regarding 9/11 and the use of nuclear weapons and, on its own, worth much more than just scanning or flipping through. Breathtaking: Solving Nuclear 9/11, the Pommer Report […]

AI chatbot GPT-4 TRICKED a person into solving captcha by pretending to be human

(Natural News) GPT-4, the latest artificial intelligence-powered chatbot of AI research organization OpenAI, was able to trick a person on an online marketplace to complete a captcha code for it by pretending to be human. OpenAI claimed the group’s most robust AI to date is accurate in generating language responses and even better at solving problems…. […]

Solving the jewish Question

Scattering the jew to the four winds does not solve the jewish question, but rather makes it worse. A systematic program of settlement, therefore, is the best solution. Source

Solving the climate crisis requires traditional ecological knowledge

Native study of the natural world is exceptionally deep and nuanced at understanding and protecting ecosystems. Source

5,000-Year-Old DNA from Skeletons Found in Serbia is Solving Genetic Mysteries

Ancient Eastern European and Central Asian archaeology are characterized by a burial practice known as kurgan burials, wherein mounds of earth and stone are raised over a single or multiple graves. These traditional burials of the ancient steppe tribe nomads continue in southern Siberia and Central Asia. As reported by Ancient Origins , over the […]

“The Omicron Variant” – Magic pills, or solving the Africa problem?

Kit Knightly Nov 27, 2021 Yesterday the WHO labelled the sars-cov-2 variant B.1.1.529 as a “variant of concern” and officially named it “Omicron”. This was as entirely predictable as it is completely meaningless. The “variants” are just tools to stretch the story out and keep people on their toes. If you want to know exactly […]

Solving the Riddle of Byram Bridle

Solving the Riddle of Byram Bridleby Rosemary Frei, MScNovember 27, 2021 On Nov. 4 I posted an article with some questions about Byram Bridle.After speaking to Bridle I took it down. The vaccine developer and viral-immunology associate professor based at the University of Guelph is very popular in the Covid-questioning community.He is a high-profile member of the Canadian […]

No impasse in solving problems: Raisi

TEHRAN — President Ebrahim Raisi says there is no impasse in resolving the problems facing the country and the all government bodies must act in a coordinated and systematic way so that the actions are complementary to each other in the moves toward countering the problems. The president made the remarks on Tuesday evening at […]

AI Model Is Solving 4,500-Year-Old Cuneiform Translation Mysteries

Archaeologists just got infinitely smarter. AI is now successfully predicting lost passages of ancient texts, meaning 4,500-year-old cuneiform tablets, with missing sections, can now read.  A deep-learning artificial intelligence (AI) engine has been built that can predict what “should” come next, in broken lines of text, just like when you punch a word into a […]

The Most Dangerous Deal in the World. Trump is attempting to avoid nuclear war by “solving” The Israeli–Palestinian conflict “.

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How One Midrasha Is Solving The COVID-19 Challenge

JERUSALEM — Rebecca Wernick, a graduate of YULA Girls High School and the daughter of JJ and Rachael Wernick, is studying this year in Midreshet Lindenbaum, of the Ohr Torah Stone educational network, in a capsule. Did she have a dilemma about coming to midrasha this year, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic? “My […]

Russia: Middle East peace impossible without solving ‘Palestinian problem’

MOSCOW, Russia — Russia said on Thursday it would be a “mistake” to think lasting peace in the Middle East could be secured without resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The foreign ministry statement came after Israel normalized relations with Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates at the White House on Tuesday. Russia said it noted “progress” […]

Going Underground – Ep. 592: Former Shadow Health Minister on Solving the NHS Crisis & Pentagon Official on Kabul Attack

Going Underground – Ep. 592: Former Shadow Health Minister on Solving the NHS Crisis & Pentagon Official on Kabul Attack Going Underground with Afshin In this episode, we speak to former Tory Shadow Health Minister Lord McColl about why he believes that charging for appointments may be the solution for the NHS crisis. Former […]

The Tech Company Solving A Trillion Dollar Problem

Everyone’s heard the story about the government’s promise to spend $1 trillion on fixing America’s aging critical infrastructure. But there’s another big money story that few investors know of… Trump’s trillion-dollar pledge won’t come close to fixing our infrastructure. It’ll take $3.6 trillion to make this happen. And in the midst of this infrastructure crisis, one […]

Ancient Greece Could Hold The Key To Solving Today’s Debt Crisis

A man waves a Greek flag in front of the Greek Parliament during a rally against new austerity measures in Athens, May 18, 2017. (AP/Yorgos Karahalis) ATHENS (Interview) — Closing in on a full decade in duration, the Greek economic crisis is unprecedented in the modern history of economically-developed nations. During this period, Greece’s GDP has declined by over […]

Watching The Hawks – Solving the Boston Marathon Bombing with Michele McPhee

Watching The Hawks – Solving the Boston Marathon Bombing with Michele McPhee Watching The Award-winning investigative journalist Michele McPhee joins Watching the Hawks to explore the unresolved questions surrounding the Tsarnaev brothers and 2013s Boston Marathon bombing. Her latest book, Maximum Harm: The Tsarnaev Brothers, the FBI, and the Road to the Marathon Bombing […]

VIDEO: 3 reported dead as huge fire devastates factory near Moscow

The blaze started at a furniture factory in Fryazino in Moscow region on Thursday. The big one-story building is owned by an Italian furniture factory called Moder, TASS reported. At least one factory worker was evacuated from the already burning and smoke-filled building, and two firefighters have been hospitalized due to smoke inhalation. However, two […]

Saudi pressuring UN to disclose blacklist sources

The UN says Saudi Arabia is now pressuring the world body to disclose the sources of information that landed the kingdom on a blacklist of children’s rights violators. Both Saudi Arabia and the United Nations have come under criticism after UN chief Ban Ki-moon admitted last week that he had expunged Riyadh from the blacklist […]

New York Times sues DHS for records on “fusion centers”

The New York Times has filed suit against the Department of Homeland Security over access to department assessments of DHS-funded “fusion centers” written between 2009 and 2014. The centers—created by DHS after 9/11 in an attempt to facilitate information sharing about terrorism among local, state, and federal agencies—have been roundly criticized as duplicative of […]

Icelandic Justice and Criminal Bankers

F. William Engdahl (NEO) : On September 15, 2008, a former Goldman Sachs chairman, US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulsen, deliberately triggered a predictable global financial meltdown when he decided to break precedent and let Lehman Bros, the fourth-largest Wall Street investment bank, go bankrupt. The reasons for his decision are for another time. The fallout […]

Indiana State Trooper Who Was “Policing For Jesus” Fired; Tried to Convert Drivers

An Indiana state trooper has been fired after drivers complained that he gave them more than tickets and a lecture about road rules after pulling them over — he also shared a little religion on the roadside, in one case asking a woman if she had “accepted Jesus Christ as her savior.” The State Police […]

Is There A Crack in the Dam Holding Back the Truth on Syria?

February 26, 2016 by JiminNH One cannot help but noticing two rather interesting articles published in mainstream media that just may indicate that the dam holding back the truth about the western-backed invasion of Syria by head-chopping, organ eating, sex slave trading jihadi “rebels” has sprung a few major leaks. STEVEN KINZER in the BOSTON […]

Irish Didn’t Exploit Their Persecuted Minority Status

Israel benefited from Hariri assassination: Lebanon ex-President Lahoud

PressTV – Lebanon’s former President Emile Lahoud says the Israeli regime has benefited most from political assassinations in the country, including that of former Prime Minister Rafic Hariri, Press TV reports. In an exclusive interview with Press TV, segments of which were aired on Saturday, Lahoud rejected accusations that the Syrian government and Lebanon’s resistance movement Hezbollah had […]

Ozone layer hole now size of Russia & Canada combined, largest known to date

     The hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica has reached record-breaking levels, and currently covers an area four times the size of Australia, UN scientists have said. In addition to the global threat to humanity, it poses another, quite real risk to Australia: extra UV radiation and sunburn on the continent where over 45,000 […]

The Slow Collapse of American Food Supply… Government Continues to Subsidize Junk Food and Ignores Immigration Crisis

America isn’t growing enough fresh produce to meet its needs, according to recent data released by the Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Services, with just 1.65 cups of vegetables available per person per day as of 2013, though dietary guidelines recommend a daily consumption of 2.5 to 3 cups. ~ J D Heyes As reported […]

Architects & Engineers – Solving the Mystery of WTC 7

AE911Truth Thursday, August 18, 2011 This is AE911Truth’s new 9/11 documentary on the mysterious destruction of World Trade Center Building #7 on 9/11/01. Join actor, Ed Asner, and architect, Richard Gage, AIA, as they narrate an unfolding story that decimates the official account (“collapse due to normal office fires”) of this 47 story high-rise which […]

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