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‘Family Guy’ Mocks Transgender Mania: Boys & Girls No Longer Exist, ‘Just a Vast Sea of Chubby Theys and Thems’

Fox’s “Family Guy” lampooned transgender mania, with Stewie believing he’s experienced his first menstruation.

Does stirring Biden rhetoric impede the new, improved, fascist mania—or reform unjust systems?

Image Credit: Mandel Ngan/AFP via Getty Images Dems talk the talk—but lack the systemic agenda to jam the right-wing coup rampage Nothing of late tarnishes my confidence in this unflappable law of national politics (and much beyond): what is not over time expanding will most likely shrink. This expansion vs. shrinkage model works for science, […]

Dance Until You Drop: The Mysterious Case of Medieval Dance Mania

St. John’s Dance was a social phenomenon involving a type of dance mania that gripped mainland Europe between the 14th and 17th centuries whereby participants literally danced until they dropped. Also known as St. Vitus Dance, these dance mania outbreaks involved afflicted individuals, who could number into the thousands, dancing hysterically through the streets for hours, […]

Media’s Anti-‘Woke’ Mania Moves Social Justice To The Fringe

“Woke” is the label the aggrieved conservative suburbanite puts on the indignity of having to call their Starbucks barista “they” and finding Ibram X. Kendi on their child’s school reading list. But as the Democrats prepare for the midterm election cycle, anti-wokeness has become a key theme about the party’s future. Woke activists have been […]

‘Virus mania’ the book – co-authored by NZ’s Dr Sam Bailey, a must read

Listen at the link: Dr. Sam Bailey244K subscribersA quick overview of our book Virus Mania and Chapter summaries. Virus Mania Paperback: Virus Mania E-book: Virus Mania in New Zealand: NZers who would like to order the book locally for $65 (incl. shipping) please contact [email protected] Virus Mania Audiobook:*Kobo:…*Scribd:…*Chirp:…*Nook Audiobooks:…*Audible:… […]

Lab Leak Theory And Anti-China Mania

Most virologists still believe that COVID-19 is far more likely to have originated naturally, but US espionage and disinformation agencies disagree. “The World Health Organization should be permitted to finish its work without political interference.” It has suddenly become popular to say what was once whispered by just a few people. Politicians and the corporate […]

UK: At Least 69 Monuments and Memorials Removed or Renamed Amid Ongoing BLM Mania

At least 69 monuments and memorials in Britain have been removed, renamed, or altered after Black Lives Matter (BLM) swept the country, according to a Guardian audit. The left-wing newspaper “estimated 39 names – including streets, buildings, and schools – and 30 statues, plaques, and other memorials have been or are undergoing changes or removal” […]

Will Trump’s mania to slice and dice the right help or hurt the progressive agenda?

What happens when a national party badly splinters? In 1992 Bill Clinton collected 45 million votes, convincingly retiring an incumbent president garnering only 39 million votes and 168 Electoral votes. Ross Perot, an outsider, independent/libertarian, hurt Bush I not by winning a state but 20 million votes, denting the right. But Perot the outside spoiler […]

CrossTalking – Memo-mania

CrossTalking – Memo-mania By The release the memo moment is upon us. Republicans are billing it as some kind of silver bullet revealing political corruption at the highest levels of the Department of Justice and FBI. Democrats and their supporters in the liberal media call it a distraction. Finally the public will decide. CrossTalking […]

Machine Mania in the Marketplace: How Computers Came to Own the World

August 3, 2017 By David Haggith With 60% of stocks now being traded by bots that fake each other out in order to create buying opportunities, stock exchanges have lost their connection to the reason markets are created in the first place. The exchanges no longer exist as places for people to […]

How Big Pharma Is Profiting Off Transgender Mania

As someone who has seen a “gender therapist” and was on a waiting list for hormone replacement therapy, I think there is more to the transgender movement than meets the eye. Apologies for my terrible writing, I’m really tired/sick right now. Hi. I’ve never been much of a conspiracy theorist, but after thinking about things […]

SOTT FOCUS: The Health & Wellness Show: The benefits of cold adaptation

     Is cold actually good for you? We’ve all heard stories about long-lived people from Northern Europe and the hardiness of those who live in cold environments, but can these benefits be available to everyone? Can you avoid sickness and infirmity by exposing yourself to the cold? What are the actual mechanisms of how cold […]

Producer of Russia’s Armata T-14 plans to create army of AI robots

Uralvagonzavod, the company that introduced the ‘super tank’ Armata T-14 back in May, is now trying to step away from piloted military technologies and is eager to develop artificial intelligence. “We will be able to show prototypes in 1.5 to 2 years. We are gradually moving away from crewed machines,” Vyacheslav Khalitov, the company’s deputy […]

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