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10 Young Indians Die of Heart Attacks Dancing in 24 Hours, US Officially Unexplained Deaths in 2022 Over 400,000

Media and governments’ blackout of deliberate vaccine slow genocide continues. Via India TV: “10 deaths in 24 hours while performing Garba! Can dancing trigger heart attack?” “Navratri celebrations took a tragic turn for families in Gujarat as 10 people including a 13-year-old died of a reported heart attack in 24 hours while playing Garba in […]

Indians Celebrating Diwali Set World Record As Pollution Worries Rise

LUCKNOW, India (AP) — Millions of Indians celebrated Diwali on Sunday with a new Guinness World Record number of bright earthen oil lamps as concerns about air pollution soared in the South Asian country. Across the country, dazzling multi-colored lights decked homes and streets as devotees celebrated the annual Hindu festival of light symbolizing the […]

Did We Steal America from the Indians?

Very thought provoking article. Short answer: not really     Jeff Fynn-Paul, Not Stolen: The Truth About European Colonialism in the New World, Bombardier Books, 2023, 386 pp., $17.26 (paper) The Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Canada, opens every public lecture with this: In the spirit of respect and reconciliation, we acknowledge that Perimeter […]

WSJ report: Indians are ILLEGALLY entering the U.S. in record numbers

(NaturalNews) Illegal immigrants from India have unlawfully entered the U.S. in record numbers, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).Citing… Source


BODY DOUBLES, LOOKALIKES?Unknown commented – IN COURT, GHISLAINE MAXWELL ‘LOOKED LIKE SHE JUST STEPPED OFF A YACHT’ “Questioned about the evidence against her on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, her brother Ian Maxwell said that conditions in her remand prison were grim … “But Maxwell in court looked fantastic, as if she had stepped off […]

10 cr Indians to remain niraadhaar?

Justice Krishna Iyer said that “the project Aadhaar should not be implemented for it amounts to an assault on privacy and basic rights of individuals and is suited only for fascist nations.” Famous Supreme Court Judge V R Krishna Iyer on November 3, 2011 released the first critique book titled “AADHAAR; How a Nation is […]

Chabad pulls North American indians under yolk of Noahidism; self-proclaimed ‘indigenous’ suggest they are tribe of Israel

Northeast Alabama Cherokee Chief Larry Smith and Seth Penn. Credit: John Buhler/AITF. By Esther Kay | moshiach.ruOctober 18, 2021 Anno DominiTranslated from the Russian “Red-skinned friend of Israel” (original headline) “We want to talk about co-operation between the Cherokee people and the people of Israel, and living in Alabama, we strive for a united and […]

What Biden told the Indians

Prime Minister Narendra Modi (L) with the US President Joe Biden at White House, Washington DC, USA, September 24, 2021. Given the state of the Indian media today, it is difficult to cut through the Indian-American rhetoric from a distance of 10,000 kilometres and get a rounded view of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to […]

Can a Ghost Make You Ill? The Ghost Sickness Belief of the Native American Indians

Ghost sickness is the belief that ghosts are able to cause a living person to fall ill. This particular term is used by the Native Americans, especially amongst the Navajo people. Nevertheless, this belief can also be found in other Native American cultures. Furthermore, this concept is found in other cultures of the world, though […]

Problem Solved: Cleveland Indians Mascot Replaced By Apu From The Simpsons

CLEVELAND, OH—Under intense pressure from the Native American community and progressive activists, the Cleveland Indians have finally retired their racist Chief Wahoo logo. They won’t be changing their name, though, and instead are replacing the antiquated Indian with another well-known Indian: Apu from The Simpsons. As part of a deal with Fox, Apu will now […]

Race War begins in South Africa with Blacks VS Indians and Whites

    The media is not telling the whole story, they are just incoherently yapping but the truth to what is going on in South Africa is an actual race war. Whites and Indians are in a joint coalition force, fighting off the blacks which have spiraled out of control with recent lootings, crimes and […]

Churches get Burned in Canada as Jews Hoax Catholics for Genociding Indians

    Did you know that Indians in Canada are burning churches? This savage behavior is believed to be a response to a recent dumb hoax. BBC News: Two more Catholic churches burned down in indigenous communities in western Canada early on Saturday. The fires at St Ann’s Church and the Chopaka Church began within […]

Global Indians and the Problem of a Singular National Identification

Diasporic communities are marked by the constant renegotiation of their identities, pertaining to how they represent themselves in the hostland, correlated with how they are represented in their homeland. The identification of the Indian diaspora with a singular Indian identity is ridden with complexities. Furthermore, given the translocal and transnational articulation of community identities in […]

Whether all Indians will get vaccinated? When?

There is a very wide supply-demand gap, from a market perspective… Even if we secure necessary stocks of vaccine in near future, its cost and affordability will be real challenges.      We have a wonderful government which strangely thinks only SII and BB would produce and ignore several PSU and private vaccine makers in India.  ‘Vasudhaivaka […]

Indians Bathe in Cow Excrements, Hoping to Cure them of COVID-19

Home » Asia, Comedy, Health » Indians Bathe in Cow Excrements, Hoping to Cure them of COVID-19     The head of the Indian Medical Association has warned his fellow citizens against the practice of covering themselves in cow dung as a treatment for Covid-19, as the nation’s seven-day case rate reaches a new high. […]

Artist Uses Wet Plate Photography to Portray Native American Indians–and the Photos Are Stunning

Stumbling across an archaic photography technique known as “wet plate,” artist Shane Balkowitsch began a 20-year project to portray the Northern Plains Native Americans in the modern day. The nostalgic process would allow the North Dakotan photographer to display their spirit, pride, and enduring culture in a manner like no other technique. Balkowitsch’s series of […]

Encounters With Star People: Three Native Indians Describe An Encounter Of The “First Kind”

The Facts: Mainstream UFO disclosure is taking off and the subject is no longer taboo. There’s a common narrative in the field suggesting that because mainstream media is presenting the topic the way they now are, the phenomenon represents nothing but lies. Reflect On: Does mainstream media cover real events and attempt to manipulate the […]

“They Told Me Not To Be Afraid” – More Stories About The “Star People” Shared By American Indians

We are currently in the “second wave” of COVID, and almost a year into the pandemic that’s seen government health authorities shut down entire countries and mandate masks as well as social distancing. Many doctors and scientists have been raising a number of concerns that completely oppose these measures that’ve been taken to combat the […]

Feather Blanket Proves Importance of Turkeys to Pueblo Indians

Research has shown that the humble turkey played a very important role in Pueblo Indian societies in the southwestern United States. Experts have been able to study an exceedingly rare feather blanket made out of turkey feathers. This remarkable object is allowing researchers to better understand the economy and culture of the Pueblo Indians. A […]

YCP – Anti-White Myth #1: White Settlers Deliberately Massacred the American Indians

YCP – Anti-White Myth #1: White Settlers Deliberately Massacred the American IndiansYAHWEH’S COVENANT PEOPLE Pastor Eli explains that up to 90% of the American Indians died of diseases brought in by Whites, African, Chinese and jews, rather than the popular myth that the White Man deliberately exterminated them.  Real history from EFR. Share this:

Gates Foundation Pushes Deadly HPV Vaccine On Unsuspecting Indians

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has begun aggressively promoting the controversial HPV vaccine in India, putting millions of lives at risk.  Certain groups in the country have expressed concern over the safety of the product, particularly as the Gates Foundation have admitted in the past that vaccinations are a good method of depopulating the […]

Genocide: Goldminers “Massacre” Uncontacted Amazon Indians

Above Photo: Evidence of an attack? Burnt communal houses of uncontacted Indians, seen in December 2016, could be signs of another massacre in the Uncontacted Frontier. © FUNAI Public prosecutors in Brazil have opened an investigation after reports that illegal goldminers in a remote Amazon river have massacred “more than ten” members of an uncontacted tribe. If […]

American Obesity by Race: American Indians 70%, Blacks 48%, Latinos 42%, Whites, 36%, Asians 12%

September 03, 2017 0 Source Article from

Streetshitting Indians Predictably Unfazed by Israeli-Imported “Decomposed Body and Raw Sewage” Stink Bombs

Source Article from

The Darwin Digest Episode 45: Saami, Romani and American Indians

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Second Victim of Chief Bronson Campbell Comes Foward

Back in February, I wrote a story about Bronson Campbell that was sent to the CopBlock Network,via the submission tab. I must admit, it seemed far-fetched even for me (who has read almost every kind of police abuse story) to see such an egregious & ongoing abuse of power by an officer. Yet, the following was […]

Precipitous rents in ski country push workers to edges

     Breckenridge, Colo. — On nights when she could not crash on a friend’s couch or unroll a sleeping mat on an attic floor, Chelsea Lilly tucked her silver Subaru into a supermarket parking lot or a dark spot along a mountain pass, wrapped herself in a green Army blanket and watched movies on her […]

Iran’s Ski Police To Enforce Morality On Damavand Slopes

Iran is to deploy ski police to enforce segregation between men and women and to prevent immoral offences by the skiers, according to a police commander. The slopes to the north of the capital Tehran and part of the Elburz mountain range are segregated and women are not allowed to ski in the absence of a […]

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