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Classical Music for Summer

This collection of classical music features songs that evoke the feelings of summer. [embedded content] Share now! Source 00

Epic Classical Music

Long before cinematic scores, composers used their music to take listeners on an epic journey in their minds. This collection has some of the best examples. [embedded content] Share now! Source 00

China beats USA by following Western classical economics!

Every time Republicans smugly say “COMMUNIST China,” they win brownie points from their voters, but the Chinese laugh at this demagoguery. Why? Because, China’s economic model is actually based on the 19th century classical Western economics. Unless America understands this, it will keep losing to China.  Doubt it? Compare the GDP growths of China and […]

Classical Music for Sleeping

Here is a good selection of classical music that will help you relax and enjoy some beauty before drifting off to sleep. [embedded content] Share now! Source 00

Classical Music – Violin

This is a compilation of classical music that is meant to highlight the power and beauty of the violin. [embedded content] Share now! Source 00

Tchaikovsky & Rachmaninoff – Russian Classical Music

This compilation features some of the best songs from two of Russia’s greatest composers. [embedded content] Share now! Source 00

Heavy, Fast Classical Music

Sometimes you do not want classical music to put you to sleep or relax you, but to invigorate you. Here is a good selection of more “intense” (but still beautiful) music. [embedded content] Source 00

Comforting Classical – Uplifting Music for Stress Relief

The musical racket of today is intended to make us anxious, stressed, and discombobulated, which is why classical music can be auditory medicine. [embedded content] 00

Beautiful Classical Piano Pieces

This man does piano covers of classical and pop songs with a reactive visualizer, which helps to really show the skill required to play these songs well. [embedded content] 00

Classical Waltzes

Waltz, (from German walzen, “to revolve”), highly popular ballroom dance evolved from the Ländler in the 18th century. Characterized by a step, slide, and step in 3/4 time, the waltz, with its turning, embracing couples, at first shocked polite society. It became the ballroom dance par excellence of the 19th century, however, and tenaciously maintained its popularity in the […]

Winter Strings Classical Music

Here are some great pieces of classical music inspired by the coldest season. [embedded content] 00

Happy Classical Music – Mozart, Vivaldi, Bach, Beethoven & More

Enjoy a little break from holiday music by listening to these happy pieces from some of the world’s best composers. [embedded content] 00

Classical Music for Winter

This collection features Winter-themed songs from some of the greatest European composers. [embedded content] 00

The Real Reason That Men in Classical Portrayals Were Given Small Manhoods

Today, bigger is widely regarded as better. But was this always the case? This article sheds some light on how the Western culture changed in its phallic preferences. Over the past few decades, pornography has played a role in the infatuation of inflated sizes. But in ancient times, men were intentionally portrayed with small genitals. […]

The Great Depression was used to “break the classical American character.” …

The Great Depression was used to “break the classical American character.” … Henry Makow The Great Depression was used to “break the classical American character.” COVID19 is another example of how the Illuminati bankers use economic crises to advance their political agenda which is a world police state dedicated to Lucifer. by Henry Makow PhD […]

Classical Music for Halloween

Get into the spirit of Halloween (Samhain) the classy way, by listening to some spooky classical music, from some composers you know and some you might not. [embedded content] 00

Mozart Classical Autumn Music by Mozart

Turn off the radio and pipe some of this relaxing and peaceful music throughout your house for a more enjoyable day. [embedded content] 00

Classical Piano Music for Autumn

It can be nice to have some classical music playing throughout the house to help you get into the mood of a season. [embedded content] 00

Classical Music for Autumn

This compilation contains work from some famous composers that evoke the feelings of fall. [embedded content] 00

The Classical Sleeping Beauties of Albert Joseph Moore

Albert Joseph Moore (1841-1893) from ‘Magazine of Art’ (1884). Source: The Victorian Web. Albert Joseph Moore (4 September 1841 – 25 September 1893) – also known as just Albert Moore – was an English painter who became pretty well-known for his depictions of languorous female figures set against luxurious classical settings, artworks which he started […]

Classical Music – Cello Collection

Some of the great classical masters had quite an affection for the music that a cello is able to produce. Here is a good collection of pieces that highlight the cello’s beauty. [embedded content] 00

Classical Lullabies

Some great music from classical composers that are good listening for your and your family before hitting the hay. [embedded content] 00

Classical Music Compilation @ 432 Hz

I don’t know if all the hype surrounding 432 Hz has legitimacy, but it does seem to make some sense. Generally, this solfeggio frequency has been proven to be a healing frequency since it reduces anxiety, lowers the heart rate, and blood pressure. It is a frequency that encourages the synchronicity between both brain hemispheres, […]

Russian Classical Music

Featuring: Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, Rachmaninoff, Rimskij-Korsakov [embedded content] 00

Classical Music: Adagios

Adagios are played in a slow tempo. Featuring: Debussy, Satie, Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi, Bach, and more. Source Article from 00

Annibale Carracci’s Dynamic Paintings of Classical Monumentality

Annibale Carracci (1560 – 1609) was an Italian painter who came from humble origins, as the son of a tailor, to become the pioneer of Baroque art. From The Met: Annibale Carracci (1560–1609) was the most admired painter of his time and the vital force in the creation of Baroque style. Together with his cousin […]

Classical Paintings by Polish Artist Józef Simmler

Although Józef Simmler (1823 – 1868) was born in Warsaw, he came from a wealthy German family, which gave him the funds to pursue his artistry in Dresden, Munich, and Paris. Portrait of Józef Simmler (left) and his brothers (c.1850) The “Death of Barbara Radziwillowna” is his most famous painting, which was originally featured in the Society for […]

Magazine Says Classical Music Is Infested with Problematic White Supremacy (Of Course, What Else?)

Over the week, there have been waves of backlash at The Metropolitan Opera’s newest season announcement. A recent Washington Post made the rounds, taking to task the institution’s insistence on an entirely white and male composer list, as well as a completely male roster of conductors taking the podium. Chicago is especially no exception, as […]

Iranian house design wins A’ Design Award 2015

Nima Keivani’s design, which bore a novel idea to modernize a traditional architectural element (Orsi window), has won the Bronze Award in the Worlds’ largest annual juried design competition that honors best designers, architects, and design oriented companies worldwide to provide them publicity, fame and recognition. “What differentiates A’ Design Award from other international design competitions is […]

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