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The Tallest Rabbi I’ve Ever Known

Rabbi Yehuda Ferris is the tallest rabbi I’ve ever known. Not because he’s six foot three with an Abraham Lincoln-esque black coat and physique, but because the older I get, the taller this man of character grows in my mind. One of the most transformative character traits is the ability to express gratitude. In the […]

China has the world’s tallest outdoor lift

Welcome to the world’s highest outdoor lift. Located in China’s Zhangjiajie Forest Park, it whisks visitors up a cliff face in just 88 seconds. At the top of the 326-metre-high lift, tourists can enjoy breathtaking views. The alternative is a three-hour climb up on foot. The cliff face inspired the landscape for the blockbuster movie […]

Last Year She Planted A Seed, Just 9 Months Later It’s Setting Records As Tallest In Country

Although one grandmother Barbara Thatcher never meant to do it, she now grew the tallest garden flower in Britain. And it all happened because she purchased seeds from the endangered echium pinanana plant. However, this granny didn’t buy them in at her local flower shop, she logged onto the internet and bought them from a […]

Inspired by a Near-Death Experience, This Man is Cloning the World’s Tallest Trees to Save Them

Vic Bishop, Staff WriterWaking Times We seem to have created a culture where destroying nature is both profitable and the cool thing to do, so when an individual or group of people take on the challenge of honoring and preserving our natural world, we can be surprised to find there is hope after all. […]

Rare ‘red sprites’ burst out of supercell storm in Texas

     Very rare ‘Red Sprites’ shoot out of the tops of supercell thunderstorms near Amarillo, Texas. Source Article from 00

Extremist cell behind attacks in Brussels and Paris is being ‘annihilated’

From: Punctuated with gunfire and explosions, a new series of anti-terrorism raids unfolded Friday in the Belgian capital as the French president declared that the extremist cell behind Tuesdays bombings in Brussels and the attacks last November in Paris was being annihilated. The raids here came as French and German […]

Istanbul Mosque Opens Its Doors to Stray Cats on Cold Winter Days

In Istanbul, Turkey, there’s a mosque where you can pray alongside cats. We’re not kitten you! The Aziz Mahmud Hüdayi Mosque’s imam Mustafa Efe has been letting stray cats in since last year. He wants to keep them warm during the cold winter days. Efe makes his guests feel exactly like at home. In fact, […]

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