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Health – Exciting News Announcement: A Bright New Chapter Unfolds!

Dr Mercola STORY AT-A-GLANCE Good news: We have decided to remove all restrictions on our content. We migrated all our content from our Censored Library on Substack back to, and will refund all subscription fees. So, all content will again be available on, for free My journey has led to the discovery of […]

Exciting News: Media Blackout (Top 10 Missed Headlines) Is Turning into a Full-Fledged Show!

Meet your host, top independent journalist Maria Zeee. This milestone would not have been possible without your staunch support and the @VigilantNews team. Episode 1 airs this Sunday (12/10/23) at 6 p.m. Eastern time. Subscribe so you don’t miss it. I hope you all like the show. Thanks again for your support! Source

Reality Check Radio NZ – an exciting challenge to lamestream media coming soon!

[embedded content] NEW ZEALAND Don’t miss a beat! Sign up here to be the first to know when RCR goes live: Welcome to Reality Check Radio (RCR), the long-awaited voice of reason in an age of cancel-culture, censorship, and false narratives. If you’re sick and tired of the compromised ‘bought-and-paid-for media,’ you’re going to […]

This Tailgate Cheesesteak Recipe Is More Exciting Than Football

Fine dining and tailgating may not seem like adjacent concepts — but here’s the thing: For all a football stadium parking lot typically lacks in decorative tea candles and wall-to-wall carpeting, it provides in ambiance of its own. Think about it: There’s a dress code of sorts, a soundtrack, a particular etiquette. The vibes may […]

TIFF 2022 : An Exciting Lineup of Worldwide Features

When the Toronto International Film Festival 2022 stands just around the corner, the preparations for the fun and excitement are well underway. King Street West, which is known as the Festival Street for Torontonians, is fully embarked on the surprises it has to offer. The street will stop its traffic for the first three days (Sep […]

Most Exciting Finds From The Gjellestad Viking Ship So Far

It was in the May of 2020 when a 1,000-year-old Viking ship burial site, the Gjellestad Viking ship, was planned for extensive excavations. The site was discovered in 2018 and since then Ancient Origins  Read more Section:  Artifacts Other Artifacts News History & Archaeology Read Later 

Exciting changes to my Substack

This issue marks one year since I launched this Substack. The support I’ve received has been stupendous. Thank you so much to all my subscribers, paid and unpaid alike. This newsletter is number one on Substack under Palestine and is even in the top 10 under “Israel”! But my proudest achievement came in June when […]

The 10 Most Exciting and Extraordinary Artifact Finds Of 2021

2021 was a bumper year for the discovery of obscure, odd and unexpected artifacts all around the world – and even beyond! From the golden tongued mummies of Egypt, a bullet-shaped metal anomaly in a 4.5-billion-year-old meteorite, a Fenris runestone, Roman battering rams dragged from the Med, intact 2,400-year-old fruit baskets and more… Here is […]

“Rare, Exciting and Complex” Mayback Viking Sword Discovered On Orkney

Among several finds at a Viking burial site on Papa Westray, Orkney, is “a rare, exciting, and complex artifact” – a Mayback sword in the form of a Pedersen Type D, associated with the 9th century. The find from 2015 is now being carefully examined for post-excavation work, and it is confirmed to be one […]

“European history is sometimes messed up, but it is also exciting.” Romano Prodi

He is considered one of the fathers of the euro and a staunch supporter of EU enlargement. As a former president of the European Commission, and two-time prime minister of Italy, Romano Prodi has called on EU leaders to show courage in the face of the current political and health challenges posed by Brexit and […]

Exciting potential: How to IMPROVE your brain function with melatonin … especially valuable for older people

(NaturalHealth365) According to a recent report published in Alzheimer’s and Dementia Journal, Alzheimer’s disease – the sixth leading cause of death in the United States – claimed over 121,000 lives in 2019 alone, before the pandemic had swept the nation.  Meanwhile, the Alzheimer’s Association has released a sobering new statistic – deaths from Alzheimer’s disease […]

In-N-Out Unveils Exciting New Menu Item, The ‘Let’s Go Brandon’

IRVINE, CA—In-N-Out isn’t known for changing its menu, with the fast-food burger joint offering the same burger, cheeseburger, and Double Double options for many years. But the Cali favorite has made an exception, introducing a fun new menu item, the “Let’s Go, Brandon!” The burger is 45 patties all stacked up on top of each […]

The Most Exciting Medical Breakthrough Of The Decade?

But, what if, instead… they could “consult” a phone app with the power of hundreds of doctors? That’s exactly what will be available weeks from now when’s (CSE: TRUE; OTC: TREIF) and their big tech platform for healthcare, deliver the breakthrough  AI app Cara launches. After five years in beta, we think that they are about to disrupt […]

‘It’s thrilling, exciting and terrifying’: NASA prepares for first helicopter flight on Mars

Ingenuity hitched a ride to Mars nestled under the belly of the Perseverance rover, which landed on the Red Planet in February. The helicopter, which will only work for 31 days and can fly for 90 seconds max, is intended to demonstrate that flight is possible on another planet, which could open the door for […]

Saint Patrick: When the True Story is More Exciting than the Legend

The 17 th March marks Saint Patrick’s Day, or the Feast of Saint Patrick, a cultural and religious holiday celebrated every year in Ireland and by Irish communities around the world.  The celebration marks the anniversary of Saint Patrick’s death in the fifth century and represents the arrival of Christianity in the country. The Irish have observed […]

‘Important and Exciting’ Ritual Bath Dating to Jesus’ Time Discovered Near Mount of Olives, Gethsemane

JERUSALEM — The Israel Antiquities Authority has announced the discovery of a Second Temple-era ritual bath near what has been believed to be the site of the Mount of Olives, appearing to confirm that the location is indeed where Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane. Up until now, there had not been any archaeological […]

Changes to US Betting Law and an Exciting Future for Gaming?

Earlier this month the Supreme Court made a decision that is likely to have an immense impact on gambling in the USA by ruling to strike down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. What this decision means in practice is that it will no longer be necessary to go […]

Black Mirror: An Exciting Sci-Fi Netflix Thriller Or A Dire Warning For Where Humanity Is Heading?

Next Story There is no doubt about it, our society is welcoming more and more technology into our lives, at an alarming rate. It has already taken over many aspects of our lives from communication, to shopping, to banking, to virtually all aspects of our lives. In many ways it’s great, we are advancing at […]

Extra-virgin oil may hold the key to preventing the Alzheimer’s disease, exciting new research discovers

(Natural News) According to new research, consumption of extra-virgin olive oil may reduce the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s disease (AD). The researchers behind the study, which was published in Annals of Clinical and Transitional Neurology, singled out this key component of the Mediterranean diet as an effective preventative measure against the neurological disease. Led by Dr. […]

Summary of the Coordinated Sexual Assaults by Immigrants Against Europeans on N.Y.E.

Globalist Prophecy Watch: Update 5 – Dear Muslims, the Jews will use the Imam Mahdi to destroy you (+ How and why Obama will turn the US military against Israel & The 1st Mahdi candidate)

Behold two Jews pretending to be Christians who are talking about the Muslim Messiah, the Imam Mahdi… …Link According to the script the Cabalist Jews have written, the Imam Mahdi will be unveiled at roughly the same time Putin is declared the Judeo-Christian Mashiach/Christ (so around this September). And by joining hands with Putin, this […]

Fake News: The BBC’s Uses “Old 2014 Video Footage” in 2016 Madaya, Syria Report

Source Article from

Fake News: The BBC’s Uses “Old 2014 Video Footage” in 2016 Madaya, Syria Report

Source Article from

Pentagon Plans for Renewed War in Libya

Reports abound of foreign troops presence and plans for major western deployment Gen. Joseph F. Dunford, Jr., the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was quoted recently as saying that the United States is preparing in conjunction with its imperialist allies a renewed military campaign in Libya. Speaking as if the U.S. had a […]

Westward Seafood Offering Exciting Careers

by John Vogel   Westward Seafood has recently teamed up with leading military job board Hire Veterans.  They are currently offering exciting careers to Veterans in the seafood industry.  Have you ever dreamed of moving off to Alaska and trying something new?  Now that dream can be a reality with careers being offered in Alaska […]

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