The Potential Significance of Next Month’s “Great American Eclipse” (+ a P.S.)

Have a look at the path of totality (the narrow band along which the Sun will be 100% blocked) of next month’s solar eclipse…


It cuts through America (and only America), and it appears as though “the gods are putting a slash through America, canceling it out.” August 21, 2017 is “the day America will be eclipsed.” Given the astrological obsession of the “elite,” don’t be surprised if they try to turn such negative expressions into actual reality.

If you think about what could take down America after August the 21st, the end of the fiscal year on September 30 comes to mind. The looming battle over the federal budget and debt ceiling could easily be scripted to go south and lead to a fiscal reckoning for the US.

Currently, the “extraordinary measures” that are keeping the government funded are projected to be expended by early to mid-October, and that’s not accounting for any black swans that might pop up between now and then. If we were to get caught up in a tussle with China / North Korea or Turkey, or if we were to experience a sudden breakdown of Obamacare, we could run out of money weeks sooner.

Although there are a million ways the globalists can script a sudden American fall, my “favorite” scenario looks something like this…

1) a sudden hemorrhage of money caused by a “Trump mistake” triggers the debt ceiling
2) Congress removes Trump when they move to free up emergency funds
3) Pence assumes emergency powers “to deal with the crisis”
4) Pence takes us to the brink of nuclear war with Russia to distract people from the coup

Getting back to the eclipse, though, the Time and Date article provides excellent information on it. They also have a page that goes into the myths and superstitions that surround solar eclipses, such as the one the “elite” might employ…

I’ve already ordered a pack of eclipse glasses and a pair of solar binoculars. You might want to get yours before the last-minute rush.

Much love…

(P.S. – Same Day) – Here’s some good news for me: the next American eclipse in 2024 will pass right over Fort Worth…


P.P.S. – Thinking about the 2024 eclipse passing over me in seven years got me thinking about my life. I started blogging seven years ago and have changed dramatically over that time. What kind of person will I be in seven more years? Now I have a date with destiny to find out.

(P.S. – 11 July 2017) – A few readers have contacted me to point out that if you track the paths of the 2017 and 2024 American eclipses (shown in pink), they form an “X” over America…

…From That’s worth keeping in mind I suppose.

But to show how ridiculous a person could get with all this eclipse stuff, if you add in the 2023 annular eclipse (shown in orange), a sideways “A” is drawn over America. “A” for “Antichrist”???…

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