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DARK SECRETS: Your dark chocolate may contain lead and cadmium

For people with a sweet tooth who are worried about their sugar intake, dark chocolate may seem like a healthier alternative to other sugary treats like cookies or milk chocolate. After all, many studies have suggested that dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants that can help boost overall well-being. Additionally, dark chocolate contains relatively low […]

‘Cocoa Could Double From Here’ – Oil-Bull Andurand Gets Greedy On Chocolate

Oil trader Pierre Andurand suffered record losses last year in the commodities world, though the money manager has so far crushed it on the cocoa trade.  Bloomberg reports Andurand opened a “small, long position” in cocoa futures in early March. Since then, prices have soared as much as 73%. People familiar with the trade did not […]

“Confronting The Inevitable Chocolate Crisis” – Charting The Chaos In Cocoa Markets

“Confronting The Inevitable Chocolate Crisis” – Charting The Chaos In Cocoa Markets Bloomberg Opinion columnist Javier Blas, who covers energy and commodities, opined in a piece on Monday about the “coming meltdown” in the global chocolate industry following decades of under-investment across West African nations.  “Unlike most other agricultural commodities, cocoa hasn’t developed into a […]

There goes chocolate … BY HIGHLY PURPOSEFUL DESIGN.

READ HERE: Cocoa prices spike to all-time high   Source

(Not) Everybody Loves Chocolate

Everybody loves chocolate, right? Well, not everybody, at least not to the same degree. As Felix Richter reports, according to Statista Market Insights, there’s a huge gulf in chocolate consumption around the world. While the cocoa-based treat is very popular in large parts of Europe and in the United States, many people in Asia prefer other […]

Hershey’s company being sued over heavy metal content in dark chocolate bars – but Consumer Reports may be misleading consumers about the actual risk

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Hershey Co. is facing a major lawsuit from a consumer who claims that the dark chocolate the company is selling is replete with harmful potentially levels of heavy metals cadmium and lead.According to Reuters, Christopher Lazazzaro said in a proposed class action lawsuit that was filed this week he would never have … [Read […]

Lavender Festival Will Offer Lavender Chocolate-Chip Cookies and Lemonade

VACAVILLE, Calif.—A field of lavender sways as a fresh breeze passes. Busy bees hover between sticks of purple and white that protrude from a green bush, like pins on a pincushion. At Soul Food Farm in Vacaville, many varieties of lavender are blooming as the farm’s U-pick lavender festival begins. The owner, Alexis Koefoed, told […]

The story of Easter, from Passover to chocolate eggs

News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online English edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, gives you breaking news, analyses and opinions about Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World. © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved Source

Holohoax Tales – Fonzie’s Dad Smuggled Jewellery Covered in Chocolate

Henry Winkler AKA Fonzie from the tv series Happy Days describes how his father escaped to a new life in America by smuggling jewellery covered in chocolate. His father pawned the jewellery and started a business…when he went back to the shop years later he bought back the same jewellery. Bitchute link

Chocolate snows down on Swiss town after factory glitch

BERLIN, Germany — Residents of a Swiss town got a bit of a shock when it started snowing particles of a fine cocoa powder after the ventilation system at a chocolate factory malfunctioned. The Lindt & Sprüngli company confirmed local reports Tuesday that there was a minor defect in the cooling ventilation for a line […]

Judge Calls Toronto Cop Who Ate Cannabis Chocolate on Duty a ‘Complete Idiot’

Vittorio Dominelli was one of two Toronto police officers facing criminal charges in the incident. A Toronto police officer who ate a marijuana-laced chocolate bar seized in a pot shop raid has pleaded guilty to attempting to obstruct justice. Const. Vittorio Dominelli says he is remorseful and ashamed of his actions on the evening of […]

Sweet vision: Chocolate could improve poor eyesight, study finds

     Good news for those of us who have a sweet tooth – eating dark chocolate could help people with poor eyesight to improve their quality of vision, according to new research in the US. Scientists from the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas found that antioxidant compounds in chocolate called flavanols […]

Sweet vision: Chocolate could improve your eyesight, study finds

Scientists from the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas found that antioxidant compounds in chocolate called flavanols gave a slight temporary boost to the eyesight of up to 30 young adults. The authors of the study, published this month in the Ophthalmology edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association, say […]

Stressed-out cacao trees produce more nutritionally potent chocolate – new research

(Natural News) A bite of your favorite chocolate bar can take off the stress for most people – studies have already looked into it – but research has shown that putting cocoa trees under stress can lead to better-tasting chocolate. In particular, drought and other weather conditions have more impact on cocoa production than how the […]

That’s just nutty: ‘Riot’ spreads in French supermarket over chocolate (VIDEOS)

Supermarket chain Intermarché dropped the price of a Nutella 950g by 70 percent to just €1.41 this week, leading some fans of the chocolatey snack to go wild in the Loire region. READ MORE: Nut spat: Stop eating Nutella and save forests, French ecology minister says According to Le Progres, “riot scenes” were witnessed in stores […]

The world’s insatiable demand for chocolate has Colombia gearing up production – but heavy metals remain a huge concern for importers

(Natural News) The accumulation of heavy metals such as cadmium in food is a major issue in scientific communities and international food organizations, due to the high toxicological risks to consumers, and because there is no detailed record of such contaminants’ actual content. This is why researchers at Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia felt […]

Why Cheese Is More Addictive Than Ice Cream, Cookies, Chips And Chocolate

The following is an excerpt from The Cheese Trap: How Breaking a Surprising Addiction Will Help You Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Get Healthy, which was released by Hachette Book Group. Which foods do you find most addictive? That’s the question University of Michigan researchers asked. The idea was, which foods lead you to lose […]

Fruit, vegetables, tea, dark chocolate: A diet high in antioxidants reduces risk of type 2 diabetes

(Natural News) A study revealed that a diet high in antioxidants lessens the risk of type 2 diabetes. A team of researchers from Inserm carried out a study on the effect of antioxidants to the risk of type 2 diabetes. Previous studies showed that some antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E, lycophenes or flavonoids, […]

Those with a high cardiovascular risk profile should eat dark chocolate with olive oil, new study finds

(Natural News) In recent years, the medical community has put a lot of effort into educating people about reducing their cholesterol levels in order to protect their heart health. Of course, those who do have elevated cholesterol levels are often prescribed statin drugs like Lipitor, Zocor and others to lower these levels. In fact, these […]

[WATCH] ‘Chocolate And Blood All Over’ Off-Duty NYC Cop Goes on a Rampage in a Connecticut Godiva Shop

Video of an incident at a Godiva shop at the Stamford Town Center in Stamford, Connecticut shows a woman who identified herself as a New York City police officer threatening violence against employees. According to the Stamford Advocate, Amanda Villafane, a 30-year-old probationary officer, became enraged after she, her mother and her companion had to […]

How Your Favourite Chocolate Bars Are Contributing To Illegal Deforestation

Next Story Our love for chocolate is undeniably high, meaning that the demand for cocoa beans is continuously increasing. Chocolate companies make a lot of money off this industry — an estimated $100 billion annually to be precise — and this number is only expected to rise. Trust me, I get it. I’ll be the […]

How high demand for chocolate is wiping out Africa’s rainforests

(Natural News) It would take some serious searching to find someone who does not love chocolate. Who can resist a chocolate bar after a long and stressful day? Or what about some delicious chocolate ice-cream in the sweltering summer heat? Chocolate milkshake anyone? The list goes on and on, and it is true to say […]

Is The Chocolate You Eat Toxic? Study Finds Heavy Metals In Popular Chocolate Brands

Next Story Like many other people on this planet, I absolutely love chocolate. Hot chocolate, chocolate bars, chocolate drizzle, chocolate fondue — you name it, and I’m likely interested in it. After all, it’s delicious, and in some cases even nutritious if it’s organic and raw cacao. Although not listed among the ingredients, many chocolate bars […]

Antioxidants In Chocolate May Prevent Diabetes

Specific compounds within cocoa promote the release of insulin and help protect against the onset of type-2 diabetes (T2D), reports a new study in Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry. Strong evidence from several studies have shown that individuals consuming foods rich in different flavonoids have a reduced risk of overall mortality and of several chronic diseases. […]

Iran to construct chocolate factory as part of ‘1-District, 1-Factory’

Daily Guide– Government has signed an MOU with the Republic of Iran towards the construction of a 30,000 metric tonnes-capacity chocolate factory in Ghana. The project will be executed and managed by Shirin Asal Food Industrial Group, a major food processing factory in Iran. The Minister for Food and Agriculture, Dr Owusu Afriyie Akoto, signed […]

The Big Picture – Eat Chocolate to Keep the Heart Doctor Away!

The Big Picture – Eat Chocolate to Keep the Heart Doctor Away! By The Big Big Picture Fact Of the Day For more information on the stories we’ve covered visit our websites at – – and You can also watch tonight’s show on Hulu – at and over at The […]

Calif. rancher sues Monsanto claiming four decades of Roundup use caused non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

(NaturalNews) A California rancher has filed a lawsuit against Monsanto in federal court, accusing the country of misleading customers into believing that the blockbuster herbicide Roundup was as safe as table salt. Plaintiff Peter Johansing says that he used Roundup for 40 years, and has now been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a form […]

Try This 5 Minute Meditation For Better & More Connected Sex

Sex is an act of give and take — giving yourself fully and unapologetically and allowing the same space for your partner. Sex also creates an energetic connection between you and your partner that goes beyond the physical. The more you understand and recognize your own presence, needs and wants, the deeper the experience will […]

Ancient Irish Musical History Found in Modern India

“Archaeology is usually silent. I was astonished to find what I thought to be dead soundscapes alive and living in Kerala today,” said the ANU College of Asia-Pacific student. “The musical traditions of south India, with horns such as the kompu, are a great insight into musical cultures in Europe’s prehistory. “And, because Indian instruments […]

New Study Finds Fructose Alters Genes in the Brain, Sabotages Learning and Memory

5th May 2016 By Carolanne Wright Contributing writer for Wake Up World Since childhood, most of us received the memo loud and clear that sugar is bad — usually where our teeth are concerned. As we grew older, other worries came into the forefront, especially during teenage and adult years where body image played an important role […]

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