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Mammoth Hybrid To Be Made Using Asian Elephants

An American company has announced its plans to create a woolly mammoth hybrid using Asian elephant DNA. Based on the now extinct woolly mammoth, the company’s team of genetic scientists claim their new creature will help in the fight against climate change. Before we begin, unlike almost every other reporter on the planet I will […]

#BackToTheWild: 13 captive elephants to be rewilded from Kent, England to Kenya

In a first of its kind, 13 elephants will be rewilded. The elephants, which were born in captivity in England, will soon leave Howletts Wild Animal Park in Kent and head back to Kenya, Africa. A mission to be completed by The Aspinall Foundation, an organization that’s committed to returning rare and endangered animals back […]

Death of 18 endangered elephants in India under investigation

Eighteen endangered elephants were found dead in an Indian forest preserve in the northeastern state of Assam. While a lighting strike is to blame for the deaths, authorities in India are investigating the situation. A local forest ranger said he saw burnt trees in the area from the lighting strikes, but some wildlife advocates are […]

People in Thailand ride elephants to mark National Elephant Day

Elephants were made to dance as people rode them in part of a display on Thailand’s National Elephant Day. Wildlife advocates have long denounced the brutal taming of elephants so they can perform tricks for tourists. A dozen elephants also received large helpings of food to mark the day in Ayutthaya. A Buddhist monk blessed […]

‘A crime against nature’: Sale of African elephants linked to corruption, critics fear

Namibia is asking for bids for the wild animals, saying the country has too many, and citing increasing conflicts with humans.   Any foreign buyers must show they can offer quarantine facilities and have permission from conservation authorities in their home country, authorities insist. STOP THE ILLEGAL WILDLIFE TRADE We are working with conservation charities […]

A good way to be kinder to elephants is to stop riding them

Image Credit: Lady Freethinker This article was produced by Earth | Food | Life, a project of the Independent Media Institute. Elephants are chained to small dirt circles covered in feces and are only allowed a brief moment of reprieve from their tethers to unwillingly carry around tourists on their backs. While this may sound […]

Footage Of Camels And Elephants At Sea Spark Fears Of ‘April Apocalypse’

Video footage of pairs of camels and elephants swimming in the middle of the ocean have sparked fears that an ‘April Apocalypse’ is about to occur.  In a clip posted to social media, elephants and camels can be seen making their way through deep sea water, unfazed by the unusual surrounding. reports: The scenes […]

A Fight to the Death for the Elephants

A Fight to the Death for the Elephants December 22nd, 2017 Via: Los Angeles Times: Kambale Mate huddled beneath a tangle of grass, looking up at bright stars in a moonless sky, a tumble of chaotic events cascading through his mind. Where were the […]

President Trump saves the elephants of Zimbabwe: Big game hunting trophy ban to remain in place

(Natural News) Believe it or not, the murder of elephants with hunting rifles is routinely called “conservation” by government regulators. (Note carefully that human depopulation is also being promoted as a way to “save the planet” these days.) After government bureaucrats at the US Fish and Wildlife department announced a recent decision to allow big […]

TNT-sniffing elephants could soon be assisting landmine-location efforts in Angola

(Natural News) The 27-year Angolan Civil War has left indelible marks on the former Portuguese colony. The most enduring of these are, undoubtedly, the millions of undetonated landmines underneath the Angolan countryside. Tens of thousands of people have been seriously wounded or killed by landmines. In a bid to solve this crisis, people have turned […]

Ivory Trade To Be Banned In The UK To Protect Elephants

Next Story Elephants are pretty incredible beings! Not unlike ourselves, they often live to be 70 years old, they genuinely mourn the deaths of their loved ones, and they have a huge capacity for feeling emotions. They also use their feet to listen, picking up on vibrations in the ground, and can hold memories, with […]

Shocking Footage Shows Elephants Being Captured In Zimbabwe For Chinese Zoos

Next Story Can you imagine being locked in a cage for your entire life? Not knowing what it’s like to be outside those walls because you can’t actually remember a time when you weren’t locked up? Sadly, this is the reality for so many animals. Whether they’re living in zoos, aquariums, factory farms, or any […]

These elephants just saved a baby calf from drowning, demonstrating planning, intelligence and compassion

(Natural News) Nature is full of marvels, from the spectacular display of the Northern Lights to the power of the sun to help our bodies produce miraculous Vitamin D. That is why it is such an outrage when people destroy what nature has given us, whether it’s via fracking, pollution, or spraying toxic weed killers […]

Elephants are conscious beings with BODY awareness, new experiments reveal… are they smarter than humans?

(Natural News) “Dumbo” may be a misnomer. Elephants may be more intelligent than we thought — and trust us,  we already thought very highly of these gentle giants. A team from Cambridge University said in a new study that elephants have high levels of self-awareness; an ability that doesn’t develop in human children until at […]

Hospital Lets Pets Visit Their Sick Humans To Make Them Feel Better

Juravinski hospital in Ontario, Canada allows pets to visit their seriously ill humans. The hospital adopted a program called Zachary’s Paws for Healing, launched by Donna Jenkins. She was inspired by her 25-year-old nephew, Zachary, who benefited greatly from having his dogs around him while he was battling Hodgkin’s lymphoma. “While Zachary was in the […]

Uri Avnery – Bibi, Hitler and the Mufti – Veterans Today

Herbert Samuel, British High Commissioner of Palestine with the Jerusalem church leaders in 1922 – He appointed Mufti Husseini by  Uri Avnery,   … with Gush Shalom, Tel Aviv The Jerusalem Mufti meets Himmler [ Editor’s note: My my, Uri is fired up at the slight given to his holocaust, by none other than the […]

Continue The Fight For Civil, Political And Environmental Rights

Print Friendly Above Photo: From During this, the longest election campaign in Canadian history, many amazing movements were born and strengthened. People went door-to-door getting their communities to care about issues that matter.   Now that Stephen Harper and the Conservatives are no longer dragging Canada down, we need to continue to build the […]

5 Delicious Fall Recipes That Actually Include Pumpkin Spice

Another autumn has crept up on us quickly, and with this change in weather comes the flurry of  pumpkin spice everything. It was in 2004, in fact, that the pumpkin spice phenomenon really took off, after Starbucks introduced their Pumpkin Spice Latte nationwide. And ever since, the obsession with this flavor has simply taken over the season, flooding advertisements and […]

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