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WOWZER! JK Rowling Could Be Imprisoned For “Misgendering” Trans People Under New Law

READ HERE: Author JK Rowling could be prosecuted for “misgendering” trans people under Scotland’s odious new hate crime law that comes into force today, an SNP minister has admitted. Source

[LIVE 10AM ET] Millennials Want Crimes for ‘Misgendering’; EU Demands French Riot Censorship

A new survey shows that close to half of millennials believe it should be a criminal offense to call someone by the wrong gender. Meanwhile, the European Union wants to censor news about the French riots. And in other news, a German member of Parliament is vowing to stand against the medical tyranny of the […]

June 2 – Musk Fires Woke Censor Who Banned Misgendering !

      Please send links and comments to          Latest! Musk fired Twitter's Head of Trust and Safety (sic) Ella Irwin for this decision.   Twitter Cancels Deal With The Daily Wire To Stream ‘What Is A Woman?’ Over ‘Misgendering,’ Will Label Film ‘Hateful Conduct’    The groundbreaking documentary […]

BBC censored alleged rape victim’s testimony to avoid “misgendering” the perpetrator

The BBC has been accused of violating the journalistic principle of accuracy by changing the testimony of a rape victim to avoid “misgendering” the accused rapist, a biological male who identifies as a transgender woman.

Rape Victim Serves Jail Time For Misgendering Rapist

SCOTLAND—A local woman has been arrested and charged with committing multiple hate crimes for misgendering her rapist attacker. The woman in question is now facing considerable jail time for insisting that her attacker was in fact a male.  “To get someone’s gender wrong against their will is the worst of all hate crimes,” ruled Judge Kendall […]

California Appeals Court Overturns State Law that Criminalized ‘Misgendering’

(Christian Headlines) — A California law that criminalized “misgendering” and the misuse of pronouns is unconstitutional under the First Amendment, according to a new decision by the state appeals court. At issue is a 2017 multi-faceted California law that placed new restrictions on long-term care facilities and was geared toward protecting LGBT residents. It was dubbed the “Lesbian, […]

UK Woman Cleared of Wrongdoing in ‘Misgendering’ Case

Photo Credit: George Hodan (The Christian Institute) — Judges have emphatically defended free speech and the “right to offend” in their ruling on a case involving “misgendering.” Mother-of-two Kate Scottow was arrested at her home in front of her children after she was reported to the police by Stephanie Hayden, a man who now lives as a […]

Scottish Hate Crime Bill to Criminalise Misgendering Trans People

Scotts who pronounce that transgender women are not actually women will face criminal prosecution under the impending hate crime legislation if a court finds that their speech “stirred up hatred”, Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf said. On Monday, Mr Yousaf tried to defend the draconian speech restrictions, telling the Scottish Parliament’s justice committee that expressing the […]

INSANITY: Teacher fired for "misgendering" a student sues school, calls policies "totalitarian"

(Natural News) A math teacher in the U.K. is out of a job because he told two students “well done girls,” which he described as a slip of the tongue. Using the language in question, he was praising them for their hard work. The teacher, Joshua Sutcliffe, apologized to one of the teens, a transgender student who reportedly […]

Feminists Denounce “German Born Men” After Migrant Sex Attacks

By Paul Joseph Watson | Pro-refugee activists deflect blame from Muslim rapists Feminists responded to the mass molestation of women by foreign migrants in Cologne on New Years Eve by denouncing “German born men”. Dozens of women in Cologne and other areas of Germany were sexually assaulted and terrorized […]

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