‘Prophetess’ Kat Kerr Claims To ‘Get Information’ From Donald Trump Jr. ‘All The Time’

Self-proclaimed “prophetess” Kat Kerr appeared on the “Elijah Streams” program earlier this week, where she claimed to have established a connection to Donald Trump Jr. while also reporting that many of her prophecies have been passed along to his father, former President Donald Trump.

“I get information all the time from Don Jr.,” Kerr said. “And I do know that Trump has heard some of the things I’ve said before because God said it. It wasn’t me; it was God saying it to him.”

“Trump is still gonna get his other four years that is due him,” she added. “I will just say thing from Heaven’s mouth: ‘Trump will have four more years.’ No matter what anybody thinks about it or wants to see happen, it will happen.”

We have no way of knowing whether Kerr truly does have a connection to Donald Trump Jr. and she is not a particularly trustworthy source given that she is notorious for making outrageous claims. Nevertheless, Kerr’s claim is not beyond the realm of possibility as members of the Trump family have established close ties to figures within the far-right “prophetic” community.

Kerr, who spent the entire Trump administration guaranteeing that Trump would be reelected, has resolutely refused to accept that her myriad prophecies were wrong and has become increasingly militant and outlandish in the years since.

If Kerr does, in fact, have ties to Donald Trump Jr. or any other members of Trump’s family or inner circle, it would be further evidence of just how deeply committed the Trump campaign is to welcoming even the fringeist of religious-right figures for political gain.


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