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Sometimes You Have To Laugh at Stupid S#it to Keep from Crying Headline-New evidence shows the CIA has turned on the American people

From the rolling around on the floor laughing my ass off till I shit & piss myself. “The CIA’s job isn’t to turn its “intelligence” apparatus against Americans, but shockingly, that’s exactly what seems to be happening. Let’s rewind a bit. The January 6th rally was meant to be a pivotal moment, a gathering of […]

Sometimes They Really Are Out to Get You

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL well that sure does maybe explain why so much of this felt like a milspec psyop… Jeez, can you imagine if they did something like this in the US? Because this sure seems like waging info-war on your own people… Yikes. Republished from the author’s Substack el gato malo is […]

Vets puzzled by new, mysterious and sometimes fatal respiratory illness making dogs sick all over the U.S.

Vets puzzled by new, mysterious and sometimes fatal respiratory illness making dogs sick all over the U.S. Veterinarians all over the United States are investigating an unusual respiratory illness that’s making dogs sick. These same doctors warn that this long-lasting illness is not responding well to antibiotics. Veterinarian Dr. Amanda Cavanagh, section head for the […]

Sometimes The Hero, Sometimes The Knave

‘Sometimes The Hero, Sometimes The Knave’ Each new life is a new stage with a new part to play-Sometimes the hero, sometimes the Devil, who is to say- The gods decide which part is the current one-Though there is nothing new under this very old sun- The warrior prince who saves his people from ruin […]

Password Bot Admits It Sometimes Says ‘Incorrect Password’ On Your First Try Just To Mess With You

THE INTERNET — Humanity’s suspicions were finally confirmed today, as the password bot has confessed to sometimes saying “incorrect password” on the first try just to mess with people. Source

Ancient Scots Were Sometimes Born Apart But Buried Together

Nine ancient Scots were buried in a mass grave in eastern Scotland some 1,400 years ago. However, a new study in the Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences journal shows they were born in surprisingly distant regions. Professor Kate Britton of Aberdeen University is the lead author of a new study into the bodies, and she said […]

“European history is sometimes messed up, but it is also exciting.” Romano Prodi

He is considered one of the fathers of the euro and a staunch supporter of EU enlargement. As a former president of the European Commission, and two-time prime minister of Italy, Romano Prodi has called on EU leaders to show courage in the face of the current political and health challenges posed by Brexit and […]

Prosecutor Tells Jurors Not To Worry About Retaliation, Sometimes You Just Have To Take A Beating

Prosecutor Tells Jurors Not To Worry About Retaliation, Sometimes You Just Have To Take A Beating KENOSHA, WI—Following their “not guilty” verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, jurors today received a message from the prosecution attorneys. The message stated: “We wish to thank you for your service in this case and your diligent deliberation. We […]

And the Nominees Are… Sometimes Jewy

Hold onto your invisible kippahs (especially while drinking water during the impeachment trial), because the Bagels are talking awards show nominations, challenging Hollywood to create more thoughtful Jewish portrayals, and wishing a mazal tov to Steven Spielberg on being named the Genesis Prize Laureate for 2021. Plus, Erin knows Broadway musicals so well that she can […]

Sometimes, it’s GOOD to be angry, research says

(Natural News) Very few people like to spend most of their time ticked off about something, but a growing body of research indicates that sometimes, just sometimes, getting really angry is actually good for you. As noted by NBC News, most everyone has experienced periods of blind rage — being so angry ‘you can’t see […]

Intuition: Helpful… Sometimes

April 26th, 2017 By Jack Adam Weber Contributing writer for Wake Up World Intuition: from the Latin “intuir”, meaning ‘knowledge from within’. Intuition can be a helpful resource. It can offer direction, especially when the way is unclear, or when the path forward and towards healing proves circuitous. However, intuition is often glorified, often to […]

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