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Democrats need to send ‘harsh’ message to Palestinians and accept that Palestinians won’t think they’re ‘nice’ –advice from ‘Democratic Majority for Israel’

Israeli author Einat Wilf, a former Laborite politician now a visiting professor at Georgetown University, spoke to the Israel lobby group “Democratic Majority for Israel” this month and offered advice to American Democrats. They need to issue some “not pleasant” messages to Palestinians about the Jewish right to a state. And Democrats must accept that […]

Australia Announces Beginning of ‘New World Order’ As Harsh COVID Lockdowns Imposed – conspiracy huh?

EWR comment: Highlighted here recently in a shorter version, ‘they’ are telling us their NWO (that folk told us was ‘conspiracy’) is now here. Even globalist Jacinda Adern referred to it as the world order (as they do and did before they got this far). They don’t mean well people. Planet lockdown is the endgame… […]

The harsh spotlight on Black women leading big cities

Bottoms did not rule out running for office in the future. When pressed about her decision, she wouldn’t say exactly why she exited the race. But, she said, she wanted to “pass the baton” to another leader in the city. Her allies and fellow Black mayors sympathized with her decision, their understanding informed by their […]

Germany Planning Harsh New Covid Restrictions

The German government’s new bill aimed at ‘standardizing’ Covid-19 measures, would see night-time curfews, business closures and severe limits to public gatherings in order to stop the ‘third wave’. The government is currently working on amendments to the national Infection Protection Act that would allow for significant tightening of the lockdown restrictions. It would also […]

‘Setback for the Free World’: EU Trade Deal with Communist China Draws Harsh Criticism

The European Union’s investment pact with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been characterised as a “real setback for the free world” by the founder of Hong Kong Watch, as human rights campaigners, diplomats, and others chastise the bloc for cosying up to the dictatorship in Beijing. The EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI) was […]

Moscow Announces Harsh COVID Restrictions for Christmas and New Year but will still be Freer than Rest of Europe

    Although cases of coronavirus are continuing to rise in Russia, the mayor of Moscow has said there is light at the end of the tunnel, as the city prepares to celebrate a socially-distanced Christmas and New Year. Sergey Sobyanin told Rossiya 1 news channel on Saturday that he believes “we’ll fight Covid-19 for […]

Craftswomen plan to revive ancient water systems near harsh desert

TEHRAN – An Iranian NGO, founded by a group of female Iranian crafters, has planned to financially support the revival of ancient qanats situated near the scorching Lut Desert in east-central Iran. Some 150 female crafters, who are afflicted with the NGO, aim to donate 15 percent of their sales revenues to revive arrays of […]

Antony Blinken: A smooth, old-school diplomat who will take on a harsh new world of wary allies and foes

Antony Blinken is soft-spoken where his predecessor was a loudmouth with a giant chip on his shoulder. He is a consensus builder and a listener, in contrast to the departing secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, who often interjected his own prejudices and strong views into America’s affairs. And while Pompeo was seen as crude, Blinken […]

In bid to prevent escalation, Israel avoids harsh response to Gaza balloon bombs

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5 Harsh Truths About Social Media Signalling It’s Time To Let Go

Next Story Forget “lions and tigers and bears, oh my!” The more accurate statement of the top fears for 2018 seems to be “ads and reach and algorithms, oh my!” While none of these terms are new to our digital lexicon, they’ve certainly forced themselves to the forefront of every digital marketers mind due in […]

Harsh punishment waiting for perpetrators of Tehran riot: Judiciary

IRNA – Heavy punishment is waiting for those disrupting the country’s order and the Judiciary will show no leniency to this end, Iran’s public prosecutor said on Thursday, referring to the recent unrest in northern Tehran. Iran Judiciary will strongly and seriously deal with the cases of those involved in the unrest in Tehran’s northern […]

Zuckerberg announces harsh anti-Russian censorship measures on Facebook?

     He was live with this exactly one hour ago. We haven’t even finished watching the 8 minute video, but we thought you should know about it. Our initial impression a few minutes into it is that this guy seems very uptight and nervous for someone supposedly so ‘accomplished’. Whatever could be the reason why. […]

Harsh Truths About An Over Thinker With A Sensitive Heart

Over-thinkers tend to analyze every single thing, stick to details and try to find a meaning about everything. They don’t give themselves a break and, so, they are always too hard on themselves. If you are an over-thinker, you probably take people’s opinions too seriously and try to understand exactly why they say whatever they […]

Special operatives hired by powerful industries are assassinating environmental activists trying to protect Mother Nature

(NaturalNews) Environmental activists are being murdered at record rates, with as many as three deaths occurring per week, according to London-based advocacy group, Global Witness. A report released last year by Global Witness, found that 185 killings occurred in 2015 – a 60 percent increase over the previous year, and “the deadliest year […]

Syria Shocker: John Kerry Torpedoes US ‘Moderate Rebel’ Narrative

Radical performance artist who started fire at Russian FSB HQ entrance set free on bail

Controversial artist Pavlensky, from St. Petersburg, was found guilty of “damaging cultural heritage” after he set on fire the wooden doors of the FSB’s Lubyanka building last November, a Moscow court ruled on Wednesday. The arguments of the defense were found to be inconsistent and the artist had no criminal intention, the court said. Pavlensky […]

US Congress debates the funding of World War III

     “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” — Albert Einstein Defense Secretary Ashton Carter just went before a Senate Armed Services Committee to wrestle still more billions from the American war chest in support of Middle East regime […]

The Power In Coming Together & Your Opportunity To Do Just That

All change starts from within, but for that change to manifest globally, we must band together to share what we have come to understand. One of the best ways for us to do this is by attending (or even better, organizing) events that allow like-minded individuals to share and communicate. One event doing this very thing is the […]

Whales found stranded around North Sea had stomachs full of plastic debris

     The whales’ deaths are symbolic of humanity’s shocking disregard for marine life. In January, 29 sperm whales were found stranded on shores around the North Sea, an area that is too shallow for the marine wildlife. Only recently were details of the animals’ necropsy released. However, scientists were deeply disturbed by what they found […]

Western states veto Kurdish participation in Syrian peace talks

     Russia’s proposal to include Kurds in Geneva Syrian talks was vetoed by the UN Security Council’s Western members, UN envoy Vitaly Churkin reported, saying this contradicts UN resolutions on Syrian reconciliation and ignores calls for inclusive talks. Churkin warned that if the Syrian Kurds do not participate in the peace process, international efforts to […]

Islamic State attacks Syrian Kurdish settlements amid proclaimed ceasefire

The IS terrorists attacked the towns of Tel Abyad and Suluk, which are controlled by the People’s Protection Units (YPG), early on Saturday, YPG spokesman, Redur Xelil, as well as Turkish security sources told Reuters. ISIS & al-Nusra make ceasefire unlikely in Aleppo, Syrian troops tell RT The YPG and Kurdish internal security forces managed […]

U.S. Citizens To Be Imprisoned If Too Poor To Pay Traffic Fines

A class action lawsuit has been filed in Texas to prevent the State from reinstituting debtors’ prisons for people who are to poor to pay traffic fines and petty misdemeanors.  This latest lawsuit is one of many lawsuits that have been filed all across America recently, as more and more judges are jailing citizens for […]

Paris turns lights off in mourning, the world lights up in support (PHOTOS)

Landmark buildings across the world, including the Empire State Building in New York, the Sydney Opera House and the CN Tower in Toronto were illuminated in the colors of the French flag in solidarity with all those affected by the horrific attacks. Source Article from

Israeli hospital raid reflects the criminal behavior of the country’s political leadership

The thuggish operations of the Israeli army match very closely the criminal behavior of the country’s political authorities. The undercover raid of the Palestinian al-Ahli hospital in Hebron by about a dozen IDF operatives in disguise on November 12 resulted in the killing of 27-year-old Abdallah Shalaldeh and the arrest of his cousin Azzam who […]

At Least 1,000 Officers Lost Badges for Child Rape, Forced Sodomy, and Other Sex Crimes

A shocking investigation by Associated Press has revealed that at least 1000 police officers lost their badges and the past six years due to sexual misconduct; this includes a raft of delinquencies including – but not limited to – sodomy, possession of child porn and having consensual but prohibited […]

Yemen’s Ansarullah: Bab El-Mandeb Strait Is No More Secure for Invaders

Local Editor Yemen revolutionary group, Ansarullah, warned that the strait of Bab el-Mandeb is no more secure for the Saudi-led invaders. In an interview with al-Manar, Ansarullah spokesman Mohammad Abdessalam stressed that up till now the Saud-led aggression hasn’t achieved its goals from the war on Yemen. Talking about the situation in Bab el-Manadeb, Abdessalama […]

‘TV Reporter’ Flies Into Rage, Delivers ‘F***ing News’

(Warning: The video contains strong language) The video first shows the apparent TV reporter, captioned as “Jonathan Pie,” getting angry after producers tell him to keep delivering the news standing in front of the Palace of Westminster, while it’s getting cold and rainy in London. When the man, looking visibly tired and exhausted, wonders whether […]

Scientology’s Darkest Secrets Could Be Exposed In Explosive Lawsuit

  Leave your thoughts   Advertisement The darkest deepest secrets of The Church of Scientology may be revealed to the public in an upcoming trial involving Michelle Seward and Kirstie Alley.  Alley, Seward, and diet company Organic Liaison are being sued by a couple for fraud and negligence, after they […]

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