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UK tells starving Venezuelans: Your $1.7 Billion of Gold is Now Ours

    In its prolonged freezing of Venezuelan assets, the UK continues to withhold 31 tons of its gold stored at the Bank of England, with a new Supreme Court ruling supporting the seizure. The recent decision, CNN reported, “ruled that recognition of heads of state and government was solely the responsibility of the British […]

US Foreign Policy Condones Starving Children; The “Fugitive’s” Crime is Working to Help Starving Venezuelans’ to Circumvent U.S. Starvation Sanctions So They Can Eat

That’s what’s being fought for in the slow motion third world war that the empire is waging against unabsorbed governments like Venezuela, Syria, Iran, Russia and China. And that’s why those unabsorbed governments are fast at work moving away from the dollar in response. “The US rogue state just ripped up every international law, after imprisoning and now extraditing […]

The US Is Starving Venezuelans In the Name Of Democracy

Above photo: Massachusetts Peace Action. The Biden administration granted Temporary Protected Status to refugees from Venezuela, which will permit them to live and work in the United States. This is the right thing to do, and it is a break with the previous administration, but there need to be more significant changes to U.S. policy towards Venezuela. […]

US Sanctions Are Starving Syria

 Leading Syria scholar Joshua Landis on how crippling US sanctions are devastating Syria’s people and hindering post-war reconstruction. In a new article for Foreign Affairs, scholar Joshua Landis and former Obama administration official Steve Simon write that US sanctions on Syria “further immiserate the Syrian people, blocks reconstruction efforts, and strangles the economy that sustains […]

Watching The Hawks – Starving From War & March for Our Lives | Watching the Hawks on RT America |

Watching The Hawks – Starving From War & March for Our Lives | Watching the Hawks on RT America | Watching The A steady surge in conflicts around the world are causing a spike in hunger rates. RTs Ashlee Banks reports on the March for Our Lives that saw nearly a million protestors descend […]

Yemen War: 400,000 Children Starving, UN Report Says

The war in Yemen has left 400,000 children starving to death and another 5,000 dead, according to a shocking UN report.  In a report released Tuesday, Unicef said that almost 2 million Yemeni children were out of school and fighting for their lives, a quarter of them since the conflict escalated when a Saudi-led coalition […]

Socialism in action: Starving Venezuelan mobs ransack food banks, slaughter grazing cattle on private farms

(Natural News) Widespread food shortages in the socialist mecca of Venezuela are creating mass panic, as roving hordes of starving people are reportedly now ransacking food collection centers and supermarkets in search of anything they can find to satisfy their hunger. Economic conditions have gotten so bad throughout the country that some folks in extreme […]

THIS is socialism: Venezuelan children are STARVING to death as food must now be delivered under armed guard

(Natural News) All of the various economic models employed by dictators, thugs, and autocratic rulers worldwide have produced nothing but misery, hardship, and death, yet far too many American Millennials are supportive and even fascinated by them. They are, in no particular order, communism, Marxism, and socialism. Communism, as practiced by the Soviet Union, was […]

‘Soul-crushing’: Filmmaker captures ‘slow, painful death’ of starving polar bear (VIDEO)

The emaciated bear was filmed just “hours or days” from death as it searched for food on the barren and iceless Baffin Island – Canada’s largest and the fifth largest in the world. The heartbreaking footage was captured by the conservation group Sea Legacy while filming a documentary over the summer. READ MORE: Alaska problems: […]

The Saudi blockade of Yemen is starving kids and killing thousands, so why is Washington still defending it?

The Saudi blockade of Yemen is starving kids and killing thousands, so why is Washington still defending it? Saudi Arabia on Saturday intercepted and safely destroyed a missile aimed at the capital city of Riyadh by Houthi rebels in neighboring Yemen, where a Saudi-led coalition is intervening to oppose the rebels in the Yemeni civil […]

UN: Saudi Arabia Blocking Aid Delivery To Starving Yemenis

Saudi Arabia’s decision to shut down Yemen’s air, sea and land borders has prevented the UN from sending aid to the war-torn country. UN spokesman Farhan Haq said on Monday: “There were no flight clearances granted to our flights today…We expected to have two flights going and those are on hold for now” He said […]

UN: Saudi blockade hindering aid delivery to starving Yemenis

Press TV- The United Nations has said that Saudi Arabia’s decision to shut down Yemen’s air, sea and land borders has prevented the UN from sending aid to the war-torn country. “There were no flight clearances granted to our flights today…We expected to have two flights going and those are on hold for now,” said […]

I Am In Guantánamo Bay. US Gov Is Starving Me

Above Photo:  ‘They have stopped feeding us before but this time feels different.’ Photograph: Mladen Antonov/AFP/Getty Images Google is blocking our site. Please use the social media sharing buttons (upper left) to share this on your social media and help us breakthrough. I haven’t had food in my stomach for 23 days. The 20 September was […]

(((Western Alliance))) Starving Entire Nation of Yemen to Death

Eric StrikerDaily Stormer June 5, 2017 Last month, President Kushner personally facilitated a $100 billion dollar arms sale to Saudi Arabia in order to bolster their disastrous military campaign against Yemen. The conflict in Yemen is complicated. The Houthi rebels, who are pro-Iran Shi’ites, have formed an alliance with the legitimate – […]

Nordic Frontier #16: Spring Budget with Starving Pensioners and Crying Jews on a Yarmulke Walk

Nordfront April 28, 2017 Domestic News: Sweden Democrats still rolling high in the latest poll. Sweden in turmoil. Sweden Democrats had 13% in the election 2014, now they are rolling in on almost 26%. People like the comfort of the Social Dems. Swedes more ecstatic about our nation’s demise Survey number one, […]

Western officials criticize Damascus in public but secretly deal in private not to upset US – Assad

“They attack us politically and then they send officials to deal with us under the table, especially the security, including your [the Australian] government,” Bashar Assad told SBS News reporter Luke Waters. “They don’t want to upset the United States,” the Syrian leader said. “Actually most of the Western officials only repeat what the United States […]

Ride against terror: Belgian bikers’ rally pays tribute to Brussels attacks victims

READ MORE: ‘ISIS, go away. Belgium isn’t yours’: Thousands march against terror & hatred in Brussels (PHOTOS) Between 300 and 500 bikers took part in the rally, according to Belgian media. The demonstration was partially organized by the bikers group “Motards en Colère” (Angry bikers). The bikers arrived in Belgian capital to “to honor the […]

Lavrov: Russia adapting foreign policy to adapt to new multipolar order

     Moscow is working out a new concept for Russian foreign policy that will reflect the current transition to a multipolar world, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said, adding that this global trend presents new challenges for all global powers. “The international situation remains mosaic and controversial. Along with this, a common tendency could be […]

Turkish MP charged with terrorism, revealed Daesh’s source of sarin gas

     Eren Erdem, from Turkey’s opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP), who revealed that Daesh terrorists had obtained sarin gas supplies through Turkish territory, now faces terrorism charges in his country; the lawmaker says that the accusations are based on some “secret witness statements” without any documentary evidence. Eren Erdem, the deputy of Turkey’s CHP political […]

China warns US that Asia-Pacific will become ‘second Middle East’ if provocations continue

     Obama’s much-hyped “pivot to Asia” seems to be going smoothly: China has now warned that the Asia-Pacific risks becoming a “second Middle East” if the US continues its policy of encroachment in the region. How delightful. Beijing’s warning came after Washington inked a new deal with Manila which will allow American military forces access […]

Leonardo DiCaprio Uses Oscar Win Speech To Call Out Corporate Greed. And He Has A Message For You

Leonardo DiCaprio was finally given an Oscar for his achievements in the film industry last night. It’s not secret that many believe he earned an Oscar well before his recent role in The Revenant, but now he’s given us even more to talk about than this well-deserved honour: his opinion about corporate greed and politics. I […]

Over 20 blasts in Damascus as ‘terrorists shell residential areas’ – Russian military

Over 20 blasts were registered earlier Saturday over a period of five hours, Kuralenko said. The information on the shelling was immediately passed to the US coordination center in Amman, the military said, RIA Novosti reported. READ MORE: Russia suspends all Syria airstrikes on areas & armed groups included in ceasefire – General Staff There […]

New Training Requires Police to Shoot You “Only Twice” and Then Stop

Nicholas Iovino | Courthouse News Service SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – Responding to calls for reform after a fatal police shooting, the San Francisco Police Department on Wednesday unveiled new training methods that require officers to shoot only two rounds at a time. The changes came more than two months […]

Famed Economist Joseph Meyers- “The Collapse Is Here”- CSS Today at 4PM EST

  Davie and Sheila will interview famed economist Joseph Meyer today at 4pm EST.  After listening to this interview, you will conclude it is time to make different decisions with regard to your money. Are we on the verge of an economic collapse? What, […]

British MPs touted "Kosovo success" as reason for Syria bombing – Revealing their true goals and intentions

     Kosovo is often cited by liberal interventionists as NATO’s success story and now a reason for attacking Syria. However, the ongoing lawlessness in the country shows nothing could be further from the truth. In 1999, NATO bombed Yugoslavia for 78 days, culminating in the withdrawal of Yugoslav troops from the Serbian province of Kosovo. […]

“Let Turkish Aviation Fly Now”, President Putin on S-400 Deployment in Syria

Syria Free Press Turkey will not be able to violate the Syria airspace after Russia had deployed S-400 defense system in Hmeymim airabse, Russian president Vladimir Putin told journalists during the press-conference in Moscow. With Russia’s deployment of the S-400 anti-aircraft system, Turkey will not be able to violate Syria’s airspace with impunity, as they had previously done, Russian […]

Iran’s Ski Police To Enforce Morality On Damavand Slopes

Iran is to deploy ski police to enforce segregation between men and women and to prevent immoral offences by the skiers, according to a police commander. The slopes to the north of the capital Tehran and part of the Elburz mountain range are segregated and women are not allowed to ski in the absence of a […]

After 1.2 Million Views, /pol/ Migrant Crisis Film Removed from YouTube

Daily Stormer November 13, 2015 After 1.2 million views, and on the verge of going completely viral after it was posted on Breitbart, the /pol/ migrant invasion documentary entitled “With Open Gates: The forced collective suicide of European nations” has been removed from YouTube. In it’s place appears a copyright claim from “[Merlin] IDOL.” This […]

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