President Donald Trump Wins The South Carolina Primary

Last Updated on February 24, 2024

President Donald J. Trump won the South Carolina primary on Saturday night in a resounding victory for his frontrunning campaign. Neocon opponent Nimarata “Nikki” Haley has basically no political justification at this point for staying in the race to the detriment of her own party’s presumptive nominee.

As of press time shortly after 8 PM ET, Trump was leading Haley with approximately 57.9 percent to Haley’s 41.6 percent. It’s somewhat surprising that Haley even got as many votes as she did, but let’s remember that South Carolina is literally the state where Haley used to be governor (and she took down the Confederate flag from the state Capitol and never fixed the roads, angering many Palmetto Staters).

Each day that Haley lingers is just another day where it becomes extremely obvious to people that the RINO globalist Republican establishment is just trying to railroad Trump off the ballot with the criminal cases against him and they’re hoping that Haley will technically still be in faux-contention when the Republic dies and maybe some people in “Eyes Wide Shut” masks get to pick the next president. The people are pushing back.

“This was a little sooner than we anticipated,” President Donald Trump said before the crowd gave a massive cheer. Trump added, “An even bigger win than we anticipated…”

Here is Trump’s winning speech Saturday night:

South Carolina has long been integral to President Trump’s political fortunes. Trump’s victory in the South Carolina primary in 2016, with the help of then-lieutenant governor H.R. McMaster, represented his first big win over then-governor Nikki Haley, who backed Little Marco Rubio. Hopefully Trump will not consider Haley for any administration role this time around if Trump wins the general election.

Until perhaps recently, the Republican establishment thought that they could keep Nikki Haley in the race in order to force Nimarata onto the ticket with Trump, much like how the Democrat power brokers forced Lyndon Johnson onto the ticket with John F. Kennedy in 1960, with Kennedy only picking Johnson because, he said, Johnson’s machine was trying to “frame” him. We all remember how the Kennedy-Johnson pairing ended up. Let’s avoid Nikki Haley on the ticket.

President Donald J. Trump has all the momentum on the Right in America. Creepy Joe Biden is a massively hated corrupt shill who is collapsing politically. Independent Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is surging and gaining populist momentum in much the way Trump did in 2016. How will the general election go? Let’s find out!

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