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Elite Maya Burial Chamber Uncovered in Palenque Excavation

Archaeologists have made a thrilling discovery at the ancient Maya city of Palenque – a burial chamber of a high-status elite individual within the enigmatic CP3 structure, unveiled during the latest round of excavations. Home of the Red Queen’s Red Palace, Palenque has been the subject of archaeological digs and restoration works for decades. The complete […]

Golden Mummy Excavation Reveals Rare Details About Ordinary Egyptians

A Pharaonic tomb containing a mummy wrapped in a gold-covered leaf described as the “oldest and most complete mummy found in Egypt to date” has been uncovered in Saqqara, near the Step Pyramid. Read more Section:  Artifacts Other Artifacts News History & Archaeology Read Later  Source

Colne Priory – Revisiting the Excavation Of The Earls Of Oxford’s Tomb Sites

No trace of the medieval Colne Priory in Essex remains above ground, as the site is now occupied by a later building of the same name, and in private ownership. However, for decades archaeologists have been digging into its past as the priory was once one of the key religious buildings in the country and burial […]

Ecbatana: photo exhibit, workshop to spotlight 22 seasons of excavation

TEHRAN— Ecbatana, which was once a summer residence for the Persian Achaemenid kings, will be hosting a workshop and a photo exhibition in a bid to mark 22 archaeological seasons conducted on the ancient Iranian city so far. “In line with education and promotion, a workshop will be held soon with the presence of expert […]

Excavation Unearths Unique Tomb of 6th Century BC Egyptian Commander

While performing excavations near the Giza Plateau, a team of Czech archaeologists from Charles University in Prague unearthed a tomb that belonged to a powerful Egyptian military commander who lived 2,500 years ago. Read more Section:  Artifacts Other Artifacts News History & Archaeology Read Later  Source

Sanxingdui Excavation Pits Reveal Sophisticated Ancient Civilization

An advanced 3,000-year-old Chinese culture, whose existence was not known about until the 1980s, has been further revealed by recent excavations.  Read more Section:  Artifacts Other Artifacts News History & Archaeology Read Later 

Piecemeal Excavation of Theodoric the Great Mosaic in Verona

During work to replace gas pipes in the northern Italian city of Verona, archaeologists have unearthed a stunning 5th century mosaic which they now claim was part of a huge villa which could have belonged to King Theodoric himself. Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology Read Later 

HS2 Excavation Hillingdon Hoard of Potins a “Once-In-A-Lifetime Find”

While searching for artifacts in a secluded spot in the West London borough of Hillingdon in August 2020, a team of archaeologists assigned to the HS2 high-speed rail project hit the jackpot, both figuratively and literally in archaeological terms. The Hillingdon Hoard is a “once-in-a-lifetime find” and one of the most important collections of Iron […]

The Nazis also killed North African Jews at death camp Sobibor, new excavation reveals

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Excavation At Pompeii Reveals Fast-Food Eatery With Mallard On The Menu

ROME (AP) — A fast-food eatery at Pompeii has been excavated, helping to reveal dishes that were popular for the citizens of the ancient Roman city who were partial to eating out. Pompeii Archaeological Park’s longtime chief, Massimo Osanna said Saturday that while some 80 such fast-foods have been found at Pompeii, it is the […]

Study Analyzes Apollo 15 Images & Finds Evidence of “Excavation” & Unusual Structures on Moon

The Facts: Members of the Society For Planetary SETI Research published a paper in the Journal of Space Exploration about features on the far side of the Moon that may be artificial. They analyzed images from Apollo 15 and the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. Reflect On: How much do we really know about our planet, the […]

Jerusalem cable car excavation work to begin in next few days

Excavation works will start within two weeks to prepare for construction of the controversial cable car planned to connect West Jerusalem with the Old City, even though the High Court has not yet ruled on a petition to scrap the project. On Thursday, project director Shmulik Tzabari met with stakeholders on Mount Zion to explain […]

Excavation of Roman Bath Complex Challenges Lifestyle Beliefs

A rare inscription discovered on an olive press at an ancient Roman bath complex is revealing secrets about rural life in late antiquity. The “Roman Balneum” is a bathing complex at Rafina, a famous suburban port town located on the eastern coast of Attica in the municipality of Arafinos in Greece. Here, the discovery of […]

Kahin Tepe Excavation Uncovers Neolithic Temple in Turkey

Archaeologists at the Kahin Tepe site in Turkey have discovered an ancient temple dating back to the Stone Age, between 7,000 and 12,000 years ago. This could have especially important implications for understanding the prehistory of Anatolia. Moreover, it appears that there may be links between Kahin Tepe and the famed Göbekli Tepe , which […]

Hundreds of Skeletons Uncovered During Westminster Abbey Excavation

The decomposed body parts of hundreds of medieval monks have been uncovered on the grounds of Westminster Abbey in London, during the excavation of the long-lost Great Sacristy of Westminster Abbey built by Henry III. Usually located inside churches or within an annex, a sacristy is a room used by monks for storing church vestments, sacred […]

Female peacock spiders show preference for multi-modal courtship

Single women aren’t passive when it comes to the world of dating, and neither are female spiders, according to researchers at Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove, Pa. Source Article from

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