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Please, do NOT send this video to anyone who has been vaxxed or given a nasal swab PCR test because……

…most of the vaccinated people could not handle this highly radioactive truth, if they truly believed it. Submitted by A Long Covid Coach & Vaccine Injury Consultant SOTN Exclusive There are very good reasons why the naked truth about the lethally weaponized Covid ‘vaccines’ has not made its way into Big Media quite yet. The […]


A Public Service Announcement As of the 1st September 2023 all secondary school students in the UK will be offered Fluenz, a nasal spray vaccine for influenza. This vaccine comes with significant adverse event risks as reported on the WHO’s own database – – where 311,980 adverse events are recorded so far including Facial […]

Simple nasal wash reduces risk of covid hospitalization by more than 8x

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Did you know that protecting yourself against covid hospitalization is as simple as flushing your nasal cavity with mild saline water?Instead of jabbing yourself with DNA-modifying mystery chemicals and wearing a face mask all day, simple saltwater is all that is needed to flush the disease out of your system.The … [Read […]

Study: Israeli-made anti-COVID nasal spray reduced infection at mass gathering

An Israeli-made nasal spray appears to have contributed to a reduced COVID-19 infection rate among ultra-Orthodox members of a synagogue in Bnei Brak amid Rosh Hashanah festivities last year, a new trial has shown. Of 83 worshipers who used the spray as instructed before Rosh Hashanah prayers and for the following two weeks, just two […]

A little Australian boy in tears, BLEEDING & distressed from a NASAL SWAB! This is not on! (Warning: viewer discretion advised)

VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED… a little Australian boy in tears, BLEEDING & distressed from a NASAL SWAB! This is not on! That is the blood brain barrier they are attacking. There are reports of the death of a new born & also a toddler from this medical procedure! Follow the link to watch the video: HERE […]

COVAIDS jabs are not what we are told. Nor are nasal swabs. SMART ‘dust’ arrives in the hu man body.

COVAIDS jabs are not what we are told. Nor are nasal swabs. SMART ‘dust’ arrives in the human body. Tap News / Tapestry Don’t disregard this information. Research nano-technology and how it is being used. Viruses are not caught. They are an expression of the body attempting to eject toxicity. Aids was not a ‘virus’ […]

How A Nasal Obstruction & Tongue Tie Affects Sleep, Learning, Attention and Mood

The Facts: All restrictions on restaurants and other business in Florida have been lifted, and so have local fines against people who refuse to wear masks after the CDC released new survival rates. Reflect On: Why are opinions and narratives that oppose the WHO being censored, ridiculed, and largely ignored? Why aren’t they discussed openly […]

Watch and learn how tyrannical government keeps control of starving Venezuelan citizens through threats and force

(NaturalNews) The longer the Left-wing government of Venezuela remains in power, the more economic destruction and social chaos there will be, but no one seems capable of convincing the socialist government of President Nicolas Maduro of those two realities. And so, like all authoritarians before him, he and his minions continue to double […]

Nasal Insulin Spray Shows Promise In Treatment of Alzheimer’s

WASHINGTON – A small pilot study led by a Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) researcher found that a nasal insulin spray improved memory, thinking skills, and functional ability in people with mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease. Currently, there are no effective treatments to delay or prevent Alzheimer’s. “This research builds on several years of […]

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