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Jennifer Aniston Reveals Adam Sandler Trolls Her About Bad Partner Choices

Jennifer Aniston has revealed that Adam Sandler over the years has trolled her about her choice of partners. The 54-year-old actress looked radiant in a black dress on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote her new film Murder Mystery 2 co-starring Sandler, 56. Aniston revealed that she met Sandler when they were 20… […]

Jennifer Aniston: The trick she uses on her hair for lasting volume

Jennifer Aniston is one of those few women who have managed to associate their name with a specific hair style. The actress has kept her hair a warm, blonde shade since we first discovered her, and her haircut always has a slight blowout that frames her face. The characteristic style she had in her hair… […]

Jennifer Aniston And TikTok’s Frozen Cucumber Trend

Jennifer Aniston famously broke the Internet when she joined Instagram in 2020, but even her new entrance to social media has not deterred her from giving a TikTok beauty trend a try. Case in point: the recent Allure cover star gave her two cents on a few hacks that have gone viral online, including the… […]

When Jennifer Aniston Celebrated Her Greek Heritage on “Friends”

Jennifer Aniston is half Greek. Credit: Angela George/Wikimedia Commons/ CC-BY-SA-3.0 After the “Friends: The Reunion” episode aired in late May, many fans of the show rushed to re-watch the Friends series in its entirety. Any Greeks catching up on the popular show may have caught a special reference to the Greek heritage of star Jennifer […]

GINK: The Environmental Impact Of Having A Child

We are constantly debating the leading causes of climate change: animal agriculture, the oil and gas industry, population growth, the water crisis, and so on. These problems are often considered global issues and people assume governments or society will solve them. There is not enough discussion surrounding what we can do as individuals to help […]

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