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To Get US Residency Requires the Covid Jab

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL It’s helpful to think of a Covid experience as a never-ending house of horrors, with room after room of scandal and outrage, so much so that you never quite get through it. There simply are not enough researchers or column inches to cover it all.  In the past, any one […]

Germany slashes citizenship residency rules from 8 to 3 years to boost naturalizations

Opponents say the move will devalue German citizenship and lead to the abolition of the country’s identity. The duration that foreign nationals must reside in Germany before applying for citizenship will drop from eight to five years, and as low as three years for some, in new plans approved by the country’s federal government on […]

‘Disloyal views’: Lithuania strips Russian residency permits

In a letter seen by Euronews, authorities have asked Russians living in the country who rightfully owns Crimea and their views on the Ukraine war. Source

Israel just voted to strip citizenship or residency from Palestinians convicted of ‘terrorism’

A new Israeli law allows the government to strip citizenship or residency status and deport Palestinian citizens of Israel and Jerusalem residents convicted of widely-defined “acts of terrorism.” Source

Six Migrants All Claim To Be Father of Same Child To Obtain French Residency

Six migrant men from the Ivory Coast have all claimed to be the father of one child in the northern French department of Manche in order that they would each be able to claim residency in France. The court of

Israel revokes Jerusalem residency of Palestinian human rights lawyer Salah Hamouri

Israel has officially revoked the permanent residency of Palestinian lawyer Salah Hamouri from his hometown of Jerusalem on Monday, on the basis of “breach of allegiance” to the state, paving the way for Hamouri’s forced deportation from his homeland.  Hamouri, the son of a Palestinian father and French mother, is a prominent lawyer and human […]

Post-Brexit residency: Many EU citizens face uncertainty as UK deadline arrives

Millions of Europeans have freely lived, worked and studied in the U.K. for decades, but Brexit means that those rights are no longer automatically granted. Britain’s government introduced a “settlement” plan for the country’s large European migrant community in 2019, and the deadline for applications is Wednesday. From Thursday, any European migrant who hasn’t applied […]

Holocaust survivor requests residency for his rescuer’s descendants

A Holocaust survivor in Israel is pleading with authorities there to allow the great-granddaughter of his rescuer to live in the Jewish state with her parents. Simi Liebel has written to Israel’s Interior Ministry asking the ministry to reverse its rejection of the residency application of Marloes Sonnenveld, a university student studying in Jerusalem. Her […]

Top EU court rules gay couples have equal residency rights regardless of country’s marriage laws

The highly publicized case began in 2012 when Romanian LGBT activist, Adrian Coman, and his US partner, Robert Clabourn Hamilton, who were legally married in Belgium in 2010, attempted to relocate to Coman’s home country. ‘Support gay marriage’: Cake row case to be heard at Supreme Court Romania doesn’t allow same-sex marriage so immigration authorities […]

Israel revokes Jerusalem residency of 3 Palestinian MPs, one former minister

Israeli occupation authorities decided on Sunday to strip four Jerusalemite MPs of their permanent residency under the pretext of not being loyal to Israel. Lawyer Fadi al-Qawasmi said that the Israeli Interior Minister Aryeh Deri decided to revoke the residency of MPs Mohammed Abu Tir, Ahmad Attoun, and Mohammed Toutah as well as of the […]

Kushner Companies Seen Hawking Shady U.S. Visa Buying Residency Program to Wealthy Chinese

Kushner Companies Seen Hawking Shady U.S. Visa Buying Residency Program to Wealthy Chinese By Submitted by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a […]

If US-led coalition really fought terrorism, Palmyra wouldn’t have fallen – Assad’s adviser to RT

A day after the ancient city of Palmyra was retaken by the Syrian forces, Shaaban told RT that the western coalition that started its operation in Syria in September 2014 only “pretended to fight terrorism,” but in fact “did nothing” to prevent terrorists from gaining ground. “The satellites could have detected them [terrorists coming to […]


Kathryn Smith, Hired By Buffalo Bills, Becomes NFL’s First Full-Time Female Coach let’s give the goyim spectacle and they will forget their woes…and toss in some CULTURAL MARXISM in that spectacle and we really can undermine the goyim as a collective force ! “The second secret requisite for the success of our government is comprised in […]

Construction Of New Royal Navy Bahrain Base Will Bypass Human Rights

Construction Of Britain’s controversial new Royal Navy base in Bahrain got under way today despite complaints by human rights groups. Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy (BIRD) reports: Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond and Foreign Minister Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa were pictured today ceremonially digging spades into the ground at the site of the new base. […]

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