It’s All Over For the Empire of LIES With the Rise of the BRICS Nations; Everybody Likes Russia/China and No One Likes the U.S. Thanks to Victoria Nuland

That’s precisely what the ZOG-controlled West is. Nearly every statement you see from a Western political leader is some sort of lie or obfuscation to advance some demonic Jewish agenda designed to dominate the world.

Lavrov described a number of historical examples showing how Russia and the former Soviet Union has been lied to repeatedly by the West since the conclusion of World War II.

Compare this serious and well thought out speech to the speeches you hear from Western political leaders and it is no wonder why more and more countries are reorienting themselves towards Russia and China.

Comment:  The INSANITY of the West is Clear For All With Eyes to See.  Pictured is Victoria Kagan Nudlemann aka Nuland pushing the Insanity via her State Dept. Job.  She is a Political Whore.


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