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My Socialist Hell: Venezuelans Await Maduro Sham Elections, ‘Opposition’ Primaries with Apathy

The Maduro regime has its eyes set on holding a presidential election in 2024 and is inching towards a plan — one that would in all likelihood result in a sham vote “reelecting” the dictator. Source

UK tells starving Venezuelans: Your $1.7 Billion of Gold is Now Ours

    In its prolonged freezing of Venezuelan assets, the UK continues to withhold 31 tons of its gold stored at the Bank of England, with a new Supreme Court ruling supporting the seizure. The recent decision, CNN reported, “ruled that recognition of heads of state and government was solely the responsibility of the British […]

Venezuelans Turn to Gold Nuggets as the Local Currency Implodes

Dealing with physical gold in fractions of a gram seems extremely cumbersome, and, are vendors confident that they’re being paid in actual gold? With the use of cryptocurrencies booming in Venezuela, I wonder if people are using any of the gold backed cryptos for the purposes described in this piece? The most bugeyed Cryptogon readers will wave red […]

DHS Mayorkas Dangles TPS Amnesty for 6 Million Migrant Venezuelans

President Joe Biden’s border chief is encouraging many Venezuelans to migrate illegally into the United States by dangling a partial amnesty with a September 2022 deadline. Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas included the encouragement in a supposedly routine August 3 extension of the deadline for Venezuelans who are in the United States to apply […]

The US Is Starving Venezuelans In the Name Of Democracy

Above photo: Massachusetts Peace Action. The Biden administration granted Temporary Protected Status to refugees from Venezuela, which will permit them to live and work in the United States. This is the right thing to do, and it is a break with the previous administration, but there need to be more significant changes to U.S. policy towards Venezuela. […]

Uncle Satan Spreads Death by Starvation to Venezuelans

2 Oct, 2020 17:30Get short URL FILE PHOTO: A man stands as opposition supporters gather in preparation for a rally against Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro’s government in Caracas, Venezuela, July 22, 2017. The graffiti on the wall reads “Hunger” ©  REUTERS / Ueslei Marcelino Follow RT on Tom Fowdy is a British writer and analyst of politics and […]

These Six Banks Have Frozen $4.6 Billion Belonging To Venezuelans

Above photo: Charging Bull by Arturo Di Modica: “Wall Street icon” the symbol of aggressive financial optimism. Flickr/Sam Valadi. The looting, theft and hijacking of resources from Venezuela has been of great magnitude, six banks withhold under the excuse of US sanctions, around 4.6 billion dollars much needed by and belonging to the Venezuelans, currently […]

Hungry, sick and increasingly desperate, thousands of Venezuelans are pouring into Colombia

Despite turning away Venezuelans with cancer or chronic diseases, the hospital treated 1,200 migrant emergency patients last month, up from the handful of patients, mostly traffic collision victims, in March 2015, before the Venezuelan exodus started gathering steam. Source Article from

Shocking Footage Shows Crowd Of Hungry Venezuelans Slaughtering A Cow In The Open

ZeroHedge| Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s plan to order markets to slash prices of food – an attempt to combat speculation and rampant inflation of the bolivar – has apparently backfired as mobs of hungry Venezuelans have started looting supermarkets and slaughtering cattle in the open to survive, Reuters  reports. Last week, we reported on near-riots […]

Venezuelans seeing bitcoin boom as survival, not speculation

As Venezuela’s national currency loses value at a catastrophic rate, thousands have begun turning to the world of cryptocurrency to salvage what little value remains from their increasingly worthless bolivars. “This is not a matter of politics,” Villar said. “This is a matter of survival.” Both poor Venezuelan retirees and wealthy business […]

Venezuelans Reject Trump Threats with Anti-Imperialist March

Colombia grants temporary legal status to some 150,000 Venezuelans amidst crisis

nsnbc : Colombia, on Friday, announced that it would grant temporary legal status to more than 150,000 Venezuelans who entered the country legally and […]

Millions of Venezuelans participate in strike, senior UN diplomat breaks with Maduro

nsnbc : Millions of Venezuelans participate in the 24-hour national strike organized by the Roundtable of Democratic Unity, the Workers’ Confederation, the private sector […]

7.2 million Venezuelans voted against Maduro’s and PSUV’s plan to change the constitution

nsnbc : 7.2 million Venezuelans, in a non-binding plebiscite organized by the Roundtable of Democratic Unity (MUD) coalition, voted against the Maduro administration’s and […]

Venezuelans are flooding into Colombia – and it’s starting to feel like a refugee crisis

A half-hour before dawn, the pedestrian bridges that connect the Venezuelan towns of San Antonio and Ureña with the Colombian city of Cúcuta begin to fill with people. The traffic is circular, as it has been for years, with large numbers crossing in both directions — but those headed into Colombia are greater […]

Violence erupts in the streets as Venezuelans stage massive anti-Maduro protests

     Violent scenes have erupted during demonstrations against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. Photos and videos shared on social media appear to show show protesters and police clashing on the streets in Caracas, the country’s capital. Huge crowds gathered in cities across the country following weeks of violent demonstrations that have left a total of eight […]

Review of correspondence between Presidents of Iran and Iraq on the anniversary of Iran’s acceptance of UN Resolution 598

Diplomatic Battle between Hashemi and Saddam For many people, both Iranian and non-Iranian, the United Nations Security Council Resolution 598 is reminder of the termination of the longest conventional war in the 20th century: The Iraqi imposed war against Iran. From a legal viewpoint, the main importance of the resolution is that it marks the […]

The Dawn of the Homosexual Police State

broken up their order.”  Protocols of the Elders of Zion (16)  Sent to a Marxist style re-education course,  Mark told his employer to go sodomize himself. Makow comment– The subtext of relentless gay promotion and gay massacre psy ops is that straights must accept sodomy as healthy and natural and engage in it. Toleration of gays […]

VIDEO: Venezuelan Mugger is beaten to the floor and burned alive by lynch mob after stealing from people

An alleged thief suffered the most brutal mob justice in Caracas, Venezuela, when he was beaten up and burned alive in the street. Roberto Fuentes Bernal, 42, was reportedly caught trying to mug passersby in the Venezuelan capital, and before police arrived at the scene, the crowd took the law into their […]

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