Sometimes The Hero, Sometimes The Knave

‘Sometimes The Hero, Sometimes The Knave’

Each new life is a new stage with a new part to play-
Sometimes the hero, sometimes the Devil, who is to say-

The gods decide which part is the current one-
Though there is nothing new under this very old sun-

The warrior prince who saves his people from ruin and the grave-
The sacrificial lamb who seems to the unknowing a knave-

A wise man leading his people through the parted sea-
The sinner who’s lust a stumbling block to his people to be-

The spiritual leader warning of repentance needed for a national wrong-
A wanderer who sold his birthright for short dance and a fleeting song-

The Beast at times when that is what is needed most-
The savior of his people in another life, the benevolent “holy ghost”-

At times a judge when his people have strayed far from the Creator God-
A Shepard who herds the sheep against their will to safety with the violence of an iron rod-

The Devil who persecutes the wayward evil soul-
With redemption to the path of Light and life the ultimate goal-

The truth teller which the evil hate-
The welcomer of the soul-less demonically possessed at Hell’s own gate-

A creature too complicated, too multidimensional for the masses to comprehend-
A creature who with his mind the elements and forces of nature to his will can bend-

A creature as diverse and constantly changing as the wind blown sand-
He is whatever is needed at a point in time, whatever of him the gods demand-

It is all decided on the other side beyond the vail-
lives lived fading to myth and legend, left to history to tell-

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