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Senator, Show Me To The Kiddy Playground Graham, From Sodom & Gomorrah On The Potomac Which Has Terrorized People All Over The World Since 1861, Wants Russia Declared a “State Sponsor of Terrorism

On Sunday, Show Me To The Kiddy Playground Graham, who on several occasions has called for the assassination of President Vladimir Putin, a violation of international law and an international war crime, caterwauled “Let’s make Russia a state sponsor of terrorism under US law”, Show Me To The Kiddy Playground Graham told CBS’ Face the […]

The Big White Cat House In Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac Does Not Expect Arab States To Weaponize Oil

The White Cat House has been right so often.Right???Right??? Lets see, the White House said Spain blew up the USS MAINE which led to the Spanish-American war. Modern technology has proved Spain did not blow up the MAINE. The White House said World War One was a war to end all wars.That’s really worked out […]

White Whore House In Sodem & Gomorrah On the Potomac hopes to Steal More Loot From Struggling Americans To Give To Ukraine and IsraHell

Nitwityahoo quote from 2002 The measure could push pro-Israel Republicans to support new assistance for Kiev Top White House officials are considering whether to include more Ukraine funding in an emergency aid package for Israel, multiple news outlets have reported. One staffer suggested the move would force “far-right” lawmakers to authorize additional aid for Kiev. […]


The Rothschild’s bribed and blackmailed pedophilic politicalprostitutes from Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac and the Ratschild’s MSM whores are all screaming for war with China. Let’s see a show of hands how many working class Americans want war with China. I don’t see any hands. Yet if war with China was forced on Americans […]

White Cat House in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac Gets To Keep Mass Murdering Little Yemen Children For The Rothschilds

It was announced today the communist Israhell citizen Sanders Made it possible for the Mossad blackmailed Hands all over little girls Biden seen here kissing Israeli ass to keep mass murdering little Yemen children for Israhell. One twist to this is the USA run by Non Semitic red Russian Turkmen Mongolian Khazarian Mafia members who […]


FIRST! I do not trust the red Russian Khazarian KGB agent the Puntinister farther than I can piss on him.But he is not stupid. Looking at red Russia’s track record, I do not trust Russia farther than I can piss on them. COUSIN GEORGE S PATTON PISSING IN THE RHINE RIVER OFF A BRIDGE HIS […]

ME FIRST!!!! Ted Cruz Wants So Very Badly to be President of Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac

For you folks who are not Texicans from the Occupied Republic of Texas, the above photos are left: The Scalawag member of the Occupying sub corporation of the War Criminal USA Corporation, ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’, a “senator” of the USA Corporation flying out to sunny Cancun last year while children, women and old folks […]

Potomac Pipeline Granted Maryland Permit With ‘Special Conditions’

Potomac Pipeline Granted Maryland Permit With ‘Special Conditions’ Above Photo: Five pipeline fighters were arrested for blocking the entrance to the Maryland State House on March 14, 2018./Photo by John Zangas The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) granted Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC a wetlands and waterways permit for the Eastern Panhandle Expansion, also known […]

Potomac Pipeline Fight Zeroes In On Maryland Governor

Potomac Pipeline Fight Zeroes In On Maryland Governor Above Photo: By John Zangas Annapolis, Md. — Those opposed to gas infrastructure in Maryland have stepped up their campaign to influence Gov. Larry Hogan, and he may be feeling the pressure. About 250 people rallied on Lawyer’s Mall in front of the Maryland Statehouse on the […]

WV & MD Unite To Oppose Potomac Pipeline

Above Photo: From SHARPSBURG, MD- On Saturday, October 14, hundreds of concerned West Virginia and Maryland residents joined hands over a key Potomac River bridge to send a powerful message urging Governor Hogan stop TransCanada from building a fracked-gas pipeline underneath the treasured river. Click here for a photo album on Flickr and here for videos […]

‘Kayaktivists’ Tell Gov. Hogan To Reject TransCanada Potomac Pipeline

Above: All photos by Anne Meador of DC Media Group. The Potomac River Pipeline creates serious environmental risks to the Potomac River and the millions of people downstream who depend on the Potomac for water. Communities in the area of have been protesting the pipeline and escalated with a Kayacktivist action on August 11, 2017. […]

No Pipelines Under The Potomac Camp To Launch

Above photo: From No Potomac Pipeline Facebook Page Standing Rock to Hancock: CampOut to Stop the Potomac Pipeline From Standing Rock to Hancock people are rising up to resist fracked gas pipelines in their community. Following a historic fight in Maryland, where we became the first state with gas reserves to legislatively ban fracking, we […]

Derangement and Danger on the Potomac

     The horrific shooting spree on the practice field of the GOP’s congressional baseball team happened early yesterday morning, but it was hardly the end of Wednesday’s madness on the Potomac. As it happened, the former was apparently another random eruption by of one of America’s sicko lone wolves — a wretch in the same […]

Dallas shooting: Law enforcement’s use of vehicle based IED to kill suspect raises a few questions

     Last nights shooting and killing of several policemen in Dallas, Texas is still somewhat mysterious. At one point the Dallas police chief asserted that four attackers were working together with rifles and triangulating themselves in positions for the attack. Two of them were reported as snipers on roof. This led me to estimate that […]

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