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Rabbi Friedman, owner of Pornhub, teaches attorneys how to defend pedophiles for shorter sentences


PornHub is Owned by a Rabbi

It’s not a big secret to anyone paying attention that jews have run the pornography industry since its Source

Pornhub revealed the category most watched by Greeks: The World Cup saw a drop in traffic

The standard review it does at the end of each year was published by Pornhub, which revealed, among other things, the category that Greeks enjoy. Pornhub, the well-known website for erotic content, shortly before the end of 2022, made its usual review, from in which we know what category the Greeks prefer the most. For… […]

Epstein Victim Among 34 Suing Pornhub For Posting Videos Of Her Being Abused At Age 10

By Arjun Walia 34 women have come together and accused MindGeek, a parent company of PornHub, a Canadian based company that primarily focuses on pornography, of allowing “trafficked, illegal content” to be distributed on the site. Affiliates, like Visa, are also implicated in the suit. The plaintiffs state that this is a “case about rape, […]

Mastercard will cut ties with Pornhub over smut site’s ‘abusive’ content

Mastercard will no longer do business with Pornhub, after the payment giant investigated the site and found evidence of “unlawful content.” The move comes after a report found the site “infested” with child abuse and rape videos. Missouri Senator Josh Hawley (R) revealed Mastercard’s decision on Thursday, and added that “Visa and every other credit […]

‘F**k your period’: Pornhub urges women ‘self care’ for pain-reducing…orgasm?

The video-streaming platform saw a 1,400 percent increase in ‘women-friendly’ porn searches in the year 2017, so it’s no surprise it’s focusing on this audience by helping them where it hurts – so to speak. READ MORE: ‘For women’ sex videos dominate Pornhub search trends in 2017 Pornhub says it launched the ‘f**k your period’ […]

Sex toys or power tools? Pornhub’s interactive ‘love kit’ baffles public

This isn’t the company’s first foray into interactive sex toys, which are known as teledildonics, by the way. The porn site started selling existing brands of toys that could sync with its own videos in June of last year. Now, the company has launched its own range of gadgets, designed to match Pornhub’s distinctive black […]

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