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Truckers recount ‘barbaric’ settler attack on Gaza aid convoy

May 17, 2024 Source: The Guardian By Al Mayadeen English The incident, which unfolded in broad daylight, has rightfully sparked international condemnation, shedding light on the dire circumstances faced by Palestinians under Israeli occupation. Palestinian truck drivers delivering aid to Gaza recounted “barbaric” scenes as their vehicles were obstructed and vandalized by Israeli settlers, hindering […]

Day120: Palestinian Resistance Continues Confronting Israeli Barbaric Attack on Gaza

February 3, 2024  Live News – Middle East – News – Palestine – Story of the day – Top On the 120th day of its aggression on the Gaza Strip, the Israeli enemy continued committing genocidal crimes against the civilians, claiming more martyrs. The Zionist warplanes targeted the various towns and cities of Gaza, especially Khan Younis, leaving hundreds of martyrs and injuries. Meanwhile, the […]

Ukraine’s barbaric Donetsk market attack kills 27 civilians, seriously injures 25 more

(NaturalNews) The number of fatalities from the Ukrainian shelling of a busy Donetsk market on Sunday, Jan. 20, has climbed to 27 people while another 25 people… Source

LISTEN UP, Khazarian Cabal! If Israel continues the barbaric Gaza genocide, Iran is set to turn Tel Aviv into a parking lot…..

…which it now has the full missile capability to do. READ HERE: Iran Convoys Moving Long-Range Missiles to Launch Points   Source

David Friedman: Jewish People Seeing Some of the Most Barbaric Acts Since the Holocaust

Former Trump administration U.S. ambassador to Israel David Friedman said on a preview of Fox News Channel’s “Life, Liberty  & Levin” that Hamas’ terror attacks on Jewish people were “some of the most barbaric acts since the Holocaust.” Source

UK Condemns Iran’s ‘Barbaric’ Execution of British-Iranian Dual National Alireza Akbari

The UK government has condemned Iran’s execution of British-Iranian dual national Alireza Akbari, saying the Islamic regime’s behaviour “will not stand unchallenged.” Akbari, a former deputy defence minister of Iran, was arrested in 2019 and accused of espionage for British intelligence agency MI6, a charge he denies. The Iranian judiciary’s Mizan news agency reported the […]

Iran Executes British-Iranian National, UK Condemns ‘Barbaric’ Act

DUBAI/LONDON—Iran has executed a British-Iranian national who once served as its deputy defense minister, its judiciary said on Saturday, defying calls from London for his release after he was handed the death sentence on charges of spying for Britain. Britain, which had declared the case against Alireza Akbari, 61, as politically motivated and called for […]

Ukraine war: Blinken condemns ‘barbaric’ Russian strikes; new director at Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant

Here is our summary of the latest news around Russia’s war in Ukraine. Source

UK confronts Russia at G20 summit: ‘Get out of Ukraine and end this barbaric war!’

Rishi Sunak confronted Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov at the G20 summit overnight, telling him to ‘get out of Ukraine and end this barbaric war’. In the first face-to-face clash between a British Prime Minister and a senior Kremlin figure since the war began, Mr Sunak said the ‘Putin regime’ had turned Russia into a […]

Barbaric: Russia Bombs West Ukraine Office Building, Killing 20 Civilians, Including 3 Children

Yet another barbaric act which Russia will probably deny (it hasn’t yet, but it will): “We dindu nuffin! We is innocent and shiet! Ummmm Ukraine bombed their own people! Yeah that’s right, its their fault, we dindu nuffin!” As you can see, nowhere is safe in Ukraine. Some people assumed that Western Ukraine is safe […]

J.D. Vance on ‘Kamala Harris Stooge’ Tim Ryan’s Late-Term Abortion Stance: ‘Barbaric Anywhere in the World’

Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Ohio J.D. Vance slammed his Democrat competitor Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) for stating that women should be able to abort their unborn children at any point in pregnancy.

The Lombards: The “Barbaric” Germanic Warriors Who Changed Italy

As the Roman Empire crumbled, the history of the ancient world was undoubtedly marked and shaped by more than one powerful Germanic tribe. From their oldest roots, they developed into iconic ethnic groups that were instrumental in the future of the world as we know it. From the seafaring Vikings to the militaristic Saxons, and […]

Are the Barbaric Lockdowns in Australia Connected to Chinese Expansion in South East Asia?

Recently, a new treaty emerged between Australia, the US and the UK, in which the latter two pledged extensive military cooperation to protect Australia from China’s imminent aggression. However, is Australia even relevant to the equation anymore? Why didn’t they choose Japan or even India? Australia’s biggest relevance to the West (in terms of countering […]

Dr. Roland Chrisjohn on the barbaric “residential schools” & Canada’s coverup of murder & torture within

Posted on July 26, 2021 by martyrashrakat July 26, 2021  Eva Bartlett After I wrote about media finally covering the horrific issue of “residential schools”, I was contacted by Roland Chrisjohn, who is Onyota’a:ka of the Haudenaushaunee (Oneida of the Six Nations Confederacy), originally from the Oneida of the Thames reserve in southern Ontario and now living/working in New […]

US, UK, EU Barbaric Sanctions Are Killing Syrians

The following is a short five minute paper I presented to the Arab International Forum to lift sanctions against Syria which was held on the 6th May 2021:  In order to review the sanctions against Syria, we must see these sadistic, punitive measures in greater context. We must review US UK and EU neocolonialist foreign […]

US, UK, EU barbaric sanctions are killing Syrians — The Wall Will Fall

Posted on May 9, 2021 by Zara Ali [embedded content] Syria has been the stage upon which a world war is being fought and our global power balance is being re-calibrated as a result – a balance which does not comply with US allied unipolarity. Russia, Iran, China and the non-aligned axis would see a […]

Heroic College Student Arrested For Protesting Barbaric Jewish Genital Mutilation Rituals Performed On Defenseless Infants

A heroic student attending the University of Connecticut has been charged with a “hate crime” after police say he allegedly painted a swastika on a campus building in protest against barbaric Jewish circumcision rituals: Kristopher Pieper, 21, a junior from Enfield, Connecticut, was being held Thursday in lieu of a $5,000 bond on charges including […]

France Condemns ‘Barbaric’ Iranian Execution

French President Emmanuel Macron addresses a United Nations press conference, Sept. 19, 2017. Photo: UN / Kim Haughton. France reacted with anger on Saturday to Iran’s execution of a Paris-based dissident journalist, which it said ran counter to Tehran’s international obligations. “France condemns in the strongest possible terms this serious breach of free expression and […]

Kosher Jewish Ritual Slaughter is Barbaric vs Halal

Kosher Jewish Ritual Slaughter is Barbaric vs Halal  

‘Leveled like Dresden’: Raqqa aid haste hints at cover up of ‘barbaric destruction’ – Moscow

Raqqa, which has served as the Syrian stronghold of the terrorist group Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) since January 2014, was seized by the US-backed group Syrian Democratic Forces earlier this week. Some 80 percent of residential buildings in the city are estimated to have been rendered uninhabitable during the fighting, which involved massive bombardment […]

Nuclear Weapons: Barbaric Tools of Death

Trump to cast battle against ‘Islamist extremism’ as fight with ‘barbaric criminals’

Trump to cast battle against ‘Islamist extremism’ as fight with ‘barbaric criminals’ This is a battle between good and evil” Kyle BalluckThe Hill May 21, 2017 President Trump during a major speech in Saudi Arabia on Sunday is expected to characterize the fight against Islamist extremism as a battle against barbaric criminals instead of one […]

Mississippi historians: Around 20,000 freed slaves perished in barbaric Union Army’s Devil’s Punchbowl encampment

     Say the words concentration camps, and most will surmise the topic surrounds World War II and the Nazis; but the hard labor, constant threat of death, and barbarism these microcosmic hells presented weren’t unique to Adolf Hitler — in just one year, around 20,000 freed slaves perished in the Devil’s Punchbowl — in Natchez, […]

Satanic Jew Ben Shapiro Says He’ll Choose Hillary Over Trump

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer March 8, 2016 Satanic Jew Ben Shapiro is plotting to do America like his people did Jesus by forcing the election of Hillary Clinton. The evil Jew Ben Shapiro – an alleged “Jewish conservative” – is planning on giving America the Jesus treatment: crucifixion. He is now openly announcing that he will […]

Call them What they are: Extrajudicial Executions

By Gideon Levy | January 17 We should call it like it is: Israel executes people without trial nearly every day. Any other description is a lie. If there was once discussion here about the death penalty for terrorists, now they are executed even without trial (and without discussion). If once there was debate over […]

Government of South Korea and Samsung Developing Robots to Manufacture Consumer Electronics

Via: The Korea Herald: South Korea’s government said Monday that it will join forces with Samsung Electronics Co. to develop precision manufacturing robots that could open new horizons for the local manufacturing sector. The plan calls for 16.75 billion won ($14.8 million) worth of taxpayers’ money to be invested in the next […]

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