The Time has Come To Embrace Reality

The time has come to embrace reality-
Or else continue being a sheep and become a fatality-

In the Rothschild’s culling of the Sheeple herd-
Don’t be a clueless worshiper of “government” and authority nerd-

Pull your head out of your indoctrinated ass-
Don’t be a sheep, be a freedom loving man or lass-

This will require joining in convening Nuremberg Common Law Tribunals world wide-
This will require one to stop being a sheep and join humanities side-

Jesus said all baby rapers should be thrown in the deep end with a weight around their neck-
Yes awaking from the Zionist Virus induced trance of perversions can be a traumatic trek-

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth requires the executions of those who did and supported killer jabs-
Of a witches brew voodoo death dart cooked up in Rothschild’s labs-

Political prostitutes starting wars in which the daughters and sons of the working class die-
Based on false flags and the telling of the outright made up from whole cloth big lie-

Overrunning advanced societies with stone aged animals without the ability to control their actions-
Done by the Zionist Zombie Cult’s several different soul-less perverted evil loving factions-

This is not mere revenge for evil done, no it is of a much higher calling-
Least humanity at large should witness the falling-

Of thousands of years of hard work advancing towards a better nobler world for all-
Least by inaction humanity in a zionist zombie induced stupor should drop the ball-

Nay tis not revenge for which the rope on the evil one’s necks must be laid-
It is for prevention of future acts of evil examples must be made-

Memory of tens of thousands of takers of the 30 shekels shitting their pants as their neck snap from the rope-
Seeing those who cheerled the massacre of humanity from politicians and “Journalist” to a pope-

Pay the price for their evil against humanity must be imprinted on the weak willed minds of those who might-
In future settings be tempted to take the shekels to do that which is not right-

Just call mass trails and mass hangings of those who pissed in God’s own face-
A “vaccine” against evil done to the human race!

The Ole Dog!


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