Musk Approves of Raping Children, Mass Murdering Children, Mass Murdering Humanity, Theft, Lying, Spitting On Christians, Crucifying Jesus & Not Allowing Evil Criminals To Be Brought To Justice

I don’t like Jews and their useful 30 shekel Zionist Zombie “christian bitches stirring up race hate.
I replied to a post saying would Islamics welcome you to their countries, and had a depiction of Islamics getting kicked out of Western countries.

You must understand Islamics have been imported by the Rothschilds and their Jew cult to make war on Western society.
If Jews did not want Western countries being overrun with Islamics, they would not be in Western countries.

I posted this meme.

I noted Jews say spitting on Christians is Jewish tradition.
Do a search on Jews spitting on christians.
Jew run search engines try to obscure it by blaming it on a handful of “orthodox” Jews, but you can not get around the fact Jews spit on Christians in occupied Palestine.

A while back Jews in occupied Palestine tried to make a Christian priest on a trip to Jerusalem take his cross off.

I noted Jews did 9-11.

And I posted a link to this video which ran on TV in occupied Palestine of the Jews making fun of Yeshua called Jesus in the West being crucified.

Mocking Jesus Christ Cruxifiction on Israeli TV

Musk shadow banned (censored) my truth.

“We have determined your post violated
our rules against Hateful Conduct.
You may not promote violence against, threaten,
or harass other people on the basis of race,
ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation,
gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age,
disability, or serious disease.”

Now you will recall everything I said was true, and it was in reply to a post trying to stir up violence against Arabs (Semitic peoples), Islamics (a religion), which is promoting violence against, harassing Semitic Arabs and members of the Islamic religion on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, identity and religious affiliation.

So according to Musk it is NOT hateful conduct for Jews and their Zionist Zombie christian useful bitches to promote violence against, harass Semitic Arabs and members of the Islamic religion on the basis of race,
ethnicity, national origin, identity and religious affiliation, but to point out Jews in Occupied Palestine do so to Westerners and Christians is “HATEFUL CONDUCT”.

Musk must share the Jews disdain for Jesus which the Jewish cult religion teaches his mother was a whore, and he is in hell boiling in human shit.

And they would like to crucify him again!


promotes hate and violence against Islamics, Christians, Westerners and wants to crucify Jesus again and will censor

any truth

which tells the truth

of Jew evil.

Musk is also pro Child Rape.
If he was not, he would not censor FACTS of the Jew Cult’s Babylonian Talmud promoting child rape.

or the prevalence of Child Rapers in Jews occupying Palestine.

Musk is in favor of Mass Murder Via Loaded Syringes, especially murdering the unborn and the little babies.

Musk fully supports by censoring the truth of Pedophile Jews slaughtering innocent children.

Musk fully supports politicians blackmailed with Mossad Jeffery Child Rape Videos starting World War 3 for the Ratschilds.

Musk supports the Rothschild’s WEF forcing Communistic evil on all humanity.
Musk supports the censorship and lies being fed to the masses by Rothschild 30 shekel whore controlled opposition.

And the thought of pedophiles, communist, mass murderers, whored out “media” types, WEF terrorist being given fair Nuremberg Tribunal Common Law trials followed by fair hangings in defense of humanity, makes Musk empty the contents of his colon into his fruit of the looms which has THIS ASS IS PROPERTY OF THE ROTHSCHILDS printed on them.

One might ask themselves why someone who claimed to be on humanity’s side would take the 30 shekels like Judas to betray and make war against humanity?

The Ole Dog!


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