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Microscopy Club IS Collective Conciousness.

I was watching an interesting exchange on Substack the other day beneath Karl C.’s post. It started with Hidig Abdi doubting the premise of the experiment altogether. Hidig’s analogy is sound. Karl C. found Hidig’s comment “comical”. He claims “polymers” and Quantum Dots were exploding out of blood cells. Well, what does the Science say? […]

Live Blood Dark Field Microscopy Analysis: Conversation with an Expert in the UK

What it can do & changes seen after the Covid “Vaccine” ANITA BAXAS,MD NOV 19, 2023 I had a very informative and pleasant conversation with Shirah Mustarde near Brighton in the South of England. She is a nutritionist and dark field microscopist since many years. She runs an online training class for health professionals who […]

New drought atlas maps 2,000 years of climate in Europe

Numerous droughts have hit European agriculture over the ages, but their overall extent has been known mainly only from scattered historical documents. Here, an English calendar page, circa 1310, shows men harvesting wheat. Credit: Queen Mary’s Psalter, Wikimedia commons The long history of severe droughts across Europe and the Mediterranean has largely been told through […]

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