The Spiritual Significance of the White Stag Killed by Police in Britain

Last weekend a white stag was running through Merseyside, and instead of taking great care to protect this beautiful and rare creature, the British police shot it.

From BBC:

A rare white deer was shot dead by police after it was spotted running through the streets of a town.People in Bootle, Merseyside were shocked when they saw the wild animal roaming about on Sunday morning. The RSPCA said it had advised police to “leave the deer as it would make its own way back home” eventually. But Merseyside Police said officers decided to euthanise the deer after growing concerns it might be dangerous for motorists and pedestrians.

The most obvious thing our readers might consider is how it was a white stag that was shot down in the streets, while the White indigenous British people are being genocided by government policy, and British police protect the child sex slavery gangs of foreign invaders (euphemistically referred to as grooming gangs.)

There is great occult significance in this story as well. If one is familiar with the deep symbolism surrounding the white stag, they would know it is definitely not a good idea to kill one.

Killing a white stag carries a harsh warning across many cultures, and is said to bring terrible luck to whoever slays it.

The white stag is a symbol of innocence, purity, and vulnerability, since its white color makes it stand out against its background.

The myth of the White Stag pops up throughout countless cultures – from Celtic to even Hungarian mythology. Despite the broad spectrum of beliefs, the stag is consistently symbolic for a number of themes such as purity – with the unusual white coat symbolising an unwavering innocence.

The appearance of the stag is also synonymous with the delivery of a message or great change. In many tales, the appearance of such an otherworldly being is seen to be a sign from the beyond – and is considered equally as much of a good omen as bad. (Source)

The white stag is connected to secrets, spirituality, and the ancestors.

White Stags are elusive, so they have symbolic ties to secrets, the unknown, and the ancient mysteries. Their elusive nature, allowing them to move like a ghost across the fog-filled forest, also gives the beast ties to the world of Spirit and the Ancestors. (Source)

For Christians, the white stag represents Christ.

In Christian art, like the mystical White Unicorn, the White Stag represents Christ. Sometimes, the White Stag wears a golden crown and chain, both of which are emblems of Christ’s suffering for all of humanity. Here, the color white takes on a different connotation, symbolizing deep spirituality, illumination, faith, humility, protection, perfection, and the Heavens. Stories tell of people meeting a White Stag that inspires tremendous spiritual changes in the individual. (Source)

The mystical animal pops up in pop culture as well. It appears in Snow White and the Huntsman, The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, and it is the “spirit animal” of the main character in Harry Potter.

Think about what the British police have symbolically done by murdering this animal, while also enforcing the COVID tyranny and White genocide policies of the government. They are killing the connection to spirit, innocence, purity, and ancestors. However, there is a price that will be paid for this act, and spiritual vengeance can take many forms.

This stag appearing in the streets of Merseyside (and receiving no mercy) was an omen, a message from the otherworld, and we had better pay attention.

The story reminds me of when two wild horses showed up to stop men from cutting down a sacred tree in Newbury.

There is still magic and wonder in our world and our enemies are doing everything in their power to stamp it out with their darkness.

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