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Insane Bill Gates and Fauci-Funded Scientist Combines Bird Flu With Deadly Spanish Flu in Gain-of-Function Research

As mainstream media jarringly reverses its 3-year long contention and reportage that the COVID vaccines are “safe and effective,” now acknowledging a study which would almost certainly have previously been censored, a popular v-blogger unearthed, in 2022, a study which shows that a heavily Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci-funded scientist at UW-Madison, Prof. Yoshihiro Kawaoka. […]

Top banker says UK will introduce a “super app” that combines digital ID and financial data

UK Finance chair Bob Wigley has predicted the development of a “super app” that would store a person’s economic digital identity, including credit score ratings and know-your-customer (KYC) data. Source

Heritage Foundation’s New Model Legislation Combines Attacks on Trans Youth and Public Education

The right-wing’s strategic political attack on transgender people and anyone who supports them includes a new piece of model legislation that the Heritage Foundation is promoting to state legislators. The model bill, dubbed “The Given Name Act,” was promoted on social media this week by Jay Richards, director of the DeVos Center at Heritage, and […]

Taiwan combines vaccine passport with digital ID number

Taiwan’s digital COVID-19 certificate, used to verify testing and vaccination status, will now include the individual’s national ID number, reported the Taipei Times.

Chinese Government Combines ‘Track and Trace’ Corona System With Social Credit Score

The Communist government of China has combined its coronavirus ‘track and trace’ system with the country’s notorious social credit score. As the Epoch Times’ Joshua Philipp explains, fears that the new COVID surveillance system would be used for “totalitarian social monitoring” are being realized in China. “The local government of China’s Jiangsu province has launched […]

New drought atlas maps 2,000 years of climate in Europe

Numerous droughts have hit European agriculture over the ages, but their overall extent has been known mainly only from scattered historical documents. Here, an English calendar page, circa 1310, shows men harvesting wheat. Credit: Queen Mary’s Psalter, Wikimedia commons The long history of severe droughts across Europe and the Mediterranean has largely been told through […]

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