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The Simpsons have done it again! truck convoy!!! 1999 Propaganda

» The Canadian Freedom Convoy: UPDATES 1/29/22Yesterday at 1:59 pm by PurpleSkyz » The Simpsons have done it again! truck convoy!!! 1999 PropagandaYesterday at 11:47 am by PurpleSkyz » Pfizer Moves to Intervene in High-Profile Case Dealing With COVID-19 Vaccine Safety DataYesterday at 11:17 am by PurpleSkyz » VAERS Data thru 1/21/2022Yesterday at 11:11 am by PurpleSkyz » James Webb Space Telescope arrives at […]

To Cabal, You’re The Simpsons

To Cabal, You’re The Simpsons The not so prophetic Cabal are laughing in your faces. Many look at videos such as “The Simpsons Predictions for 2022” and go…wow…how did they know this? They marvel over how they got it right… and never connect the dots by the order of their numbers. Instead of going from […]

The Simpsons Predicted Forced Vaccinations and Vaccine Side Effects

Don’t forget to watch the Tokyo Olympicceremonies for more clues about whatthey’re planning next.The Simpsons is a mind-fcuk tool used by the mass murdering NWOsadists. They have a twisted need to terrorize us by telling us whatthey’re going to do to us next. This mind fcuk Simpsons episode raises the question: Why are theyscaring viewers […]

Problem Solved: Cleveland Indians Mascot Replaced By Apu From The Simpsons

CLEVELAND, OH—Under intense pressure from the Native American community and progressive activists, the Cleveland Indians have finally retired their racist Chief Wahoo logo. They won’t be changing their name, though, and instead are replacing the antiquated Indian with another well-known Indian: Apu from The Simpsons. As part of a deal with Fox, Apu will now […]

“I think we should go with a good old fashioned public health scare” – The Simpsons right in plain sight

[embedded content] Predictive programming. Remarkable similarity isn’t it to what we see unfolding now? Share this: Like this: Like Loading… Source

Harry Shearer quits voicing Black character on ‘The Simpsons’

White actor Harry Shearer is stepping back from voicing the Black Dr. Hibbert on “The Simpsons” after more than 30 years. While some fans are mourning his departure — the latest white actor to think better of playing non-white parts — others are shocked and surprised that Springfield’s favorite medical professional was as white as […]

‘Simpsons’ creator Groening won’t apologize for ‘Apu’ character – exposes danger of ‘pretending to be offended’

     In response to criticism about the stereotypical Indian character, Apu, the co-founder of The Simpsons said, “It’s a time in our culture where people love to pretend they’re offended.” Simpsons creator Matt Groening knew he would stir up controversy when he decided to give life to show character “Apu Nahasapeemapetilon.” But maybe he had […]

The Simpsons Predict The Future Once Again

The TV show, The Simpsons has allegedly predicted the future several times. Nearly 17 years ago, an episode of the popular show predicted that Donald Trump would one day become US president and their streak continues. The show has once again, predicted the future. The Simpsons has been running for over 27 years, so it’s […]

Did The Simpsons Predict September 23rd 2017?

Did The Simpsons predict an event for September 23rd 2017? Watch this video and find out! How come you haven’t seen it ? VIA THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE: Source Article from

World War 3 Prophecy #154 Mar 12 2016

What you are about to hear is another prophecy from the prophet who prophesied Japan’s judgments of God…SIXTEEN years PRIOR to March 11 2011! source Add To The Conversation Using Facebook Comments Source Article from

Equality: Man’s Most Dangerous Myth

By Dr. William Pierce (1979) All racial differences are either genetic (hereditary, inborn) or cultural (acquired from society after birth). The latter can be changed or eliminated by enforced social changes; the former are independent of man’s laws and customs, except over a period of many generations. Examples of cultural traits which differ from […]

Fox considers cancelling The Simpsons

I’m normally not a praying man, but if you’re up there, please save the Simpsons, Superman. After 23 seasons, Fox is threatening to pull the plug on the longest airing animated show ever. Network execs at Fox are telling the voice actors on The Simpsons that these could be the last days for Bart, Homer, […]

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