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COWARDS! “Bibi the Butcher” Continues Gaza Genocide While The Whole World Watches And Witnesses The Massive Slaughter Of Innocents & Does Nothing

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DESPICABLE COWARDS! No Admission by Israel of Involvement in Last Night’s “Attack” on Iran

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The Ages Old Debate, are THE With PIGS FORNICATING SHEEP MONKEYS Really That Stupid, Or Just Ball-less Cowards

Chemtrails, what Chemtrials, I don’t see nothing, you must be a tin foil hatter nut case! Everyone knows stone aged Arabs who could not fly single engine planes flew jumbo jets into the World Towers and Kerosene fire which burn around 1800 Degrees F. melted huge steel beans which only began to melt at 2400 […]

“Brave” Treasonous Cowards

I fought all the years of the American Revolution. When my cousin General George S Patton said something about reincarnating and an ignorant sheep bleated angrily there was no such thing as reincarnation, Georgie told them: “You may not reincarnate, but I do”. Knowing the hardships the Winter Soldiers endured to give the Americans a […]

Kiev’s much vaunted ‘Counteroffensive’ a BIG Fraud to keep aid rolling in from stupid European cowards and the MIC-ruled US-UK Empire

READ HERE: Zelensky, Pentagon Acknowledge Counteroffensive Had To Be “Paused” Amid Losses   Source

Toes Out, Boys: The Best Sandals for Men (Who Aren’t Cowards)

Spring is almost here, and heating up one of our favorite, age-old footwear debates: Can men wear sandals without looking like yuppie narcs? Or a crusty Phishhead? (Actually, here for that one.) Throngs of sandal-haters will tell you they just look meh, or that they themselves “would never wear flip flops on the subway,” citing […]

Hollow men: All the cowards of Jan. 6

I propose that we alter the American idiom “to haul ass” from now on, substituting “to hawley ass.” Source

AZ GOP Chair Kelli Ward Slams ‘Cowards’ Who Are ‘Not Living Up to Their Constitutional Duties’

Dr. Kelli Ward, chairwoman of the Arizona Republican Party, affirmed on Monday that the party filed a notice to appeal, bringing the GOP lawsuit on election integrity before the Supreme Court, and she delivered a pointed message to lawmakers who are sidestepping allegations of fraud and failing to call for a full legislative hearing, accusing […]

‘Mandalorian’ Star Gina Carano Fires Back at BLM ‘Cowards and Bullies’ Smearing Their Critics as Racists

Ultra 12 Limited Advanced Release 49.95 24.95 A powerful B12 formula fueled by the premium source of B12 – methylcobalamin – for TWICE the B12! Ultimate Turmeric Combo 99.90 59.90 With both Bodease and our Pure Turmeric Extract, you can get all the turmeric you need for whole body support for less! […]

A Good Article on the Damage Dangerous Donald Trump Has Done to America and the World

Donald Trump’s NATO comments are the scariest thing he’s said Trump’s deliberate blunder reminds me of the plot of the movie The Godfather, where Sonny opens his big mouth and shows an interest in the drug trade. By letting his father’s enemies know that he would agree to a deal that his father would not, […]

Jewish-controlled Media blasts Dr. Duke for blaming Trump U nonsense on Jewish-controlled Media

David Duke, former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard, during a debate with Joe Hicks at Cal State University, Sept. 25, 1996. (Brian Vander Brug/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images) (JTA) — White supremacist David Duke blamed the current controversy over Donald Trump’s now defunct unaccredited university on “Jewish manipulation of the American media.” Duke said […]

SB 552: The Dawn of Virginia’s Secret Police

We’ve been hearing a lot about criminal justice reform, a movement with support from both republicans and democrats who acknowledge the myriad problems with the huge numbers of people we spend to jail and prison each year, why we send them there, and how we send them there. However, this is a movement that has […]

Israel’s Right-Wing Comes Out, Slurs Flying, Against US Ambassador Shapiro

Netanyahu’s riposte to Shapiro was: “Israel applies the law to Israelis and Palestinians.” This is typical occupation mumbo-jumbo. On the face of it, it is true: Israel does apply “the law” to Israelis and Palestinians. But it’s not the same law. Consider this example: When a settler underground terror cell murdered the Dawabsheh family in […]

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