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Turkey and Egypt: Improved Relations — or Another Setback for Erdogan?

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan gives a statement after a meeting in Ankara, Turkey, April 5, 2021. Photo: Murat Cetinmuhurdar/PPO/Handout via REUTERS In a complete reversal of his incessant attacks against the Egyptian government since the 2013 revolution and coup, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has launched a massive media and diplomatic campaign to mend ties […]

UK Medical Official Says Lockdown Has “Improved Life” For Some

The head of the World Health Organisation has labeled it “grotesque” that countries such as the UK and the US are putting their own populations first when it comes to offering vaccines. In a video address, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus warned that the planet faces a “catastrophic moral failure” because wealthier countries are focusing on […]

On JPAC Advocacy for an Improved Ethnic Studies Curriculum

In recent days, several articles have appeared about the proposed Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum in California. Some include inaccuracies and misrepresentations of the plan’s current state and ignore the vital advocacy work that the Jewish Public Affairs Committee (JPAC), the largest single-state alliance of Jewish organizations in the United States, and others accomplished during the […]

This Is The Time To Push For National Improved Medicare For All

By Margaret Flowers, Clearing the FOG. January 4, 2021 This past weekend, new members of Congress voted for the speaker of the House. Given the slim majority of Democrats, progressives urged members of Congress who ran on a platform of Medicare for All to negotiate a floor vote for the Medicare for All bill in […]

The Imperative To Achieve National Improved Medicare For All

NOTE: The Kevin Zeese Emerging Activists Fund is accepting applicants for an unrestricted grant of $20,000 until December 13, 2020. Learn more at And join us for a webinar with Venezuelan social movements on November 18 to hear about their upcoming elections and how we can support their struggle against US intervention. Details at […]

New and Improved iOS Sharing Extensions

Are you using the WordPress for iOS app on your mobile device? Our mobile team is excited to announce a big update to the share extension in the app. The ability to share content from other apps is a core part of the iOS experience. Last fall, we decided that our share extension was overdue […]

Debate Over Strategy For National Improved Medicare For All Continues

Debate Over Strategy For National Improved Medicare For All Continues Above Photo: From On February 1, Margaret Flowers posted “Which Path to National Improved Medicare for All?”, which argued that states cannot enact single payer health systems and that a state-by-state approach will not lead to National Improved Medicare for All (NIMA). The article was […]

7 Ways an Improved Spirituality is Emerging in the Western World

Phillip J. Watt, Contributor Waking Times Finally there is a little more ‘uncommon sense’ sweeping widely across spiritual mindsets in Western communities. Even though there are still many ideological splits – especially in regards to those who lean towards a more gnostic view and those who engage more with new age perspectives – there […]

Which Path To National Improved Medicare For All?

Which Path To National Improved Medicare For All? Above Photo: State-level reforms for universal health care are laudable; they are not single payer. Two states with a long history of state-based healthcare reform efforts, California and New York, are hard at work organizing for state bills labeled as single payer healthcare plans. Other states […]

Response To The Nation: Improved Medicare For All Is The Solution

On August 2, 2017, The Nation published an article by Joshua Holland, “Medicare for All isn’t the Solution for Universal Health Care,” chastising Improved Medicare for All supporters because, in his view, the single payer movement has “failed to grapple with the difficulties of transitioning to a single-payer system.” The article, which doesn’t quote anyone […]

We Need A Senate Version Of Improved Medicare For All

The healthcare debate is expected to go on for a while as the American Health Care Act (AHCA) goes through the process in Congress and Democrats introduce attempts to patch up the failing Affordable Care Act (ACA). Both the AHCA and the ACA treat health care as a commodity rather than a public service. Health […]

Iran to export 1st phase 19 condensate consignment soon

TEHRAN, June 18 (Shana) – Operator of phase 19 development project of the supergiant South Pars Gas Field said the phase’s first gas condensate cargo will be exported within the next few weeks. Hamidreza Masoudi said the phase has so far injected over 100 mcm of gas to the national gas network. Phase 19 is […]

Ban Ki-moon’s decision indicates UN double standard in human rights

Tehran, June 14, The Iran Project – An Iranian lawyer says recent decision of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to remove Saudi Arabia from a blacklist of groups violating children’s rights shows the organization’s double standard and political expediency. Speaking to a reporter on Tuesday, Hossein Mir Mohammad Sadeghi, Legal Assistant of Strategic Research Center of […]

Extremism cannot be confined to a single locality: Iran FM

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says extremism and insecurity cannot be contained in a single locality, country or continent. Speaking at the Thai Foreign Ministry in Bangkok on Friday, Zarif described how the world today has transformed into a globalized environment where nothing can be confined to a particular location. He explained how news […]

Proposed Florida Law Will Protect Pastors who Refuse to Marry Gays

Florida bill would provide “extra layer of protection” for clergy who refuse to marry gays.                                Last year the U.S. Supreme Court ruled same-sex marriage to be a fundamental right of citizens.  As a result of this ruling, there has been much constellation and fallout in conservative Christian denominations that […]

Fake Teen Doctor Arrested

Fake teen doctor arrested A South Florida teenager was arrested for masquerading as a doctor. Authorities say he was cited by the state health department for the same behavior a few months ago. Malachi Love-Robinson, 18 years of age, was arrested after conducting a physical exam and giving medical advice to […]

The Saudis have helped turn the Syrian peace talks into a big fat joke

     An opposition group founded by Saudi Arabia last month is turning the Geneva negotiations into a farce, putting the UN under pressure and refusing to talk to the Syrian government, German newspaper Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten (DWN) wrote. According to the newspaper, the group was formed in December and consists of Islamist fighters who want […]

Missiles exchange fire over Israeli-Lebanese border after killing of Hezbollah commander in Syria

     Lebanese militants and Israeli Defense Force (IDF) traded cross-border fire after the news that Hezbollah commander Samir Kuntar was killed in an airstrike in Damascus. Israel fired artillery over the border after rocket fire hit northern Israel on Sunday. The IDF “responded with targeted artillery fire following the rockets that hit Israel earlier today […]

Pardisan Park is host to two Asiatic cheetahs

Tehran, Dec 12, IRNA – Last winter two Asiatic cheetahs, Delbar and Koshki, were transferred to a preserved area in Pardisan Park, northwestern Tehran. On the occasion of International Cheetah Day, December 4, Tehran Times conducted an interview with Homan Jokar, director of the Asiatic cheetah project. Jokar explained that the two cheetahs have been […]

How Sweden, the most open country in the world, was overwhelmed by migrants

By Fraser Nelson | When it opened 15 years ago, the Öresund Bridge was seen as a glistening symbol of the new Europe. Sweden and Denmark had been joined together by a motorway with no border controls, fusing together economies and even blurring national identities. Many Swedes in Malmö have come […]

Engineers reveal record-setting flexible phototransistor

Developed by UW-Madison electrical engineers, this unique phototransistor is flexible, yet faster and more responsive than any similar phototransistor in the world. Credit: Jung-Hun Seo Inspired by mammals’ eyes, University of Wisconsin-Madison electrical engineers have created the fastest, most responsive flexible silicon phototransistor ever made. The innovative phototransistor could improve the performance of myriad products—ranging […]

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