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Splintering of Babylon & Black Nobility | Conversations on the Fringe with James Grundvig and Alexandra Bruce

Four months ago, Sarah Westall had me on her show, in early January, after the story I posted about the infrasonic tracks discovered in ‘Leave the World Behind’ went semi-viral. I had just been fired by AMP and I was losing money, due to being blacklisted by all the major advertising networks and by being […]

Right Wing Round-Up: From The Fringe To The Mainstream

Matthew D. Taylor and Paul A. Djupe@ Religion News Service: How Trumpism has pushed a fringe charismatic theology into the mainstream Charismatic Christian prophets have gained new influence since becoming identified with the former president. Jerod MacDonald-Evoy @ The Arizona Mirror: Anthony Kern can no longer use broadcast facilities after using them to join a […]

Fringe Science: SSRI Antidepressants Drive Shrimp to Suicide, Are Based on Pseudoscience, and Potentially Contribute to Mass Shootings

“To mimic conditions in the wild, scientists exposed the estuary-dwelling shrimp Echinogammarus marinus to the antidepressant fluoxetine at levels detected in average sewage-treatment waste. Fluoxetine is the key ingredient in the drugs Prozac and Sarafem. Source

No Longer Fringe: Home Schooling Revolution Reshaping American Education

In the ever-evolving landscape of American education, a quiet revolution is taking place. Over the past six years, home Source

The Proud Boys Were Selling Merch at Festival Hosted by Fringe AR-15 Church

In what can only be described as a meeting of minds, the Proud Boys appear to have aligned themselves with an ultra-fringe religious sect in Pennsylvania that worships with AR-15s.  The Sanctuary Church, also known as Rod of Iron Ministries, is run by Pastor Hyung-Jin “Sean” Moon. Moon’s late father founded the international “Unification Church,” […]

A Year On and Trudeau ‘Regrets’ Calling Freedom Convoy ‘Fringe Minority’

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has expressed “regret” for calling the Freedom Convoy protestors a “fringe minority” with”unacceptable views”. Source

Jan. 6 panel reveals new details of Trump’s fringe-driven push to hold power

A swath of Donald Trump’s top advisers and Cabinet officials began urging him to concede defeat by mid-December 2020, after the Electoral College’s official vote to make Joe Biden president, according to testimony the Jan. 6 panel aired Tuesday. The select committee at its Tuesday hearing revealed video of former White House counsel Pat Cipollone, […]

Blue State Blues: Zelensky, Charlottesville, and Judging a Cause by Its Fringe

According to the logic of Biden and the Democratic Party, the distant link between Zelensky and the neo-Nazi Azov movement should be enough to invalidate the Ukrainian cause. Source

Middle Class Hindus Need To Speak Up Even As Fringe Elements Call The Shots

by P.S. Sahni & Shobha Aggarwal   Presently India is fast galloping towards a fascist Hindu state. The Muslim, Sikh, Christian minorities as also the Tribals and Dalits in India are facing threats to their very existence and don’t feel safe anymore. The dilemma in which middle class Hindus find themselves today is no different […]

Media’s Anti-‘Woke’ Mania Moves Social Justice To The Fringe

“Woke” is the label the aggrieved conservative suburbanite puts on the indignity of having to call their Starbucks barista “they” and finding Ibram X. Kendi on their child’s school reading list. But as the Democrats prepare for the midterm election cycle, anti-wokeness has become a key theme about the party’s future. Woke activists have been […]

‘Down the rabbit hole’: Arizona GOP goes full fringe

It isn’t just that Watkins embraces the baseless claim that the November election was stolen. It’s that an entire ticket is running on that falsehood now. The state’s congressional delegation features Rep. Paul Gosar, who spoke earlier this year at a conference organized by a white nationalist, and Rep. Andy Biggs, who falsely maintains “we […]

Rejecting criticism, fringe ultra-Orthodox maintain defiance of COVID-19 rules

AP — Mendy Moskowits, a member of the ultra-Orthodox Belz Hassidic sect in Jerusalem, doesn’t understand the uproar toward believers like him. In recent weeks, ultra-Orthodox Jews have defied coronavirus restrictions by holding big funerals for beloved rabbis who died of COVID-19, celebrating large weddings, and continuing to send their children to schools. The gatherings […]

Trump’s convention elevates fringe views: From QAnon to comparing abortion to the Holocaust

Download App© Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, and analysis from Israel and the Middle East © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved

Lukashenko re-elected as Belarus president with 80% of Vote, Fringe Minority goes out to Riot

Home » Europe, Politics » Lukashenko re-elected as Belarus president with 80% of Vote, Fringe Minority goes out to Riot     The last country in Europe which actually still retains its cultural and religious identity, the cleanest country in Europe and the 3rd cleanest country in Europe, Belarus, has re-elected the man who made […]

The Fringe Cult of Peaceful Coexistence?

April 28, 2018 By Larken Rose This is Larken Rose’s response to the dishonest spin and hit-piece against libertarianism by the well-trained subject of the state, Matt Lieb, of “NewsBroke” who argues against a strawman that has little resemblance to real libertarians. Subscribe to Larken Rose on YouTube, follow him on […]

Miko Peled at Fringe Labour Conference – “holocaust Yes or No”?

Miko Peled at Fringe Labour Conference – “holocaust Yes or No”? The Mirror reports today that the Labour party faces a fresh anti-Semitism row after a speaker at a party conference fringe event called for “free speech to extend to holocaust denial.” Let me assure you, this is not what Anti Zionist Zionist  Naomi Wimborne-idrissi […]

Flimsy Evidence and Fringe Sources Land People on Secretive Banking Watchlist

A corporate database used by banks and other institutions to screen clients for crimes such as money laundering and terror financing has labeled dozens of U.S. citizens as connected to terrorism on the basis of outdated or unsubstantiated allegations. An analysis of a 2014 copy of the database, which is known as World-Check, also […]

Fringe Neocon Wrote Trump’s Saudi Speech

  Millions of Americans were taken in by Donald Trump’s campaign promise to role back military interventionism in the Middle East. Many Americans took Trump at his word despite his remarks on bombing Syria and Iraq, stealing their oil, torturing suspected terrorists, and killing their families. If there is any doubt Trump […]

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