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Iran nomadic people, lifestyle under spotlight in Paris show 

Iran nomadic people, lifestyle under spotlight in Paris show  – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – A photo exhibit showcasing the costumes and traditions of different Iranian ethnic groups is currently underway in Paris, IRIB reported on Saturday.  Entitled “People of Iran”, the exhibit displays a selection of 27 photos by 18 Iranian artists, the report added.  The […]

UAE-Israel Ties under the Spotlight amid Emirati Outreach to Iran

TEHRAN – The United Arab Emirates is again reaching out to Iran to defuse tensions, but this time it’s doing so under different circumstances in the region, where ever-changing dynamics necessitate new approaches. Two days after a senior Emirati official vowed to de-escalate tensions with Tehran, world media reported that a high-level Emirati delegation will […]

Iran-Syria ties under spotlight amid UAE diplomatic outreach

Iran-Syria ties under spotlight amid UAE diplomatic outreach – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – After long years of antagonism, some Arab states are trying out a new approach toward Syria in a bid to revive what came to be known as the Arab role in the war-torn country. The United Arab Emirates and Jordan are leading the […]

Tehran Times LightHouse shines a spotlight on pieces of news you might have missed

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Iraq Elects 2021: The People’s Decision in The Spotlight!

October 10 2021 By Mohammed Sleem The 10th of October 2021 is the day of Iraq’s parliamentary elections. The world is watching the democratic operation as the Iraqis are on spot to elect the best choice for their country, amid severe crises on several levels, especially the economic and political ones. Among the external ambitions, […]

TV Networks Spotlight Border Chaos . . . and DHS Changes Policy

The crush of Haitian migrants at the U.S. border pressured the TV networks to showcase the dramatic wave of illegal migrants who are accepting President Joe Biden’s loose border hospitality. “All three evening newscasts ran full stories on the border crisis tonight, something that hasn’t happened in months,” media expert Rich Noyes told Breitbart News […]

Kabul fell — and this ambassador was thrust into the spotlight

On Senator Ted Cruz’s pause on diplomatic confirmations “There is tremendous damage being done by holding up our ambassadors from getting out to do the jobs that the American people need us to do to represent them overseas.” — Amb. Linda Thomas-Greenfield On U.S.-China relations “I sit two seats away from the Chinese [permanent representative], […]

Democrats spotlight abortion in bid to save Newsom

“As much as people in California support these rights, you can see by the polls that we’ve become a little complacent about what that actually means,” Jodi Hicks, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California, said in a livestreamed conversation Wednesday night that was part of the organization’s anti-recall campaign. Conservatives have historically […]

Discovery of Mass Grave of 215 First Nations Children Shines Spotlight Onto Uncomfortable Truths

The facts show that the injustices of the past have not disappeared, but merely changed forms over the past decades and continue to distort and traumatize in lesser understood modes through the present day. by Matthew Ehret Ugly truths which some had preferred be kept in the dark have been pulled into the light of […]

The harsh spotlight on Black women leading big cities

Bottoms did not rule out running for office in the future. When pressed about her decision, she wouldn’t say exactly why she exited the race. But, she said, she wanted to “pass the baton” to another leader in the city. Her allies and fellow Black mayors sympathized with her decision, their understanding informed by their […]

Jewish reality-like program puts spotlight on artists, viewers, and craft

Alix Kramer, 25, wants to be a pediatric gastroenterologist. To reach her goal, she’s working toward a degree at the University of Chicago while living at the Lincoln Park Moishe House, a communal residence for Jews in their 20s and 30s. But in her spare time, Kramer designs knitwear, building on a passion she has […]

Why Ze’ev Elkin believes it’s his time in the political spotlight

Browse > Home / Featured Articles / Why Ze’ev Elkin believes it’s his time in the political spotlight February 4, 2021 by Josh Hasten – JNS Read on for article At the end of December, Likud minister and longtime confidant to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Ze’ev Elkin stunned the Israeli political community by announcing […]

Police To Use A Network Of 1,000 “Anveshak” AI Cameras To “Spotlight” A Person’s Every Movement

credit: IISc The future of total police surveillance just got a whole lot bleaker, thanks to researchers at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc). IISc researchers have figured out a way to turn a vast network of CCTV cameras into one massive surveillance network, which can target a specific vehicle or person. As VentureBeat reported, police can use Anveshak’s […]

Uganda in spotlight of social media and elections interfering

The US announced on Wednesday that it had canceled its observation of Uganda’s presidential election. Some have mocked the US decision, arguing it is Uganda that should be observing the US elections considering the chaos in Washington. However the issues taking shape in Uganda are less about the local election and more about the symbolism […]

EU budget: Long-term funding row in COVID-19 spotlight as talks resume

Internal negotiations are continuing on Monday over the European Union’s long-term budget, amid increasing pressure on the bloc’s main institutions to settle a row putting into jeopardy the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. The talks on the budget for 2021—2027 — which involve the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission — come amid a […]

QAnon controversy puts spotlight on Republican Georgia congressional runoff

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‘Disappearing Palestine’ maps must spotlight Jaffa

“Joppa from the sea,” photograph by P. Bergheim, between 1860 and 1880. Library of Congress, LC-USZ62-106225.[1] What fault have we Palestinian Arabs committed … Release us from the Zionists greed which is increasing from day to day … Were we liberated by the Allies from the Turkish yoke to be put under the Zionist yoke? […]

Spotlight on cancer-fighting foods: What to eat to beat different kinds of cancer

(Natural News) Dr. Michael Greger remarked in a Daily Mail article that the consumption of wholefood vegetarian diets can reduce the risks of various forms of cancer. “Food is the single greatest way our bodies face exposure to the outside environment,” explained the author of the 2016 bestseller “How Not To Die”. […]

As Hollywood Gets the Spotlight, Media Entirely Silent on Rampant Sex Abuse By Police

By Matt Agorist As Hollywood sex abuse continues to be exposed, victims and their families are finally starting to see the potential for justice and closure they have long-deserved. However, as the Weinsteins and the Spaceys watch their careers burn over the allegations of sexual misconduct, the media and essentially everyone else remains conveniently silent on […]

YouTube Spotlight Pushing Islamization of the West as Emotional VisionQuest

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer July 22, 2017 The latest YouTube Spotlight video pushes the Islamization of the West as a great social justice agenda. YouTube Spotlight is the official YouTube channel to push Jewish agendas. The last video released on this channel, entitled “Proud to Be,” pushed for the normalization of all types […]

Islamist preacher under police spotlight for anti-Semitic hate speech (VIDEO)

Mundhir Abdallah made the remarks at a mosque in Copenhagen as part of a sermon which included citations from the Hadith.  “We have chosen to report imam Mundhir Abdallah to the police after his sermon at Masjid Al-Faruq mosque in Norrebro. We believe that it contains a thinly veiled incitement to commit murder of Jews,” […]

American Cities Pushing To Regulate, Spotlight Unchecked Police Surveillance

For years, excess military equipment has trickled down to state and local agencies. For police departments nationwide, this influx doesn’t stop with armored vehicles, weapons of war, body armor, and camouflage fatigues. More obscure surveillance technologies, once exclusive to federal entities, are now operating freely in many cities. The most intrusive of these devices collect […]

NATO seeks new meeting with Russia ahead of Warsaw summit

“There was broad agreement yesterday that NATO should convene a new meeting of the NATO-Russia Council before our next summit in July,” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told reporters on Friday on the sidelines of a meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Brussels. NATO exercises on Russian border: Are these people actually mad? The NATO-Russia […]

U.S.’s TTIP Trojan Horse being forced upon Europe

     According to a tranche of 240 pages of confidential negotiating documents on the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) leaked to Greenpeace Netherlands, the Obama administration has been pressuring the European Union to allow the importation of hormone-tainted meat and genetically-modified food products in return for easing US import tariffs on European automobiles. […]

3 Stressors That Destroy Your Body, Posture, & Happiness (And How To Reverse It)

The content of this article is from an in-depth interview with Dr. Steve Hoffman. These are Dr. Hoffman’s words.  #1 Physical Stress: Damaging Movement Damaging movement occurs when you use your body inefficiently and cause unnecessary stress and strain on your musculoskeletal system. Simply reaching to get a glass out of a cabinet incorrectly eventually causes overload in […]

Montreal Cinefest screens ‘Yahya Didn’t Keep Quiet’

TEHRAN, Mar. 12 (MNA) – Iranian movie ‘Yahya Didn’t Keep Quiet’ went on screen at Canadian film festival, Chicago International Film Festival 2016, on March 11.Directed by Kaveh Ebrahimpour, Yahya Didn’t Keep Quiet recounts the story of a seven-year-old Yahya being looked after by his aunt while his dad is away. A strange aunt with […]

2016: War in Europe?

The summer of 2016 may or may not bring full-scale civil war in Europe, but it’s looking like it very well may. The seeds were planted in 2015 with the massive invasion, which shows no signs of stopping, and summer will soon be here, when the time is right for fighting in the streets. It’s […]

In rare move, Palestinian police kick Israeli soldiers out of West Bank town

A group of red-beret-wearing Palestinian police scuffled with Israeli soldiers near Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ residence last week and ordered the military to leave the area of the West Bank under Palestinian security control. Footage of the December 21, 2015 incident was published by local media. It shows Palestinian presidential guards threatening Israeli forces outside of […]

In rare move, Palestinian police kick Israeli soldiers out of West Bank town

A group of red-beret-wearing Palestinian police scuffled with Israeli soldiers near Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ residence last week and ordered the military to leave the area of the West Bank under Palestinian security control. Footage of the December 21, 2015 incident was published by local media. It shows Palestinian presidential guards threatening Israeli forces outside of […]

Request for McCain Investigation for Narcotics Trafficking and War Crimes – Veterans Today

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