Bill Gates Predicts mRNA ‘Vaccine Factories’ Worldwide and $2 Vaccines for Every Disease

John Campbell, Ph.D., a former nurse and healthcare educator, questioned whether any of Bill Gates’ visions for the future of vaccines — including vaccine patches and inhalable vaccines — are realistic or even desirable.

by Brenda Baletti, Ph.D.

MAY 10, 2024

“Over the next five years, it looks like there’s going to be a lot of money put into innovation of the messenger ribonucleic acid technology [mRNA] and lipid nanoparticles,” medical commentator John Campbell, Ph.D., said on a recent episode of his YouTube show.

Campbell cited a recent interview with Bill Gates and a 2022 “TED Talk,” where Gates laid out his vision for global health in the next five years. Campbell played clips from the talks and offered a point-by-point critique.

In one clip, Gates promoted mRNA as easy, cheap, self-assembling and scalable.


“We just need to mess around” with it in the next five years, he said to make it so. Soon there will be “factories worldwide that can make $2 vaccines with even less lead time than we’ve had to here during this pandemic.”

And those factories will be making those vaccines for every disease, Gates said.

Campbell, a former nurse and healthcare educator, said this all sounded “quite incredible” and doubted any of it could be realized.

What qualifications, Campbell asked, does Gates have to be making such ambitious predictions?

“He’s not a doctor. He’s not a nurse. He’s not a pharmacist. He’s not a biomedical scientist. He’s not a dentist. He’s not a physiotherapist. He’s none of these things … He has no qualifications in these matters.”

“Let me know how comfortable you are with people self-appointing themselves to lead global research on these topics,” he told his viewers.

Campbell’s main concern is that the proposed new mRNA vaccines will put lipid nanoparticles into the blood. The particles don’t stay in the arm, as the public was originally told, Campbell said. They systematically move throughout the body. Because they are fatty, just like the cells in the body, they fuse with them.

“The membranes will combine and they will become one and they will absorb into any fatty surface throughout the body,” he said. “That will mean they will discharge their contents into that cell.”

In the “TED Talk” clip, Gates said the COVID-19 vaccines “saved millions of lives,” but they can still be even better. “We need to invent easier-to-deliver vaccines that are just a patch you put on your arm or something that you inhale. We need vaccines that actually block infections.”

Gates has invested heavily in vaccine patches and is funding research on inhalable vaccines.

Gates also said there would be “innovative new vaccines” that can “eradicate entire families of viruses” like the coronavirus family or the flu families.

He promised such vaccines would “make people healthier” and “shrink the health equity gap” between rich and poor countries.

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Campbell disagreed with most of the points Gates made.

For example, he wondered where the data were to prove that the COVID-19 vaccines “saved millions of lives.”

He said that instead of developing mRNA vaccines for every disease, there should be a “complete moratorium” on using mRNA lipid nanoparticle technology “until we know what the heck is going on.”

And the idea that one could eradicate a class of viruses “just sounds, well, like complete nonsense to be quite honest,” he said, because viruses are part of the planetary ecosystem and they serve a purpose.

Heralding the future of vaccines, Gates said more and better mRNA vaccines would make COVID-19 “the last pandemic.”

“Unfortunately, I don’t think Mr. Gates has the totality of the answer to that,” Campbell said.

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Brenda Baletti, Ph.D.

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