Laith Marouf speaking with Dimitri Lascaris; begins at about 18:00; their info and predictions are playing out

I tried to post this last evening but the site was down; it is excellent background and informed opinion about what happened just a few hours later; still worth a listen in spite of being over taken by events.
16,140 views 17 Apr 2024

On April 17, 2024, as the world waited for Israel’s military response to Iran’s unprecedented drone and missile strikes, Dimitri Lascaris spoke with Lebanon-based, geopolitical analyst, Laith Marouf. Marouf argues that Israel is now dangerously exposed, particularly after Iran caused extensive damage to a key military installation near Israel’s border with Lebanon.

According to Marouf, Israel’s military is hiding the damage it sustained in the Iranian attacks, and Hezbollah’s forces have begun to exploit the vulnerabilities resulting from that damage.

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