Vote With Your Wallet: The Top 5 Black Friday Deals (Parallel Economy Edition)

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This Christmas, don’t give a penny of your hard-earned money buying gifts from corporations that hate you.

Last week, Apple, Comcast, Disney, IBM, and more announced they were willing to pull the plug on X based on their trust in fraudulent allegations from Media Matters.

These companies don’t value free speech, they don’t have a spine, and they will never learn until they get hit where it matters most: their wallets.

Would you fund your enemy in a war? Then, why would you support companies that stifle anti-narrative opinions?

Vote with your wallet. Here are five businesses that share your values with Black Friday deals to empower you and your family’s health.

The Wellness Company has emerged from COVID-19 as a pioneering force in alternative health. The Wellness Company champions doctors like Peter McCullough and Harvey Risch, focusing on a holistic approach to medicine rather than a pill for every ill.

SUPP25: 25% off all supplements, including Spike Support Formula (contains nattokinase).

MEMBER20: 20% off TWC memberships.

KIT15: 15% off TWC’s medical emergency kit – contains ivermectin, Z-Pak, Zofran, and 5 other essential medications.

KIT15: 15% off TWC’s COVID emergency kit – includes ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, Z-Pak, and budesonide.

Click Here to See Black Friday Favorites from The Wellness Company

Naked Organs expertly harvests the nourishing power of bison organs in its signature product, Bison Trifecta. Founder Shawn MacDonald says, “These bison organs are Mother Nature’s miracle – providing nutritional and hormonal support like no other food source on Earth.”

Shawn MacDonald and family.

• Bison Heart supports heart health, cognitive function, and athletic performance.

• Bison Liver enhances menstrual vitality, promotes radiant skin through collagen production, and nurtures liver health.

• Bison Kidney provides immune support and histamine intolerance relief.

Save 20% off Naked Organs: Bison Trifecta with Discount Code TRUSTED20

U.S. Marine veteran, Texan beef rancher, and CEO of Prepper All Naturals, Jason Nelson, has vowed never to sell mRNA-tainted beef. “I’ll shut down the company before we ship a single bag of mRNA-injected meat,” he said.

Prepper All Naturals offers sous vide, freeze-dried beef cubes from the whole cow that are shelf-stable for 10-plus years. They don’t sell “beef crumbles” or other low-quality beef leftovers. They sell Ribeye cubes, NY Strip cubes, Tenderloin cubes, and premium beef cubes.

Save 15% at Prepper All Naturals with Discount Code STOCKUP

Touchstone Essentials is a zeolite company that offers pure and simple solutions to help people detoxify from heavy metals.

Zeolite is a rare natural mineral, created through a reaction of volcanic ash and seawater. It can cleanse the body down to the cellular level, which helps with the treatment of ailments such as chronic fatigue, frequent headaches, skin issues, sleep problems, and more.

Touchstone Essentials is offering $50 off its flagship zeolite product, Pure Body Extra (with auto-ship).

Touchstone Essentials is also offering 25% off all their products with discount code BFCM2023.

Dr. Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko was more than a doctor; he was a divinely-inspired person. And his fearless, unapologetic way of truth-telling had a profound impact on the world.

Although Dr. Zelenko is no longer with us, he’s still helping people with his world-class nutraceuticals. From COVID and flu to detox to sleep to kids’ health, Dr. Zelenko’s formulas are there when you need them.

Save 20% off all products at Z-Stack Life with Discount Code ZFAMILY

This Christmas, it’s absolutely vital to buy from businesses that share your values. This is a small yet impactful way to vote with your wallet, cancel those doing the canceling, and give power back to the people.



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