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The Occult Significance Behind the Number 3

Throughout human history, the number three has always had a unique significance, but why? If we look back in history at ancient mankind, no matter which culture we observe the number three has always been present, and of extreme importance. What is it about the number three that makes it so important that it is […]

Japan’s Energy Policy and its Significance for Russia

Just as decades ago, coal remains a strategically important fuel for the world. Despite the constant talk of greenhouse gas emissions and the complete phase-out of coal, the disappearance of this fuel from the market would lead to the collapse of the global economy. It is quite natural that the world’s four major coal consumers, […]

Special Significance of Protecting Boral River  

If people in India are told that the Ganga and Jamuna meet in Bangladesh then they will not believe this easily as they know very well that the Ganga and the Yamuna/Jamuna meet at the famous sangam (confluence) near Prayagraj, or near the city of Allahabad, a very famous place of pilgrimage as well as […]

The Spiritual Significance of the White Stag Killed by Police in Britain

Last weekend a white stag was running through Merseyside, and instead of taking great care to protect this beautiful and rare creature, the British police shot it. From BBC: A rare white deer was shot dead by police after it was spotted running through the streets of a town.People in Bootle, Merseyside were shocked when […]

You can’t understand Afghanistan without recognizing the significance of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs)

The U.S. foreign policy elite and some of the mainstream press are already trying to rewrite the history of Afghanistan War. Here’s a young reporter asking Biden spokeswoman Jen Psaki two days ago, “Does the president envision any situation in which he might deploy a large amount of U.S. troops abroad under his presidency?” He […]

‘One can’t underestimate the significance of this victory’: How Bay Area activists Blocked the Boat

Last week activists successfully stopped an Israeli cargo ship from offloading in Oakland. The Volans is a container ship operated by the Haifa-based Zim Integrated Shipping Services Ltd (ZIM), a company which has been a target of the BDS movement for years. The effort was led by Arab Resource and Organizing Center (AROC). Mondoweiss spoke […]

معركة تحرير مأرب… أهميتها وتداعياتها The battle to liberate Marib … its significance and repercussions

** Please scroll down for the English Machine translation ** حسن حردان طرح البدء بمعركة تحرير مدينة مأرب، التساؤلات حول مدى أهميتها وتداعياتها على مسار الحرب والتسوية السياسية ومستقبل اليمن، لا سيما أنّ التقدّم الكبير الحاصل في الميدان الذي يحققه تحالف اللجان الشعبية والجيش اليمني قد أدّى إلى رفع منسوب درجة اهتمام الدول الغربية بمجرياتها.. لما لذلك […]

The Struggle for Space: On the Significance of Religious Minorities

Are we losing the “in-built” measures of modernity in the religious minorities’ struggle for reclaiming equal and free space in India? The answer rests in the response of India’s religious minorities to the state of its shrinking democracy. Four Christian women including two nuns were travelling together in a group by Utkal Express from Delhi […]

Essential Message of Mahatma Gandhi Has More Significance in An Increasingly Troubled World

Nearly 73 years after he left us, victim of an assassin’s bullets, many people grappling with the  most serious problems and issues in our troubled world are increasingly realizing the great value of several essential messages Mahatma  Gandhi left behind after a very eventful and even more thoughtful life. One of these relates to understanding […]

Johnny Enlow Sees Prophetic Significance For Trump in the Super Bowl

QAnon conspiracy theorist and supposed “prophet” Johnny Enlow streamed a “special prophetic broadcast” on his YouTube page Monday morning in which he sought to reveal the supposed prophetic significance in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Super Bowl victory Sunday night. Enlow, who claimed in January that the result of the college football national championship game was […]

The anniversary of Rabin’s assassination and its significance

This article was published on the 1995 bulletin of the St. Ives Association in Jerusalem in Hebrew after the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin, who was killed on November 4, 1995 by Yigal Amir, after Rabin initiated the Oslo Peace Accords. It was translated into English by Ofra Yeshua-Lyth and is reprinted with permission from the […]

The Significance Of The Nuclear Ban Treaty

Peter Kuznick answered the following questions from Mohamed Elmaazi of Sputnik Radio and agreed to let World BEYOND War publish the text. 1) What’s the significance of Honduras being the latest country to join the UN’s Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons? What a remarkable and ironic development, especially after the U.S. had been […]

The Occult Significance Of The Number 6

I often see people trying to figure out the significance of the cube in occult studies and its relationship with Saturn, so I decided to write a quick article to demonstrate the importance of the number 6 and what it means in relation to Saturn and the cube. The number 6 is the building block […]

Jordan Peterson Explains the True Significance of the Illuminati All-Seeing Eye

Dylan Charles, Editor Waking Times When symbols are misused for political or authoritarian purposes, their meanings can become confused, twisted and misunderstood, even flipped entirely. An example of this is the swastika, which was first seen in carvings dating back 12,000 years, and has been a symbol of well-being, good fortune and prosperity to […]

A moment of significance and opportunity for Ethiopia

By Graham Peebles Since November 2015 unprecedented protests have been taking place in Ethiopia. Angry and frustrated at the widespread abuse of human rights and the centralisation of power in the hands of the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), tens of thousands have taken to the streets. The ruling party’s response to this democratic outpouring […]

The Potential Significance of Next Month’s “Great American Eclipse” (+ a P.S.)

Have a look at the path of totality (the narrow band along which the Sun will be 100% blocked) of next month’s solar eclipse… …from It cuts through America (and only America), and it appears as though “the gods are putting a slash through America, canceling it out.” August 21, 2017 is “the day […]

The (In)significance of Baghdadi Being "Dead"

Reports have once again emerged that the supposed leader of the self-proclaimed “Islamic State” (ISIS), Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was killed – possibly in a recent Russian airstrike in Syria. News confirming the death of Baghdadi, would appear to have significant implications regarding the terrorist organization and its now global-spanning operations stretching from North Africa, […]

The Potential Significance of Next Month’s “Great American Eclipse”

Have a look at the path of totality (the narrow band along which the Sun will be 100% blocked) of next month’s solar eclipse… …from It cuts through America (and only America), and it appears as though “the gods are putting a slash through America, canceling it out.” August 21, 2017 is “the day […]

Support of the Oppressed: The Significance of International Al-Quds Day

     Al-Quds is the Arabic name of Jerusalem, Islam’s third holiest city after Mecca and Medina. International Al-Quds Day is important for Palestinians and the whole world, as Jerusalem is a holy city, a city of three divine faiths. Al-Quds International Day is held on the last Friday of Ramadan each year. It’s a day […]

FEMA simulation warns unstable food supply may cause 395% spike in food prices across America

(NaturalNews) The globalist powers are planning for a real-life Hunger Games scenario in the next 15–20 years, according to new reports. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) says food prices are likely to quadruple all across the U.S. between 2020 and 2030, and that many people could end up having to fight for […]

Former Mayor of NYC and Billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s Presidential Bid?

Multi-billionaire/former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg reportedly has advisors preparing plans for a possible independent presidential bid. He’s unhappy about Trump’s likely Republican nomination and both Democrat contenders. Earlier, he considered a third-party run, deciding he couldn’t win. What makes him think now is different, he’ll have to explain. Forbes reported his net worth at […]

Foreign hunters target rare Gazelle

Hunters from neighboring countries who enter Iran under the guise of leisure travel hunt the rare Persian gazelle in Khuzestan Province seemingly with impunity. The endangered gazelle, a subspecies of the goitered gazelle, was long thought extinct in Iran until it was spotted again in the 2007, but it may very well be heading for […]

Iran’s Velayati praises Tehran-Beirut ties

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Head of the Strategic Research Center of Iran’s Expediency Council Ali Akbar Velayati hailed political relations between the Islamic Republic and Lebanon as “outstanding” and said the two nations share common stances on regional and international issues. “The political relationship between Iran and Lebanon is excellent and outstanding,” Velayati, who is also […]

German Police: “No Idea” Who is Entering

The German police have “no idea” who is coming into Germany and have not been able to register 90 percent of the nonwhite flood entering the country, the German Police Union has warned—as new figures show that the invasion numbers are increasing to almost 15,000 per day. In a strongly-worded interview with the dpa […]

New Russian military might on full display in Syria

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